DHA Islamabad has always been one of the most sought after locations within the capital city. This is due to the amazing pace and scale of development that this project has exhibited. Dha exudes luxury from every facet and with the announcement of its overseas block in phase 4, it has the eyes of investors all across the market set on it. This comes in succession to the resounding success of Sector J and Sector K plots in Phase 5 for Overseas Pakistanis. Now DHA Islamabad Rawalpindi is bringing another attractive opportunity in form of Overseas Block in Phase 4.

In this article we will go over the recent announcement of overseas block and what can you do to invest into this project. So without further ado let us get started!

What Makes DHA Phase 4 Overseas Block So Special?

DHA Phase 4 Overseas Block project has an ideal heighted location being placed near the Askari  14 and C Orchard Area of DHA Phase 1. This project is sure to become a hub that provides state of the art luxuries and highly profitable investment opportunities. The scenic beauty of this sector speaks volumes for its imminent success to come. Being placed amidst a serene and calming semi hilly part of Islamabad with eye pleasing sights all around is going to beautify the lives of anyone looking to make this destination their dream home. The infrastructural marvel that is going to become the overseas block will maximize the utilization of these natural scenic landscapes all the while providing a large number of plots for investment.

This development is not going to be solely for those that value aesthetics, there is going to be a marvelous infrastructure held in place to make this development amongst the top ranking residential places in Islamabad by bringing luxurious amenities at an arm’s reach. All the modern day amenities that one expects from a high class project are going to be encapsulated in this development.

Important Notes on Overseas Block Payment Plans:

The last date for application is 25th November 2022. The documents required and the method to be used for payment plans is discussed as following:

Payment plans that are launched are of total 4 options.

  • Lump Sum Installment Plan
  • 1 Year Installment Plan
  • 2 Years Installment Plan
  • 3 Years Installment Plan

For the lump sum payment plan, 2 crores 20 lac are the sale price. Whereas the 44 lac is confirmation price for people who will get the plot on balloting the total payment needs to be made in 60 days. The first 44 lac payment needs to be paid within 30 days.

On 1-year installment plan, the total sale price is 2 crores 21 lac. With 46 lacs as down payment with payments being in 4 quarters.

In 2-year installment plan 2 crore 42 lacs is the sale price with 48 lacs being the down payment to be paid in 8 installments.

In the 3-year plan, 2 crores 53 lac is the sale price whereas the 50 lac is going to be the down payment, the payments need to be made in 12 installments.

Processing fee for the plots of 1 kanal in area is going to be 20,000 PKR. For the allotment and possession according to current plan the plots will be allotted via a transparent computerized ballot with possession to be made available by December 2024.


DHA Phase 4 Overseas Block is sure to be the center focus for many young and experienced investors on the market. As the project nears completion, it is sure to host and embody a high end feeling in its community living. It will become a highly revered place for one to have their dream home in. We hope this article has been informative for you.

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