Pakistani real estate sector is quickly becoming stronger by the day. Investment from people looking to create their own business or businesses that are already established that are branching out… all are seen on the market. Buying and selling of property is going on a great scale and one of the determining factors becomes that whether a property can hold up to the market standards or not.

Since the number of investors and sellers is high the competition between properties increases. Everybody wants to get the best deal for themselves and takes measures to ensure that their property is highlighted. One of the ways people like to bring light to their property is through its curb appeal.

What is this curb appeal and why is it important? This article is the single stop you need to learn all about this term and also apply it to your own property for sale so you can get amazing deals faster.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal includes all the exterior and design of your house. This is essentially the presentation of the home. Think of curb appeal as the first impression or the essence of the property at first glance. The more attractive and grand your property seems on the outside; the higher its curb appeal is.

To think about what features of a house are part of forming its curb appeal are…think of the exterior as a whole, each element on the exterior of a property can add or take away from the curb appeal. The gate and fencing, the lawn, porch, walkways, front door, the exterior walls, the paint and color scheming, the role of lighting all add to it. It should be noted that curb appeal is not centered around architectural features which are set and some of the features can be manipulated to feel more in sync and increase aesthetic appeal of a house.

Even though beauty is subjective all across; on the real estate market investors can use some tips and tricks to enhance the curb appeal of their property.

Curb appeal doesn’t always mean adding improvements and spending money, it can be as simple as maintenance of a house that is being lived in so you don’t have to separate big budget cuts at the time of the property’s sale. Knowing what and how to utilize to enhance the curb appeal is more importance than mindlessly refreshing the features or adding to them.

Fresh Ideas to Enhance Curb Appeal:

As we said above; producing curb appeal doesn’t have to be about spending big numbers on the property; it is mostly about being smart in your spending and making the most of your resources. One by one we will go over every feature that can contribute and what you can do to improve it!

The Boundaries of your property:

The boundaries of the property can either include the walled boundary or fencing you have put around to frame the property. Withering of outer walls or fencing is quite natural. The fencing can become damaged due to moisture if it is wooden in nature or become rusted if it was made of metal. Brick walls can fade in their color or form cracks or get chipped quite frequently. On the beautiful canvas that your house can present; an improper boundary can look like accidental stains.

The outer boundaries can also include the gate. They can also have the same issues as fencing depending upon which material they are made out of. Now it should be noted that the exterior brick walls cannot be replaced; or simply be replaced as easily. On the other hand the design of fencing and gates can be modifiable with much less hassle.

For those rusted metal fences and gates you could have opt to coat them in special rust resistant paints. Before the house gets up on the market for potential property visitors to come by before investment; applying new coats of paints can also go a long way for the outer boundary.

Lawn of property:

If your property does have a lawn or outer garden there is a lot that can be utilized here. Imagine someone who walks into the property; their eyes automatically move around to the condition of the lawn. When you are trying to increase the curb appeal; your primary focus is to convince the potential buyers to imagine a peaceful and serene life in this property. Lawns that have overgrown grass and littered with dull weeds are unacceptable in the face of curb appeal.

Curb appeal can be maintained throughout just by developing a habit of gardening if that is what interests you. You can regularly spend little by little towards the maintenance and beautifying of your home’s garden until it eventually gets sold. If gardening wasn’t your interest or you are increasing the curb appeal of a fixer upper hiring a professional gardener to tidy up the lawn can do a lot!

Freshly cut lush green grass complimented by flowers of all kinds in the flower beds can produce a marvelous view for the visitor. Especially in the modern day real estate industry where a lot of people desire living closer to nature; utilizing a lawn properly becomes much more important for you.

Exterior walls:

Exterior walls are the first things that a property visitor or a passerby can notice, similar to the other features of the house; these can also be withered over time. Expect the constant weather conditions like harsh sunlight, followed by a season of monsoon rainfalls, then the harsh winter heat and potential hailstorms being hurled at it. Not to mention any gusts and dust storms to add to the damages. The exterior walls of a house go through a lot and can dull in color over time.

Unless there are some major windstorms; the damages or chipping of exterior walls is not all that noticeable; instead you can expect yourself to reapply the paint coats here as well. The choice of the paint coat can also matter to determine what kind of investors you will attract. You can go with a bright and saturated color to give an impactful and highlighted look to your house or go with something more subtle like neutral colors.

In the modern world of technology even paint choices can vary on how the finish of it all will look. Choosing paints with weather resistant finishes or those that gleam in sunlight are going to be more appealing than those subpar paint mixes that fade away quicker.

Walkways or pathways:

If your house includes a lawn then there is also going to be a solid piece of land that leads up to the porch of the house. Although the pathways of homes are usually rough and rugged if not paid attention to can make the overall property lose their curb appeal.

Once again natural wear and tear is all possible; choosing to get a new set of tiles installed might be a good option. Or maybe even look for some of the latest trending pathway tiles that are attractive to a larger number of people.


Porch is one of the last parts of a house before the visitor will enter the interior of property. Although staging the interior of a property is another complicated topic; porch is going to solidify the curb appeal for passersby.

The porch or front door of the property should always provide a welcoming and warm feel to it. Nobody wants a dull or worn out porch that gives the feeling of walking into an abandoned space or a office building. Try to liven it up by bringing potted plants; placing a suitable welcome mat at all times; maybe hang some décor to create a more homey feel to the property.

Once again referring back to your true goal with a property’s curb appeal: to provide a convincing look where a potential buyer’s dream life can be imagined. Porches might be the least expensive area to maintain or stage. Changing the design of the front door can be the only big expense here. Porches are great tools for creating that feeling of warmth in the property; which can be maintained throughout for a live in home until it gets sold.


Curb appeal holds great importance in the real estate market as it can help level up your property and beat the competition in seller’s market. curb appeal is not about spending more; in fact you can use everyday maintenance and a small sum of your budget to maintain it throughout the years if the property is live in. On the other hand for investors buying fixer uppers; curb appeal has to be financed out of pocket to increase value of the property.

So next time you are putting up an advertisement of property for sale; make sure to build a curb appeal to have an upper hand!