Pakistan as a developing country has shown exponential growth in its real estate sector over the past few decades since its independence. Provision of property was both a demand and a need for this growing country. In a very short span of time Pakistan has developed its real estate industry to a point where many successful business investors aim to invest into property.

Usually the property types thought to be available to Pakistanis would be close knit flats or houses if you earned well (as evident in traditional muhallas); however now that the property sector is growing by the day and property developers are providing to meet the exceeding demands of property investors; property in itself has become quite modernized.

Flats and apartments are accompanied by some commercial sector which benefits the residents. Housing societies are becoming more and more posh by the day. When we think of a gated housing society we can imagine our ideal life there. Houses that are neatly organized and perfectly spaced. Houses that have all the desired elements of modern architectural standards. Societies that are secure and providing all the amenities of life are quite common as seen in popular developments like Bahria town and DHA.

Modern state of the real estate market is providing both affordability and exclusivity. No longer is it a ling long dream to own a property of your own. Similar to this state; the availability of property types such as villas are also becoming increasingly available. In this article we will discuss the major benefits an investor can reap while investing in villas.

Benefits of investing in a villa:


Villas for stating the example can be considered as an in between of an apartment and a house. They are quite small in their sizes by are lone standing properties. What this means is that these property types are also cheaper than fully furnished houses.

The issue of being able to afford a property is the biggest roadblock for buying your own property or for the purpose of starting a property business. With villas you can lower the bar of entry in the real estate world quite reasonably. Considering how high the rates of houses have skyrocketed in the recent few years; villas are the way to go for entrepreneurs and those who want to buy affordable property.

It is not going to be a good option for initial investors but buyers of property are also going to be interested later on due to their affordability. Villas can give great value for the amount they cost you making them highly desirable property type for real estate investment.

A Sense of luxury living:

The term villa is derived from ancient Greece where it was used to describe the housing of an upper class individual. Although with the passing centuries the terminology is being used quite differently; the core concept remains the same. Villas are still bei9ng made with the intent to offer luxury property.

One might wonder how can a smaller property be translated as luxury living? Then the answer is the homey comfort these –properties can provide like that of a small flat that you own while giving you the luxury and lifestyle preferences of a furnished house. Villas are something that a person can easily get emotionally attached to other than a traditional luxury house with marlas of empty space. Since the stuff is more packed in and all the property space is being utilized well; you are sure to find comfort.

Not to mention that villas are now being incorporated into planned real estate housing societies which can further help form the luxury living experience with the amenities and securities by your side.

Privacy in living:

When in comparison to living in a flat; there are tons of benefits that living in a villa can provide you. One of the most important aspects is privacy in your living. Say you live in an apartment building; it is quite common that you will be matched with some noisy and trouble making tenants next door. Walking through the terrace or lobby is not going to give you the same sense of privacy because these are commonly shared places in such projects. Atop f that if you have nosy neighbors in an apartment building; consider the idea of peaceful living farfetched.

With living in a villa you are going to get separate entryways with no one to peek on you, outdoor spaces that are not shared with others as well as other unique characteristics (depending upon where and how well the villa is built) that you wouldn’t find living in an apartment complex.

No longer are you going to be bothered by prying eyes in the neighborhood. You can comfortably and privately carry on with your life without any outside disturbances. All the unwanted attention is now going to be gone. Say goodbye to all those strange and false rumors that go around the neighborhood about you. The idea of privacy that villas provide can also tie in as an aspect of luxurious living. This becomes another major factor for why property investors are turning towards investment in villas.

Serene Neighborhood:

There is more to living standard than the privacy of living within your own property. The surrounding of your property can also determine how desirable or undesirable it is. For example no one would want to live in a house that is located within a shady crime filled neighborhood.

Villa style homes are surrounded by features that reflect posh living standards. Living in one of these properties is going to be a dream come true. You are going to be a part of a safe and sound communities where you can enjoy your private life as much as your social life. No longer will your heart be filled with the doubts of being the victim of some unfortunate accident or crime as the security and surveillance of your property surroundings are going to be up to par.

The facilities that this neighborhood will provide are also going to exceed some houses located in standalone unplanned areas and most flat buildings out there on the property market. Consider the luxury of jogging tracks, open spaces, public parks, clubs and a lot more facilities to enhance the community living aspect.

What is going to be more desirable than this for your very own property?

Parking convenience:

An often overlooked aspect of community living is the parking facilities. Although fully furnished homes do come with a garage or parking space for 1-2 vehicles; it becomes a chore to carefully turn them out of the property and onto the busy city roads.

Villa home are going to either provide you a parking spac3 of have a collective public area for parking. What makes villa developments more desirable in this case would be that the traffic inflow in a villa home is going to be a lot less busy than that of a suburb or commercial sector’s living. This can save you precious time and energy on the daily basis that you can put towards more productive tasks in your life.

Villa home projects to look for:

Following are few of the upcoming and well regarded villa house projects that investors or single time buyers can look towards:

Lis villas of Bahria town Karachi is going to provide you with the luxurious environment you have always dreamed of living in. the ultra-modern setting of today’s housing schemes are perfectly captured within the architecture and urban designing of lis villas. This project will provide you all the perks of living in a villa home alongside more to offer.

The construction of the properties themselves is immaculate. In addition to having affordable price tags; these properties are have quality finishes, imported fixtures on property, state of the art facilitation for residents and security standards which meet the demand of living in such posh areas. Properties on offer are about 125 sq. yd houses availed on convenient installments.

The Dream villas:

This project is the visionary of Falaknaz group. This project will provide you villas with an exterior and interior meeting the modern standards of luxury living. The extensive and skillful urban planning that went into this project also speaks for itself.

The properties up for offers are also 125 sq. yd in area whereas the payment plans are also quite easy to comply with.


With the real estate development providing property types that were not previously available; the public interest has also shifted towards properties that were once thought to be exceptional demands. With these changes villa homes are quickly gaining popularity.

In real estate there is nothing more valuable than affordability, security of living and facilities being provided. When villa homes are checking all these boxes for property investors with architectural aesthetic and posh gated communities has brought a lot of attention towards these projects on the market.