Pakistan’s real estate industry has been booming over the past few decades. New residential, commercial and recreational projects to cater to the real estate market are always coming up on the horizon. With the competition on the market increasing and becoming tougher; the new developments aim to one up the others in their infrastructure and architecture. This means great news for the investors or buyers of real estate. You can almost always bank on a new development being a stellar investment opportunity for you to avail.

Luxury resthouses/hotels/rentals have been a critical part of real estate industry. These play a very important role in catering to tourists’ needs. Pakistan being as rich in climactic and aesthetic beauty has multiple spots to attract tourists. Such guest houses are an ideal place to stay at.

One of the most well known tourist spots in Pakistan has to be murrree. With it being a hill station, getting to see the frequent and wondrous snowfalls in the winter months attracts a lot of people. In Murree you will find hotels, restaurants, guest houses almost at every other step. Today we will take you over a new place for people to look towards when they want to visit Murree. This is Mosphere apartments.

The area of Murree is naturally filled with a climatic advantage over the hotter areas of Pakistan. In the plains and lowlands; the summer heat can get quite piercing and uncomfortable for people. This makes a place like Murree a perfect spot to call for your next vacation. Other than the pleasant weather conditions; is of course the scenic beauty of this region. Whether you are visiting in the summer season; or the winter months; you are sure to see eye pleasing sights. In the summer you can enjoy the greenery of Murree at its full glory whereas the winter months will ideally provide you with snow covered mountain tops and trees with the mist; providing a mystical ambiance that is a rare sight in Pakistan. Mosphere resort takes great advantage of this natural topography and pleasing sights and incorporates it into the living experience at this resort.

This project was initiated by Colonel Imtiaz. The luxury Mosphere resort at its first impression is a project that provides a safe and clean stay in facility. The aim of this development is to cater to people who want to bat the summer heat and want to vacate to Murree for a few days or longer periods of time. Not just for those who want to escape summer heat; but those who enjoy the wondrous sights of Murree’s snowfalls and chilly winters can also come for stay here.

This project is placed near Gharyal camp which is quite close to kashmiri bazaar and bhurban. Taking a turn right to the general hameed gul road, you can easily reach this establishment with covering only half a kilometer of distance.

There is availability of studio apartment, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments for the visitors to avail. There is also a fully equipped kitchen in every one of these apartments. Overall this resort is completely self contained; other than your necessary items; you wouldn’t need to pack extra. Snacks and food is also readily available for the people staying in these apartments. The building provides a safe and secure parking facility as well. The staff is trustworthy and friendly. The electricity and water systems are fully functional in these units. In an area like Murree where visitors often complain their being a shortage of water, heating and gas availability; Mosphere flat’s management made sure to provide extra strength and availability of these resources so that the visitors can have the most peaceful experience here. extra safety measures have been taken for the gas based heating systems to avoid any accidents and hazards

Mosphere flats provide a very ideal view from their settlement. On one side you are able to look towards the valleys of Kashmir and on the other is a lush green jungle which shows the beauty of nature at its peak. The building provides a 360 degree view. This project will be open to bookings on 10th September of 2021.

Mosphere flats claim that once you visit their establishment and stay their; you will want to come back for the luxury experience again and again.

The bookings for this amazing opportunity are opening soon! The main two methods of booking are online and direct contact with the registration offices. 03131639563 is the contact number which is provided for bookings. This project will also be made available for bookings on Airbnb and