The capital city of Islamabad certainly is no stranger to high-end projects that aim to provide the best services possible for their residents. The real estate sector all across Pakistan is booming with success but its importance and glory are further enhanced when we take its projection on the capital of Islamabad.

Already housing popular projects such as Gulberg greens, Bahria Town as well as DHA and their subsectors, Islamabad is a prime area for real estate development which increases the chances of success. Adding to the list of extremely successful projects is Kingdom Valley Islamabad. This project is being developed under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme and in this article, we will tell our readers all about it. So without further ado let us get started

Kingdom Valley Developers and Vision:

Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is the owner of this project in Islamabad. He is renowned for his developmental work on other projects all across Pakistan. this person’s resounding success speaks for itself which also makes his current project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad quite highly anticipated amongst the seasoned investors of Islamabad.

This project will include all of the necessary ingredients for the recipe of success when it comes to a residential real estate project. This project will feature commercial buildings and outlets, parks and gardens, healthcare availability as well as all other necessary or recreational facilities needed to add charm to the living experience of its residents and visitors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and having its NOC approved is further going to speed up the process and support its development within the coming years. Kingdom valley’s price rates are also affordable for investment which is another key factor in making it a good option for investment.

Kingdom Valley Location:

In our real estate guides on S & S consultancy, we have discussed many times how the location or area of development holds key importance when it comes to discussing the success of that project. The same goes for kingdom valley.

A location or surrounding area that provides ease of access to different parts of the city to make daily commute hassle free is quite important. Moreover, the area has to be equipped with enough commercial facilities as well as recreational spots to add to the living experience of its residents. Kingdom valley checks out all these boxes. Being located near Chakri Interchange, Motorway M-2 as well as the New International Islamabad Airport makes the daily commute to important parts of the city a breeze for its residents.

This location puts the society at a great advantage as kingdom valley Islamabad is about 7 kilometers drive away from Chakri interchange on the Lahore Islamabad motorway, only 5 kilometers drive away from Rawalpindi Ring Road which allows it access to Bahria Town, DHA as well as New Islamabad Airport. A distance of 5 kilometers from the Thalian Interchange at Lahore Islamabad Motorway is further a compliment to its prime location. Furthermore, it is within a 10-minute driving distance from Rawalpindi Cadet College.

Key Features of Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Following are some important features that are sure to make kingdom valley a hotspot for real estate success in Islamabad:

Excellence in Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of a project can make or break it. Consider a project that has weak infrastructure. The residents will run into more and more troubles by the day. On the other hand, strong infrastructure will stand as a solid basis to ensure a smooth flow of life in that area.

One of the best examples of infrastructural efforts in kingdom valley Islamabad has to be the attempt of making a transport system that is safe and sustainable for its users. New ideas are being implemented to provide a modern-day solution and facilitate walkers or cyclists.

Modern Amenities:

In the present day; urbanization has been a huge trend in the world of real estate. Urban facilities and way of life are becoming increasingly more popular in Pakistan. An urban way of life might compromise on the peace and nature-focused design of life but it allows for ease of daily commute, saves time, and in most ways is simply more convenient for a man to settle into.

Take the example of a rural setting where someone has to walk a fair bit of distance or drive a distance to get to high-end facilities or commercial services, in the urbanized framework, the walk could be minutes away and a plethora of facilities can be made available at an arm’s reach.

Kingdom valley Islamabad has focused on providing the best facilities that enhance the living experience of its residents.

Nature Focused Design:

We just discussed how urbanization takes away the nature-focused design in some places. However, kingdom valley Islamabad has laid out a strong basis to reconnect its vision towards focus. As more and more places are becoming urbanized, the need for a nature-focused aesthetic is being felt by the residents of high-end societies. Like neighboring high-end societies, kingdom valley Islamabad makes great use of the lush green nature of Islamabad and offers the facility of having a botanical garden.

The residents of this project will certainly never feel left out or abandoned by nature as greenery is strategically being implemented to instill an environment of peacefulness and serenity.

Grand Mosque:

Since a majority of Pakistan’s population is Muslims, it becomes a very desirable feature for a well-developed project to feature a mosque. Kingdom valley has implemented a grand Jamia Mosque that will allow the residents to perform their religious obligations in an environment of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day living.

Construction of a project like a grand mosque also allows the project to be further beautified and increases the value of its property alongside its desirability.

Safe Provision of Water:

Water has to be one of the most necessities that anyone requires. To be provided safe and clean water is one of the most important features of modern-day society.

Kingdom valley Islamabad has built a water reservoir for its residents alongside providing water filtration plants which makes clean and safe water accessible to everyone.

Healthcare Access:

Another necessity in modern-day society has to be the availability of hospitals or other healthcare facilities in times of need. While ambulances do work around the city to get you to hospitals in times of need having one nearby is always a better option.

This development is planning to implement international standard hospitals alongside clinics that will provide round-the-clock services to residents of the society.

Educational Institutes:

The development of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is planning to reach out to renowned educational institutions to open their branches within this esteemed development. Moreover, its strategic location also allows residents families access to well-known educational institutions in the nearby surroundings.  As an example, it is at a 10-minute driving distance from Rawalpindi Cadet College

Sports Facility:

Leading an active life is becoming an urban need. Without having access to sports facilities a modern-day society appears to be quite bland. Kingdom valley Islamabad will implement world-class development of sports facilities with multiple courts for different sports and gymnasiums, all to the pleasure of their residents so they can not only help themselves keep active but also socialize as a community.

Shopping Facilities:

Kingdom valley has great news to the shopaholics pleasure as it plans to develop a grand business or commercial hub that will avail this facility to residents and visitors alike. The commercial setups here will allow the residents to access shopping for needs ranging from daily groceries to recreational shopping.

Safe and Sound Living:

Security is another one of the key determining factors of what makes or breaks a deal in the world of real estate. An area with subpar development that is safe from criminal activity is going to be increasingly more desirable for investors or single-time buyers than a posh area that has a significant crime rate.

Just like all modern societies kingdom valley is going to implement a system of security through 24/7 CCTV footage and will employ security staff to keep the residents feeling safe day or night.

Well-Planned Roads:

Another nod to the amazing infrastructure of this housing society is how it implements a system of roads that makes the daily commute for residents and visitors safe. The main boulevard is quite an impressive looking development due to its width. The roads are all wide enough just like its streets so people can feel comfortable as they drive through them.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad being developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing program with NOC approval has many investors’ sights set on it. It is a relatively affordable property project that will provide all the basic as well as recreational facilities needed to make a great living experience for its residents.

We hope that this article has been informative for you! For more articles and guides on real estate; read our blog on S & S consultancy!