Pakistani individuals have quickly adapted to the changing economical environment in a very short span of time. On its journey towards development; many sectors of the state are quickly climbing up the ladder of success. Pakistan is known as an agricultural state for its strong agricultural backbone in economy; however business and real estate sectors are quickly growing in popularity

The real estate sector especially has seen quite some impressive development over the past couple of decades. Property has long been translated to power in our culture, with that being said; there are many people from different backgrounds that are now getting into real estate dealings. There are many experienced businessmen looking to expand their field of investment and look towards real estate. On the contrary many young entrepreneurs are also moving to real estate industry to make profits.

Real estate industry does not only benefit the buyer and the seller; it has also opened up job opportunities for people from other fields. Real estate agents are hired on the daily to help suggest people better invest using their knowledge and experiences. Contractors, managers even lawyers have job opportunities in the field. Today’s focus is going to be on lawyers.

Real estate agents VS Lawyer:

One of the first questions that cross one’s mind is that which professional is better to hire for your real estate dealings. The truth is, there is no definitive answer to this question.  Both of these professionals; however similar in provision of their services; are going to depend on someone’s situation. One person might fit better with a real estate agent and another with a real estate attorney/lawyer. The purpose of both these professionals is going to be assisting you in making real estate dealings smooth and stress free.

On one hand a real estate agent is experienced in negotiations, networking and the true knowledge of real estate’s ever changing market. There is a lot these experts can help you with. Lawyers have a deeper understanding and knowledge of legal matters. There are a lot of steps in the buying and selling of houses that can be quite sensitive matters of law. Particularly the leases, property papers and fraudulent deals cannot be something that is compromised upon. Lawyers are generally better for people looking to improve the fine print of real estate dealings.

Perks of hiring a lawyer for your real estate matters:

Assistance in dealing:

Hiring professionals to help you with real estate dealings is certainly not a necessity. Many professionals and experienced investors do not need to hire estate agents or lawyers to help them. So is not the case for everyone. It can be your ease of mind to hire a lawyer and consult before finalizing a deal or simply the workload from your business that hinders your ability to work on your own. Both of these cases aside; a real estate investor might have the money to hire lawyers for their own dealings and save time to spend on their social lives. The general assistance that goes along with hiring a real estate lawyer can be an amazing tool towards success. With a real estate lawyer by your side you are going to feel much better while conducting deals. Not only a lawyer can help you gain more confidence in our decisions but you can also have an improved quality of life.

Helps to diversify the investments with ease:

Growth of business is quite ideal of a scenario on everyone’s mind. Mostly; business professionals that are moving towards real estate realize the importance of diversifying their investments. What this means is that in the many forms of investments; be it commercial or residential units; plots, houses, shops, bungalows, farmhouses; rental units or flipping property people take over investing in multiple of these areas. A business investor that started out investing in plots now might want to also add in a few houses to the mix.

Where a real estate lawyer can help you in such cases is to make you aware of the litigation around the new property type you are moving towards. The closure process of a plot might differ from that of a house; the lawyer can help you better transition to other types of investments in this field. this is another really important utility that you will acquire when you are hiring a lawyer for your real estate dealings.

Avoid the scams:

As we briefed above that real estate lawyers can help you with sensitive matters of law while investing in real estate; this is the most prominent advantage they will have for you. Unfortunately the rising development and public interest in real estate sector has given opportunity for many scam artists who want to catch unsuspecting people off guard and then scam them for money or put them in legal disputes to take over the property. This makes it difficult to invest in real estate and as the problem of tricksters is on the rise; a lot of investors have started to lose confidence in real estate investments. This shouldn’t be the case at all when the problem can be solved readily by hiring a real estate attorney.

Amongst the many frauds on the market; a real estate lawyer can help to identify and rule out any trickery in contracts or behaviors of the seller of a property. Take title frauds where property is being sold to different people at the same moment or rental scams where the landlord aims to entrap tenants in paying up more with subpar provision of facility in the rental. In other cases the suspicious behavior of a property seller or a fake real estate agent can be easily detected by someone that has experience with the law and they can inform you readily. In case a posing real estate agent is going to ask for more commission on closing the deal than is the market standard; the lawyer by your side can quickly identify the fraudulent behavior here as well. Most importantly lawyers can read the fine print of paperwork before signing and much better than anyone on the field to make sure your demands line up with what the paperwork has put forth.

Real estate attorneys are equipped with the sensitive knowledge of law. These professionals can be much better at detecting scams and frauds as compared to a real estate agent. Real estate lawyers are can help point out any discrepancies in real estate deals in the matter of minutes.

Drafting paperwork:

Paperwork is an important and highly sensitive area of real estate investments. Every line holds its weight in property paperwork and can make or break a deal. Although real estate agents and even the investor themselves can be well versed in the language and understanding of property paperwork; the expertise that a lawyer can provide in this sector is unmatched.

The different property types will also include different kinds of contracts and paperwork. Your lawyer can not only greatly help you understand and analyze the fine print to make sure nothing goes against your interests in the deals; but they can also help to draft it from scratch. Law professionals are quite the experts when it comes to producing official paperwork and when it comes to property matters; lawyers can help out a great deal.

Consider that you are running a rental property and want a lease form; the lawyer can help produce this contract based on your demands and interests for the future tenants to sign before moving into your property. In cases of mishaps or future decisions; lawyers can also help produce eviction notices for troublesome tenants. This will take the stress out of producing quality paperwork that cannot be misused. You can definitely trust your hired lawyer to make authentic and functional fine prints.

Title transfer documents while buying or selling of houses, mortgage contracts, sales contracts are all something a lawyer can develop quite professionally. A lawyer can also help to read the seller’s paperwork that they produced to check if there is something fishy about the contract stipulations or not. As discussed above; there are plenty of scammers looking to entrap unsuspecting investors. With a lawyer by your side you don’t need to worry about falling into these situations.


Lawyers are experts of all types of laws; the past, present and future of a stipulation in real estate contracts can have major implications on how the property is handled. In cases like title frauds; the investor can be caught up in the storm of legal battles and ends up losing money on legal fees than they had intended to invest on a certain property. Surely a real estate agent can help in similar areas; but lawyers are a step above in this knowledge. If we’d sum up all this a lawyer’s knowledge of law is the main interest why you’d opt to hire one for your real estate business.

We hope this article was informative for you.

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