Pakistan’s real estate market has grown to a point where new housing projects are competing amongst themselves. They are providing the best living experience and are redefining the concept of luxury living. What was once a game of providing for the increasing demand of property (given the growth in population) has evolved into an industry that provides state of the art projects. Anyone would dream to own property in all these projects. Today, the real estate market of Pakistan has no shortage of such luxurious projects!

Biggest Name in the Real Estate World

One of the biggest names of the real estate industry is Bahria town projects. Bahria Town have spanned over the major cities and spread out over these big cities. The Bahria town developments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are a sight to behold for every single person. Bahria town has constantly leveled up the standard with which other competitors have to put up with. It is one of the most highly invested real estate projects within the twin cities.

Being an infrastructural sound and gated community at its core; the properties it offers are highly valuable for their ambiance. It is further complicated by the presence of unrivalled facilities within the locality. Its overall layout which brings forth a luxury experience like no other project on the market.

An Insight Into the History

Bahria town’s development dates back to the 1990s. Within the twin cities, this project is divided over two enclaves strategically placed along each side of the Grand Trunk Road. Grand Trunk Road is an important route of the twin cities further increasing the charm and appeal. These two compounds of the project’s development are connected through the Bahria Expressway. The daily traffic on this route is relatively hassle free for the residents of the city.

Bahria town projects have intricately webbed out over the twin cities. One can find the Bahria Enclave, Bahria Gold city as well as Bahria Garden City to fall under the map of Islamabad. The renowned phases from phase 1-9 as well as the phase 8 extension are located in Rawalpindi.

Bahria town development in the twin cities also has amazing match with the standard of its properties. This project offers you the best living experience if you choose to live here. For business investors, it is one of the most profitable places to invest in. In this article, we will take you over each section of this project’s development. It helps you make the decision on where and how you should invest. Without further ado,  lets get started!

Bahria Enclave

Bahria enclave continues to be one of the most sought after spot for investment amongst the array of Bahria town projects. Located in Islamabad, this project has a carefully located which makes it neighbor Jinnah Avenue in Zone 4 of CDA. This puts it in the vicinity of Simly Dam Road, Islamabad Expressway, Lehtrar Road as well as Srinagaar highway.

With ‘location’ being one of the most important mantras of the real estate world, Bahria enclave having  speaks for its standard itself. This location also puts it in close proximity of the well developed societies like Bani Gala, Al- Hamra Avenue as well as the PTV Colony.

A Look Into Bahria Enclave

Bahria Enclave spans of 12,500 kanals; which makes it one of the biggest gated communities in the twin cities’ grand scale of real estate. This project is divided in between 2 phases namely Phase 1 and Phase 2. These phases are further divided into the sectors A-P. Where some of the locales are still under development within this project, several others are fully established and functioning societies which make its investors enjoy the luxury living experience one can expect while investing in Bahria town projects.

Bahria Enclave project is not only popular because of its grand scale of development and important location; the amenities that are available to its investors are also unrivalled. This project, as one would expect to see; includes its very own commercial sector alongside spacious parking lots to facilitate the visitors and residents further. It has a wide network of roads which feature green belts as well as an abundance of greenery within its development. A resident or visitor is going to find numerous well maintained parks and playgrounds as its recreational facilitation.

Furthermore you are able to find beautifully built mosques, highly reputed educational institutions, modernized health care establishments and shopping malls, banks, restaurants and other food outlets, retail stores of reputable brands, cinemas and more amongst the plethora of facilities this development provides.

Bahria Garden City

The modern day living is quite full of busied routines and commute to the center parts of city filled with hustle and bustle. The modern day man requires their ideal residency to be in a space away from all the hustle and bustle of the big cities and Bahria garden city provides just that on the scope of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Just like other projects on the list of developments under Bahria town; Bahria golf city also has an unmatched location with respect to its surroundings on the city scope.

One might think its location would make it a hassle to reach the main city due to being in the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi; however that is not the case. Its location puts it in close proximity to the Grand Trunk road as well as Bahria town phase 8 from Rawalpindi making it very well connected to important parts of twin cities. Moreover this development is also connected to Phases of DHA development; which is another renowned housing project.

Bahria garden city is a development which is further divided into zones which provide a wide variety of options in property types for an investor to choose from. Namely it provides the investors with luxury villas, high end apartment properties as well as having residential plots up for offer. Due to its grand scope of investment in the twin cities; this project has also amassed the attention of overseas investors as well.

Other advantage property investors in this project gain are that this excellent project is still in development phase. This means that property prices in this project are relatively more affordable and low for investment. With its developers turning out some of the best that Pakistan’s real estate industry has to offer; one is assured of its success to come in the near future and waste no time in buying out property here.

A Look Into Bahria Garden City

Especially keeping in view that the market is still favoring the properties located within gated communities; one can expect the values of properties to skyrocket as development nears completion giving amazing returns on investment. For those investing in property to live within this locality can also enjoy a spectacular end product that will provide them a luxury lifestyle.

This development has been evolving rather rapidly. One of its defining features has to be the international standard championship golf course that it is centered around. This golf course is not only a great sporting place for those that adore golf; but it also provides the residents of Bahria Town’s development with a breathtaking landscape filled with greenery. This creates a serene environment for living that is exclusive to Bahria Garden City.

The Garden city gold as well as country club is amongst its biggest attraction. This development is planning to feature some facilities which will add charm to living experience and are worth looking into. Bahria garden city is looking to set a new standard for high end living in Pakistan through its planned amenities.

One can expect it to host ultramodern entertainment facilitations, greenery around every corner of the development, commercial hubs with all the facilities for those who love to shop there will also be shopping malls made available to the residents. Moreover one will be able to invest into corporate offices, schools of high standards, hospitals of high standards as well as clinics for the residents. Moreover you can expect to enjoy its uninterrupted power supply for residents, the community centre, sports grounds and much more for residents and visitors to avail.

Another one of the highlights of the facilities it will provide is the CineGold Plex which is a gold class 3D movie theatre which will set itself as one of the best cinemas of twin cities.


This wraps up part one of our article on Bahria town’s establishment and places which you should invest in. Bahria town has a lot to offer in twin cities alone as Bahria Enclave, Bahria Gold city as well as Bahria Garden City are in Islamabad whereas the renowned phases from phase 1-9 as well as the phase 8 extension are located in Rawalpindi.

World class amenities with important location and surroundings are the shared features which are making Bahria town projects of Islamabad highly desirable for investment!