Pakistan’s real estate sector has marvelous developments across the board. Alongside the entire country major cities like Lahore, Karachi and twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were blessed to receive special attention due to their economic status. These countries are not only the center of attention for their economic infrastructure but due to their status also attract a lot of investment from all different investment sectors.

Real estate development in Islamabad is quite a marvel to look at. Not only are people getting amazing state of the art property developments that uphold the greatest standards of modernity and architectural marvel; the facilities and commercial development alongside them is also further appreciating their value. In this article we will tell you about what kind of advantages does a person have for owning a property in the capital city as well as what makes Islamabad such an attraction for property investors in the first place:

Why is Islamabad a hub of real estate investment?

As we just went over above; being the capital city and having amazing economic potential for the state; Islamabad holds a lot of opportunities for business investors all across Pakistan to put their money towards. Providing some of Pakistan’s best property developments like Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens as well as Defence Housing Authority’s marvelous establishments alongside many other infrastructural masterpieces is already quite desirable to invest into. Islamabad property sector has constantly been leveling up the living standards of people in the country.

The cityscape of Islamabad is quite breathtaking for owning a property in. just by being in the clear view of Margalla hills makes Islamabad an amazing investment opportunity for property business. The mesmerizingly beautiful view of Margalla hills makes Islamabad an ideal place for one’s dream home.

Islamabad’s infrastructural and urban planning is one of the best across the board in cities of Pakistan. being the capitol it enjoys many advantages over its neighboring cities. Islamabad is well connected to the attraction of Pakistan’s northern areas. The planning of Islamabad on its own provides amazing connectivity through extensive projects like Islamabad Expressway which makes the entire city feel more connected.

If it isn’t coveted enough for its private developments; the extensively planned sectors provide for more structured and safer approach to property investment. All of these sectors enjoy a wide array of commercial facilities built within as well as nearby sectors which are interconnected. With the genius planning you would always be at a few minutes’ drive away from high standard facilitation of just about any kind!

Perks of Owning Property In Islamabad:

There are tons of benefits that property owners of Islamabad enjoy. Without further ado let us get started with them:

The best facilitation:

When it comes to Islamabad there isn’t going to be much competition when it comes to finding the best amenities for living. Islamabad attracts of a lot of investment in the residential and commercial sector allowing for people to grow their businesses due to the traction that Islamabad has. This in turn brings about some of the highest standard and modern facilitations for residents of Islamabad. Residents of Islamabad enjoy both a variety and standard of commercial facilitation that you wouldn’t find in other cities of Pakistan.

For example if you are living in a gated community in Islamabad you can find in built facilities of all kinds. Facilities of high standard hospitals where they can handle cases of emergency or even carry out complicated surgical procedures with highly qualified staffs might be present at only a few minutes’ drive away. Islamabad holds some of the best educational institutions where quality of education is assured in an environment built for learning and most luxurious schooling experiences for your children.

Shopping facilities from big malls in Islamabad such as the giga mall or centaurus mall to smaller grocery shops which are available just around every corner where properties are found are amazing to have as a resident of Islamabad. Other shopping needs like stationary, book shops, cutlery shops, decoration shops, clothing shops and much more are available at an arm’s reach.

Say you are a foodie; Islamabad has plenty to cater to your needs. It holds some of the best fast food chains as well as fine dining restaurants of the entire country. You can enjoy indoors, outdoors, scenic landscape or home delivery on food experience whenever you like. Other health conscious individuals take great advantage of the availability of sporting facilities found at every corner. Islamabad holds many gyms, pools, spas, jogging tracks and more areas for residents to enjoy.

With all that Islamabad provides you will never ever feel left out on facilities at hand.

Better security:

Usually lump summed as a facility in Islamabad; needs to be discussed separately. Say you are living in a suburb in a sparsely populated city; here the attention to detail on security measures migh not be as densely focused as in an area which is a lot more crowded. In the big city of Islamabad; security is a feature found at every corner to enhance and ensure the quality of life of its residents.

First and foremost nearly all renowned gated communities are built with the focus of security on their mind. A community being termed as gated implies that all check ins and check outs are registered. Most is not all gated communities provide 24/7 surveillance through CCTV footage cameras. The security staff is on constant rounds and armed for defence.