Bahria town has gained a remarkable reputation whenever real estate is being discussed. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Bahria town has become a household name when all things property related are discussed.

In this article, we are going to bring an interesting comparison and contrast between Bahria town as an overall development and compare it with a sub-project of Bahria enclave Islamabad. Investors have all sorts of questions when considering where to invest so without further ado let us get started!

We will say right off the bat that investment in both of these areas is going to be highly valuable for business. Bahria town has made a name for itself due to the high standards that it delivers on and Bahria enclave is coming from the line of succession of Bahria town itself. It will only be a matter of what suits you better as an investor.

Bahria Town vs Bahria Enclave: An overview!

Bahria town Islamabad was the starting point of a real estate empire that has grown to take over the entire real estate industry of Pakistan. This society is particularly well known for its marvel in modern architecture. The prime location of being in the twin cities makes it all the more desirable for investment as these two cities are economically important and have all the necessary amenities needed to make one’s dream life a reality. This project is owned by none other than Malik Riaz Hussain.

On the other hand, we have Bahria Enclave. As the name suggests this is a sub-sector of development of the Bahria town project located in Islamabad. If we are to compare to the grand scale of development projects of Bahria town, we find this project to be rather of a smaller scale development in its area. However, this doesn’t mean that it compromises the standards Bahria town’s projects are known to deliver.

Location Comparison between Bahria Town and Bahria Enclave:

The location serves as a defining determinant of whether someone finds a property investment attractive or not. The location of a property cannot be modified whatsoever and increases or decreases the value of a property depending on whether it is good or not. For the lineup of excellently planned Bahria town projects, one can expect highly convenient locations that are well connected to important parts of the city. Bahria town delivers extremely well on this expectation!

Bahria town is a development webbed out over the twin cities. The specific location will vary depending on where you want to invest in this huge project. Bahria town Islamabad is positioned extremely well, near Rawalpindi which increases its reach to the important parts of the twin cities. The residential complex is placed near Jinnah Avenue in zone IV of Islamabad. This puts the project near all important landmarks in the vicinity.

Bahria enclave on the other hand has an ideal location too! Being placed on zone IV of Jinnah Avenue Islamabad puts this project on a direct link with park road and Kuri road. The highway is going to be at arm’s reach for everyone who lives here. Furthermore, phase 1 of the Bahria enclave is located near the Mouza Molat and phase 2 of this development is located near Mouza Phulgraan.

Similarities of Bahria Town and Bahria Enclave:

With Bahria town topping the charts for real estate investment and Bahria enclave being an extension of the Bahria town framework within twin cities makes it so that these two share renowned qualities which make them quite desirable for the real estate market. Following is a list of comparisons between these two highly revered real estate projects. Both of these developments share:

Chart Topping Projects:

In the modern world, one cannot ignore the real estate market whenever discussing a real estate project. More than ever new people are getting into property investing and earning a fortune for them. Bahria town is a highly reputed project that has checked all the boxes when it comes to delivering a quality living experience which makes it particularly popular so much so that it has been the top contender for real estate investment in twin cities. Bahria enclave essentially being an extension of this project makes it an equally worthy contender for profitable real estate investments.

Secured Gated Communities:

Both of these projects are highly secured gated communities. The concept of gated communities has been translated as a secure and exclusive lifestyle almost like the concept of a self-sufficient city within a city. When we consider the scale of development to be as grand as Bahria town; the fact that these are both gated communities greatly adds to their charm.

This concept means that the standards of security in these developments are also much greater. The majority of Bahria town’s developments provide round-the-clock security through CCTV footage and security personnel working to keep the development safe and sound for all residents.

Affordable Costs:

Whether you are an investor or a single-time property buyer there is great space to invest in Bahria town for you as the properties here are at extremely affordable rates. On the other hand, if we are to shed light on the rental side of the real estate market, Bahria town and Bahria enclave are both offering great rental places to invest and live in. while the market of Bahria town as a whole has established itself as one of the most desirable; the newest venture of these developers in Bahria Enclave is carrying over the reputation and attracting a lot of investors too!

Diversity in Investment Options:

Bahria town has become the trendsetter for offering several different properties in its projects which lead to attracted a lot of investors from different backgrounds. Bahria town Islamabad, as well as Bahria enclave, are both offering a wide range of residential plots as well as commercial plots. You can find between 5 Marla’s, 8 Marla’s, 10 Marla’s, 20 Marla’s, and 40 Marla’s properties here. These plots are divided into 2 social orders, which are more modest squares as well as areas surrounded by wide covered streets.

Moreover, there are many commercial center points for each housing society which are the center of attention for those experienced or interested in going for commercial property investment. You have a big advantage when investing in both these projects in picking what size of property you want to invest in.

Excellence in Infrastructure:

Bahria town is the peak of exhibiting metropolitan planning. This development has an amazing infrastructure set in place which makes the imagination of one’s dream life become a reality. With the availability of gas, electricity, and water the basic needs are fulfilled. Better infrastructure provision of underground sewerage systems and under-the-dirt power lines make for a unique and luxurious living experience you wouldn’t be able to find in other societies. The provision of world-class facilities at arm’s reach makes daily living hassle-free so residents can enjoy their lives better instead of taking long trips for shopping or utilities.

A feeling of community living: the developers of Bahria town have focused greatly on the importance of creating an environment that creates the feeling of a close-knit community living. There are ample opportunities provided for the residents to communicate and socialize with one another. The presence of 3d cinemas, sports facilities, 5-star lodging areas, cafes, and more are particularly important for achieving the dream of community living. So if you are someone who thinks this is a feature that can add to your living experience we highly recommend that you invest in Bahria town’s development.

The Bottom Line:

For Bahria enclave coming under the umbrella of widespread Bahria town projects; they share more similarities than differences when looked at in comparison. The main difference in preference will come from property prices and the relative location of these projects.

Those people who have jobs or offices or relatives who live near Rawalpindi should look towards the greater span of Bahria town projects. Bahria enclave should be more interesting to those who ae looking to live in closer proximity to Islamabad.

Another defining factor will be one’s budget that they have while investing in a project. Bahria enclave being a relatively smaller development might have slightly more affordable properties as compared to the nearly fully developed Bahria town developments in twin cities.

In the end, it does come down to one’s situation and what they will prefer as one development in this comparison can’t be determined as better than the other.


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