Pakistan’s real estate market is no stranger to many extensively planned real estate developments. When it comes to Islamabad, projects such as Gulberg, DHA and Bahria Town have essentially become household names due to the class and luxury they provide to their residents. These projects have raised the bar of high living standards amongst Pakistanis. A uniting feature of these highly popular project has to be the provision of state of the art facilities and locations that anyone would want to invest into.

In this article we will be narrowing down our focus on Gulberg development in Islamabad and why and hw should one invest in this grand scale luxury project. Gulberg being placed in the capital city of Pakistan; Islamabad makes it gain even more importance on the real estate. First we will gtet ourselves a comprehensive look at the development of Gulberg and then explain its sectors which you should invest in.

What is Gulberg?

We have to take a look at the Gulberg project as a whole before diving into the areas where you should invest. For a grand development such as Gulberg, there is tons of potential when it comes to its real estate. Developed over the area of approximately 42,000 kanals; this development consists of Gulberg Greens, Gulberg Commercial as well as Gulberg Residencia.

A Background into Gulberg

The developers of Gulberg Islamabad are IBECHS which have developed successful projects in this vicinity in past had initiated the development in the year 2005. With the NOC being given in the year 2009; the initiation of its development was started in the same year. Speedy and grand development in one package is an impressive feat of Pakistan’s real estate industry.

This project is termed as a city within a city given its grand scale of development and the features it is set out to provide to investors. More than 80% of this project’s development is going to feature beautiful greenery that is going to create an environment exclusive to Gulberg. It is going to stand out on the market as one of the most environmental friendly real estate development and tackles the developments that have lost focus on greenery in order to provide for more livable space. The greenery of Gulberg is a defining feature which makes it a priority for so many investors and people looking to find their dream property.

The Gulberg development on the overall has an excellent location to take advantage of. It is placed in the vicinity of main Islamabad expressway in intersection of zones 4 and 5 of Islamabad capital territory. The residential scheme also features a signal free underpass to facilitate both residents and visitors during daily commute. This location makes it easily accessible from Koral Chowk, T-Chowk as well as Bahria Town among other areas of importance in Islamabad.

What Makes it Special?

Gulberg is not only known for its residential property features but also the multiple opportunities to provide commercial investment. The overall project is divided in between Gulberg Residencia, Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Commercials. These sub sectors are connected via 220 feet wide Gulberg Expressway making commute within the development a breeze.

Both domestic and overseas buyers are drawn towards investing in Gulberg development due to its high ROI. As the pace of development in this project moves towards completion the value of property is only expected to skyrocket, making it an ideal opportunity of investment both for residential as well as commercial real estate.

Gulberg Residencia

When it comes down to buying property within Gulberg Islamabad, having an area with exceptional architectural aesthetic and infrastructure is something any investor would be drawn to. In Gulberg Residencia the investors can expect the properties that bring out the best in living experience. Whether you are a single time buyer or seasoned investors Gulberg Residencia is going to give you the chance to buy the property of your dreams.

This ultramodern enclave has been divided into a total of 27 blocks. These blocks are named from A-V. this project is going to feature executive blocks that are including blocks AAA1, P1, P2, P3 and P4. The block D of its development is set out to become twin cities’ biggest business hub.


For being a luxury real estate development, Gulberg Residencia is going to cater to those who enjoy a finer taste of things in life. This state of the art project is developed as a safe and sound gated community which provides an environment signature to Gulberg’s infrastructure. Of course it has equipped with all the necessary facilities for residents which include an uninterrupted and steady supply of gas, electricity and water systems. moreover there is excellent waste management and solar street lamps as well as underground wiring.

The wide and spacious network of roads makes daily commute hassle free. The focus on greenery in this development is by far the most prominent feature of this development. The lush green development has many well maintained playgrounds and parks. Elegant mosques, educational facilities as well as healthcare institutions are featured which add to the quality of life. Apart from the parks and playgrounds; the many restaurants and other recreational spots available here add to the living experience.

Properties for offer:

Gulberg Residencia is going to offer its investors a mix of properties. You can find luxury apartments, modern day villas, exclusive penthouses as well as deluxe garden homes for investment.

The plots for investment for residential construction are of 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal plots. The variety in plots available here. Families of all sizes can pick and choose according to their needs to construct their dream properties. it should be noted that the prices of plots can vary greatly depending upon their location. The plots which are placed closer to the commercial facilitations and recreational spots or get a better access to the greenery in its development will have higher price where those away from the aforementioned amenities are lower in value.

The commercial properties for offer are giving options between 2 marla, 4 marla, 7 marla, 11 marla, 28 marla, 33 marla and 1 kanal plots for development. Given the prime location and access to high end facilities the commercial plot prices in D- Markaz of Gulberg are much higher in comparison to other part of its commercial sectors.

Gulberg Greens development:

The mega real estate project of Gulberg Islamabad is a star. Gulberg green gets the second highest amount of investment among the enclaves. This project is located in Zone V of Islamabad. Owing to this amazing location its importance is clear to an investor, just like its sister development. This enclave also focuses on the greenery and combines lush green spaces with infrastructure for property that is sustainable yet luxurious. Gulberg greens is sure to provide its investors with an exclusive living experience that has an unmatched comfort. The expansion of Islamabad expressway has played a key role in growth of this neighborhood. It gives it better access to surrounding parts of the city.

Gulberg green is developed over 6 blocks namely Block A,B,C,D,E and Executive block. These blocks will feature four commercial areas namely Civic Centre, Business Square, Business Park and Blue Area. The brilliance it provides in the form of its farmhouses is what sets apart Gulberg greens. This is also quite different from neighboring developments creating an environment that is exclusive to this locale.

Importance of its location:

The specific location of Gulberg greens makes it gain a great advantage on the real estate market of Islamabad. It provides residents with ease of access to important parts of the twin cities. It puts it in the vicinity of Koral Chowk and T-Chowk through Islamabad expressway. Having a steady connectivity to Islamabad expressway is what allows Gulberg’s location to flourish.

Facilities of Gulberg Greens:

Being a luxury project in Islamabad; Gulberg greens also has all the amenities that are needed to make up ideal living experience. This locale gives people easy access to public transportation. It is another big plus for aiding its connectivity to other parts of the city. As its name suggests, this development focuses well on the aspect of including nature at its very core. Moreover, it aims at providing a living environment close to nature. The volume of plants and trees within the project’s vicinity is a sight that is extremely eye pleasing. It adds a unique visual experience that is also coming with the promise of a healthier lifestyle.

Gulberg greens provides an ample supply of all the facilities one could imagine from a project of its grand scale. You will find playgrounds, mosques, recreational spots like restaurants and malls alongside many supermarkets as well as all other facilities. The residents have the facility of underground electrical wiring which prevents any hazards. Well paved roads that make daily commute easier. Security measures that are always up to mark, civic amenities that add more charm to life.

With all that is availed to the residents of Gulberg Greens it makes an ideal place for investment in real estate.

Properties for offer in Gulberg Greens:

Gulberg greens has plenty of properties available to its investors. It can be your place to invest if you are looking to construct your own large farmhouse. Moreover if you want to purchase a beautifully constructed farmhouse that comes with all the amenities you will ever need; you can find such properties without any hassle. The farmhouses available in this project are of area over 4 kanal, 5 kanal and 10 kanal. Gulberg greens is not only limited to farmhouses. You can also invest in studio apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. They have state of the art infrastructure. Moreover, accurate planning making them some of the best that Islamabad’s real estate market has to offer.


We hope this article was informative for you and you learned where you should look to invest in Gulberg Islamabad. Read more articles on S & S consultancy.