Islamabad is lucky to have a plethora of amazing real estate projects. Being such an important economic center of the state further enhances the potential of Islamabad as a business hub. This is why we have seen multiple extremely successful real estate projects within its vicinity. We have discussed projects like Bahria town, and DHA Gulberg greens before on our blog. Today we are going to discuss a new emerging real estate hotspot within Islamabad.

One of the fastest growing real estate projects in Islamabad has to be Blue World city. This project is turning the heads of investors all around the market due to its amazing development and the potential it will hold shortly. In this article, we will detail a bit about the background of this real estate project as well as take you over the reasons why you should consider this project for your next investment. So without further ado let us get started!

Blue World City Overview:

This project is being looked upon as one of the fastest growing projects in Islamabad’s market. The project is being developed under the BCG-IGC Consortium. The main focus of this project is to provide world-class amenities all the while being affordable making it quite desirable for investment. This project will be designed as a modern town with excellence in architectural design all the while keeping in view the lifestyle needs and preferences of the locals. Not only for the locals, this project is also going to be targeted towards Chinese citizens; being a Pak-China friendly project. Moreover, this project is regarded as the city within a city.

As with most other projects in Islamabad, blue world city takes a nature-focused aesthetic in its development making full use of Islamabad’s scenic setting and greenery.

Blue World City Islamabad Owner:

Blue Group of Companies is the developer and owner of Blue World City Islamabad (BWC). The owner of the blue world city is Saad Nazir, who is the son of ex-deputy commissioner Lahore.

Whenever we look at a real estate project it is quite important to look into a brief history and background of its owners and developers to make predictions about the upcoming success of a project. in the case of a blue world city, the future is looking bright!

Blue group of companies was first set up in the year 1989 in Lahore. In its beginning phase, this company provided the services of architectural design as well as construction services. From the beginning, this company was regarded as one of the most professional and trustworthy organizations in the field. At the current time, this company stands among the leading companies when it comes to real estate development. Having such a strong background of success and satisfaction means great news for anyone who wants to invest in a blue world city.

The services this company provides have spanned out into real estate development, marketing for real estate, architectural development, construction work, commercial printing as well as IT support. With a broad horizon of skills and over 300 professionals to work with, any product of such an esteemed developer is sure to top the charts of Islamabad’s real estate market.

Blue World City’s NOC Approval:

Another marker of success and delivery has to be the NOC approval. NOC makes investors or buyers gain further trust in a project and set their eyes towards the time when its property is up for registration or sale. The NOC of Blue World City was issued by the Rawalpindi Development Authority against the vide Letter no 532/10/DC Dated; 7-8-2018.

The initial planning permission is granted for around 427 Kanal of land. The letter’s reference number is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148, and it was signed on December 11th of 2021, under the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021. Now it is being developed over an area of over 5000 Kanal.

Blue World City Location:

Location is another marker of what can make or break a real estate project. The location for the property is absolute and its surroundings can either add or take away value from said project. Moreover, the reputation of an area can also add to or decrease the value of the property located within that area.

A blue world city is masterfully planned and has many perks to its carefully chosen location. For starters, blue world city Chakri road which is an important interconnecting artery of the twin cities giving society access to the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway (M2) on the important CPEC route. This location gives it a prime advantage of being a 20-minute drive from the new Islamabad International Airport.

Residents of blue world city will be very much pleased to recognize that they can commute through the twin cities with relative ease. This amazing location will make it so that it is only 15 minutes away from the Chakri M2 toll plaza. It is 32 Minutes drive away from Rawalpindi, 33 minutes’ drive to Islamabad, 48 minutes’ drive to N-5 National Highway and Grand Trunk Road, 1 hour 3 minute’s drive to Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Moreover, the nearby Societies like Qurtaba City, Abdullah City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad & MIVIDA also increase the value of the location of Blue World City.

Although not located within Blue World City, nearby important areas will include Night Safari and Zoo, Rumi’s Square, Horse Mascots as well as Blue Mosque.

Facilities of Blue World City:

This project aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle for the residents and is going to provide an array of different amenities that ensure the best living experience within this development.

Being developed as a gated community is already favorable for this project as most people do find gated communities for living much more desirable. Gated communities bring with them a sense of exclusivity and privacy in living which is absent from other types of development. The security facilities are also kicked up a notch by the design philosophy of a gated community so the added security facility also adds to the living experience.

Islamabad has no shortage of amazing real estate developments, this project also works on that blueprint of success and delivers with wide and carpeted roads which made daily commute and transportation a breeze. Moreover, the underground electrical wiring is a rapidly popularizing addition to high-end facilities which blue world city implements so well.

Blue world city is also going to deliver top-class recreational amenities as evident by its providing one of Pakistan’s largest water theme parks. This project has a dedicated electricity power plant, a sports and cultural complex provided, water filtration plant to ensure safe and adequate delivery of drinking water. It also features shopping malls and commercial centers to cover both basic needs as well as recreational shopping needs. Another not to its amazing security design is the implementation of CCTV security surveillance which works round the clock and makes residents feel safe and sound within the project’s premises.

Properties and Division of Blue World City:

Being constructed on such a grand scale; this project is sure to have something for everyone. This means that property can range from smaller sizes which are highly affordable for a single-time buyer to high-end properties of larger scale which seasoned investors would be interested in. this project will allow for investment in both residential real estate of the following size plots:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Whereas for commercial properties of Blue World City one can invest in 5 Marla or 8 Marla properties.

The division of this grand project includes the General Square which consists of residential plots at reasonable prices. This division does focus heavily on natural aesthetics with lush green parks. The overseas block features both residential and commercial properties. These properties are offered on first come first serve basis, property in this block (as the name suggests) is being catered towards foreign investors or overseas Pakistanis.

Blue Hills Country farms is another sub-division of this development. Here you will find peace and tranquility by living in farmhouses. This area is also equipped with modern amenities making it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Orbital Flats, Awami Villas as well as Waterfront District are further divisions of Blue World City’s development.


Blue world city is an amazing project for anyone who wants to invest into real estate. Given the relative affordability of this property project, the amazing accolades of its esteemed developers, the scale of this development, and the variety of properties it offers; whether you are a single-time buyer, purchasing your first property as an investor, or know the inner workings of the field; blue world city is a promising area to invest into.

We hope this article has been informative for you. For more articles and blogs on real estate read our blog on S & S consultancy.

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