Blue world city was introduced 4 years ago in the property market of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Seeing the rapid pace of development in Pakistan’s real estate market and the promise of bringing the most modernistic societies to the forefront which are raising the bar for living standards; Blue World city quickly amasses public attention from investors. However the past few years have been rather grim for the development of blue world city. Concerns about the project being illegal and a scam were coming out. The extremely low property rates were also seen as a concerns for paranoid investors who thought that this project will be abandoned after receiving the advances from interested investors

Blue World city in the past few years have faced issues and its NOC has been awaited for the public a lot of people had began to dwindle in the hopes of success of this project. However to everyone’s surprise Blue World City got its NOC approval!

There were controversies coming to the forefront about this project. This made investors who had registered lose confidence and they backed out of paying their installments thinking their money was going to an abandoned project. As previously mentioned the critics of blue world city have often termed it as an illegal project which made the project gain an air of being unsafe for investors.

Blue world cities gave the chance for its unsure investors to get their payments back. For those with unpaid/incomplete installments were to be fined. However keeping in mind the notice of blue world city; December 11th 2021 was the last date for payment of these installments. Now with recently getting the NOC approval from District Council; the authenticity of this project has been approved. The installment payment date has been extended to early January of the next year. Now with the recent news breaking; and blue world city coming back in the public eye as a profitable investment, it is most benefitting for the registered investors to pay up their dues on time. This small investment is sure to appreciate greatly over time!

This has been great news for those who stood firm to their investment and waited for the project to get approval. There is already a huge influx of investors in the past few days since the NOC was given. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see Blue World City appreciate its rates for plot registration in the coming few days. Now is the chance to invest in this project to get the cheapest plot registrations that are much more likely to give amazing returns on investment.

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