As a quick recap of part 1 we went over the renowned projects of Bahria town’s development in Islamabad city. One of the repeating themes we observe in developments of Bahria town over the capital city include its excellence in provision of facilitation as well as remarkable locations. It brings out the best living experience for any resident there. Bahria enclave as well as Bahria golf city are projects that are highlights of the real estate market of Islamabad (which we already covered in part 1) and seek development from not only Pakistanis around the state but also lure investors from overseas due to their amazing potential.

In part 2 we will discuss the Bahria town projects in Rawalpindi (particularly phase 8, phase 7 and phase 4) and which ones are ideal hotpots for investment. This article will help explain which parts of the project are doing well on the real estate front and why you should be investing in them. Let’s get straight to the subject!

Bahria Town Phase 8

All the phases from 1-9 are located within the vicinity of Rawalpindi. However Bahria town phase 8 comes out on the top of the list for Bahria town phases when it comes to real estate investment.

This phase is unique as it features Bahria town’s international Hospital as well as renowned replicas of the iconic statue of liberty as well as Eiffel tower within its vicinity. Just like other top contenders on this list; Bahria town has quite the ideal located for being placed near Japan Road which provides it an easy route to the main Grand Trunk road through Bahria Expressway. This phase is set out to become the next big commercial as well as entertainment hub of the twin cities. This phase is known to feature masterfully planned community with breathtaking high rise buildings alongside greenery which creates a unique landscape exclusive to this development.

A Little About Bahria Town Phase 8

Inspired by the Champs-Elysees of Paris; this phase features a 160 ft main boulevard for investment. This development is going to provide its residents with a serene and peaceful living environment that is unmatched. It features state of the art architecture and design in every inch of its development alongside the recreational spaces of parks, shopping malls and infrastructural sound shopping malls, mosques, parking spaces, banks as well as high end commercial spots to enhance the living experience of residents. These aforementioned features are also a charm for any visitor who comes to Bahria town as well.

For the life in Bahria town; you have excellent schools, hospitals, shopping facilities and more available. Moreover for daily living you will have secure and steady supply of the facilities such as electricity, gas as well as water supply to make daily living hassle free. Bahria town featuring its own storm water drainage system is another layer of security and utility a resident will benefit from.

Bahria town phase 8 is the best places to look for property investment in Rawalpindi. It features properties from its blocks A-P. Block E is further sub divided into E-1 to Block E-4 whereas block F is divided into F-1 to block F-5. 35% of the area is dedicated to property whereas the 65% is reserved for public spaces; so if you are looking to live in an area with tons of greenery and open spaces; this is a development for you.

Property Details About Bahria Phase 8

Phase 8 offers plots as well as houses of 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal for investment. Moreover you can invest directly into constructed houses in the locale or go for luxury apartments in this development. Bahria town phase 8 features Spring arch which is a ground + 7 storey building of mixed use nature. since modern day buyers are shifting towards smaller and more manageable properties; having this option available further increases the char of phase 8’s pool of properties.

The developmental work is mostly complete which has proved to provide a serene and secure community living that one would expect to be delivered by a project of Bahria town’s caliber. Bahria town phase 8 is truly a golden opportunity for any investor to put their money towards property.

Bahria Town Phase 7

Being located near the soan river and grand trunk road; Bahria town phase 7 gains a great advantage amongst its competitors on the real estate market of Rawalpindi. It is put only at a short distance from the neighboring posh societies and important locations around twin cities through road networks. Bahria Expressway cuts along this neighborhood further increasing the ease of access to important parts of the city and neighboring societies without much of a hassle.

A Little About Bahria Town Phase 7

Not only for the importance of its location; but Bahria town phase 7 wins over investors when it comes to provision of facilities as well. It provides all the conveniences and comfots one investing in state of the art real estate projects would want. Just like its neighboring developments. Phase 7 boasts amazing lush green parks jogging tracks, playgrounds as well as fitness centers that actively work to promote a healthier lifestyle. For foodies it provides amazing restaurants, cafeteria and coffee shops.

For shopping lovers it features shopping malls, commercial spaces. To add ease to daily living phase 7 also has mosques, wide roads, banks, pharmacies, bakeries, superstores, educational establishments as well as healthcare amenities for its residents. This phase also has steady supply of electricity, gas and water further enhancing the appeal of living in this locale.A central attraction for residents of phase 7 has to be Midway Commercial Area.

Property Details About Bahria Town Phase 7

Since this phase is going under development there are tons of properties available for investment across the board. In the developing stage of this society an investor can expect the prices to skyrocket within the upcoming years. As development nears its completion making property here ideal for buy and hold strategies of investment. For those looking to live in a well established high end community; getting your hands on property now can be an ideal situation for single time buyers.

Bahria Town Phase 4

This Bahria town development is placed adjacent to the Sawan River and South East Boulevard. Amongst the wide array of Bahria town projects in the twin cities; phase 4 is the most populated. This is particularly due to its highly developed state. It is also placed near its Bahria Town Phase 5, Phase 3 as well as Phase 1. Its located makes it have quick access to Media Town of Rawalpindi.

A Little About Bahria Town Phase 4

This development is divided into meticulously planned blocks which are offering their residents a wide array of facilities. It makes up for a high end living experience. This phase features wide carpeted roads, open spaces in the forms of parks, mosques, recreational sites, making it ideal for living. Bahria phase 4 also houses the Arena Movie Theatre. It has become one of the most visited destinations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It also provides excellent healthcare facilities in the form of Maryam Memorial Hospital which is equipped with the necessary tools to provide urgent care and treatment in emergency cases. This phase also features a golf course known as Bahria Mini-Golf Course and Mini Gold Club and Restaurant. The commercial facilitation here is centered on the Civic Centre. It is the ideal business hub and opens up opportunity for commercial real estate development in Bahria town.

Properties in Bahria Town Phase 4

The residential schemes will provide you with a variety of residential plots, contemporary architecture of its constructed houses. Moreover, an investor can also look forward to its variety of studio apartments. They can be single, double or triple bedroom featured.


To conclude out 2 part article we should recap the uniting features of Bahria town projects. Excellent locations which have placed Bahria town’s development to neighboring high end societies. Their features as well as connect Bahria town to important parts of the city through road networks. Bahria town developments in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi are focused on providing a serene and peaceful living environment. That itself is unparalleled.

The facilities in Bahria town developments are also top notch and are a huge attraction for residents and visitors alike. These facilities are for increasing the amount of investment Bahria town gets from the market. World class hospitals, highly reputed educational institutions, commercial facilities and more are an ideal living space.

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