In the Wake of Martyrs of this land

Defence day is also known as ” Youm -i- difa “. This great day, September 6 is marked as defence day of Pakistan. It is a day to celebrate the great resilience and victory of Pakistan army. It is a day to remember the sacrifices and struggles of Pakistan army to protect the freedom and pride of country.  The great day in the history of Pakistan when our whole nation was united against the brutality of Indian forces.

On September 6, 1965 Indian forces attacked the borders of Pakistan without any warning. The world’s largest democratic country, India, did this act by breaking all the International laws and regulations of  democracy. For consecutive seventy days, our army and common people faced the forced brutality of Indian force during the war.  It is a day marked with the great unity of our forces and citizens against enemies. Despite of  huge materialistic and human  lose  we faced and defeated the Indian forces to make them unable to achieve their filthy goals.

If we look for the causes of Defence War in 1965. They were the same. It was another act of Indian brutality as it showed during the Independence. Even at the time of independence, the state of Kashmir was captured by India against the people’s will. As most of them were Muslims so they fought against it and some area of Occupied Kashmir was rescued but till this day India has occupied the state. 6 September is another act of India showing its forced possession over Pakistani states. Just like a cunning and sharp enemy they attacked and came under the borderlines of Pakistan.

When Indian army attacked the borders in the darkness of night, when they were occupied with all the weapons and machinery, when they were ready to cause destruction beyond any limit, it  was the nation and our brave and bold and courageous soldiers who showed oneness and strength in such a tough situation. The intentions of enemies were just crushed by them. Even our people tied the bombs with their bodies to lay under and to  destroy the tanks of enemies in a blow. This four weeks long war caused casualties to both the countries.

Our soldiers showed great courage and bravery to fights back and protect the important cities of Pakistan including Lahore. This seventy day long war took so many lives and at last ended when United Nations mandated the ceasefire. Our brave soldiers like Captain Sarwar Shared, Major Azeez Bhatti Shaheed, Major Tufail Shaheed, Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed payed their great role in the defence of Pakistan and awarded with           “Nishan-e-Haider“. Most importantly Major Raja Azeez Bhatti Shaheed was the one man army who defended the area of Lahore. He was awarded with Nishan-e-Haider for the other wars as well.

Every year, we remember and celebrate the defense made by our army. We pay tribute to them and realize that our forces are backbone of our country. They guard and protect us in wars, in peace times and during unpredictable desasters.

6 September is a day to feel proud and realize that we are a strong nation. It is a day to inspire youth and children. Regardless of anything else, it is the military of Pakistan which makes us proud. In the continent of Asia it is one of the strong military force. Our youth should take lessons from the past events and should take their part in the progress and success of Pakistan.


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