Defence Housing Authority or DHA, Islamabad is a well-known venture. It was developed by Habib Rafiq property developers in 1992. However, this mega project is slickly governed by the Pakistan Armed forces. All over the decades of success and victory, DHA is known to be the best housing societies in the country. The society is shone in offering high-tech facilities. Needless to say, DHA is home to international standards of amenities.

Details of the Six Mega Phases of DHA

DHA Phase I : Plots for sale in DHA phase 1, Houses for sale in DHA Phase 1

DHA Phase I is the oldest and original phase located in Islamabad, the south estate of Morgah and Attock Refinery, Rawalpindi. With the ideal location for both twin cities, the phase has adequate neighboring societies. From all directions, it is bordered by suitable localities. From the north,it is surrounded by Gulrez Housing Society.

From the west, it is surrounded by Army Officers Colony. From the east, it is surrounded by Bahria Phase VII. And from the south, it is surrounded byBahria Greens. Plots for Sale in DHA Phase 1 Islamabad are available at a reasonable price. Please check our website

DHA Phase II Plots for sale in DHA phase 2, Houses for sale in DHA Phase 2

Likewise,Phase I, Phase II also has a goodlocality to be surrounded.River Gardens Housing Scheme from the northis covering it. Zara Housing Society is located inthe south of Phase II.Bahria Phase VII from the west, Rawat Industrial Estate from the eastare the neighboring societies. However, the DHA Phase II is the largest of all phases.

Nonetheless, it starts from the Grand Trunk Road and stretched to the Rawat. Plots for Sale in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad are enlisted on our website. Visit our website

DHA Phase III : Plots for sale in DHA phase 3

DHA Phase III is also known as Ex-New Pindi Housing Scheme. However, this housing scheme was purchased by the DHA authorities. The phase is situated on the edge of Rawat. After purchasing this area from its actual developers, DHA has developed this area withthe newmaster plan. Plots for Sale in DHA Phase 3 Islamabad are right there for making your deal profit gaining. Visit our website for more details.

DHA Phase IV

DHA Phase IV is located right next to the DHA Phase.And it is the opposite of Bahria Town Phase VIII. Covering an area of roundabout 4 thousand Kanals, it lies near to the Soan River. This phase has its specialty of having eye-catching natural landscapes and the quaint scenes. Besides the boastof eye-catching and recreational sceneries, the phase features the deluxefacilities. However, the phase is still under construction and the developing process is completing rapidly.

DHA Phase V : Plots for sale in DHA phase 5, Houses for sale in DHA Phase 5

In 2006, the phase was primarily launched as Commoner’s Town. The area approximately covered an area of around 7000 Kanal. Later, the town was retitled as DHA Phase V with sectors ranging from Sector A-H. The phase is located on the main Islamabad Expressway.

Notably, the area is replete withthe most beautiful backdrops and green spaces. The natural beauty and the best infrastructure are the greatest attractions for the investors. Plots for Sale in DHA Phase 5 Islamabad are available with the best pricing plans. Kindly visit our website for more information.

DHA Phase VI

DHA Phase VI is the Islamabad-Rawalpindi phase that was launched in March 2005. It is an extension of DHA Phase II and is designed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and town planning. The phase is encompassed in four sectors. Each sector of the phase is designed with the assurance of the best and international standards amenities.

Home to Basic Necessities

The proprietors of society are highly devoted to fetch comfort through all means. As well as, meeting the sway of international deluxe.They make sure of the availability of each small or advanced facility. From transport to commerce including malls, banks, offices, pharmacies, restaurants, clinics, and everything essential for a living is available.

Accessibility of Mosques and Schools

The vitality of mosques and schools is evident for everyone. Meeting all the up-to-the-minute lifestyle requisites, the availability of mosques and schools is also palpable.  Needless to say, all phases of the DHA are planned to keeping in mind the requirement of these two most vital rudiments. However, all phases are packed with a dozen mosques and schools.

Notably, Phase VI is still under construction and in the phase of planning. To maintain academic exposure, the Defence Housing Authority has assured quality education.  Therefore, the schools including Roots International, APS DHAI School, City Grammar School, Dar e Arqam, and Beaconhouse School System are providing the best academic services to our residents.

Ideal Place to Invest

Nonetheless, the Defence Housing Authority is an ideal and iconic place for investment or residential purpose.However, all phases of DHA are passably planned and run by the authority. The society is the right place to make your dream reality. Houses for Sale in DHA Phase I and Phase II Islamabad are available to state your lifestyle.

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