At a time it was thought that the only valuable and permanent property was a fully furnished home. However with the real estate market of Pakistan rapidly evolving, and property becoming increasingly more and more affordable; it has been observed that people buying property value a variety of properties over just a lone standing house.

Apartments are one of the property types that are quickly picking up popularity, With the property type being much more affordable than lone standing counterparts, providing shared amenities, easier maintenance and repair costs and more convenient on the overall; they are rising in sales. The sales rising are backed up by reputable real estate developers providing state of the art apartment buildings that are awe inspiring.

All the ideas that once applied to a fully furnished lone standing property in a high end gated society are now also applicable to apartments and flats. One of these ideas is of adding value to the property by adding renovations. This is why we are bringing you this article to give ideas on how you can add renovations to your apartment. We will specifically focus on the balcony area.

Why is an apartment balcony important?

Balcony is one of those areas that are clearly visible to any passerby. In case of an entire apartment complex you will most likely not be able to paint the outer walls of your own apartment to bring out flavor and style, so the balcony is the only area that you can spruce up to add personality to your property. Moreover in case of apartments; balcony is the only area that is adding to the curb appeal o0f a property, on the comparative a house has much more to take advantage of.

Furthermore balconies are not only for aesthetic reasons, if you are living in a high rise apartment building; balconies will be the main source of letting in natural light and making the apartment feel airy.

By focusing on the balcony you can make your apartment feel homey and give off a unique vibe and flavor that is true to your style and aesthetic.

If you are selling the apartment or staging it for sale; adding décor to your balcony can go a long way in convincing a buyer to invest their money towards this property.

Decor ideas for your balcony:

Following is a collection of some creative ideas that you can use to decorate your apartment balcony. For your convenience these ideas are DIY so you don’t have to go out of your way and hire a décor company to help you with these tasks. So without further ado let us get started!

The main preliminary measure before you decide to add renovations and DIY improvements to your balcony is to measure out its dimensions. It is important to know what area you are working with. Moreover if there are some furniture you are looking to buy out; this will really help you out if you already know the dimensions of the balcony.

So whether you are trying to make this area your outdoor space, put up indoor plants, make it a reading area or give your pet their own separate space in the house; measuring dimensions is the must do first step!

Add in furniture:

Furniture is the backbone of a property’s décor. By picking out new furniture to add to your porch you can greatly enhance the feel of this part of your apartment. You can either pick out new furniture that goes along really well with the theme of your apartment or move in some extra furniture from your own apartment to the porch.

Furniture will really help bring out both the aesthetic and functionality of the balcony. We imagine on taking sips of hot coffee or tea in the afternoon or evening sitting by their airy porch is an idea quite appealing to many. Moreover if you have guests you can have a different area for them to sit, something as unique as providing the cityscape from a balcony.

0on the other hand if the purpose of furniture in your balcony is just to make it a cozy living room or somewhere you can take relaxing naps on; feel free to choose more cozy furniture that suits the need. There is a lot that can be done by adding a bit of furniture when it comes to adding to your balcony.

Adding onto the apartment balcony:

One might wonder that if adding onto the balcony which is already quite a restricted area is detrimental to décor of this part of your apartment… well that depends on the size of your balcony, but for those who have the space to add on; it is a great idea to do so.

We were just talking about making the apartment a comfy and cozy napping space or a reading room; you can add in rugs to your apartment balcony to make it feel even mo0re luxury. Putting up curtains that go along with the theme of this balcony are going to be a great addition. Curtains will not only help you keep away from harsh sunlight in the summer heat but also helps you in keeping away the prying eyes from your neighbors on the opposing balconies or passersby. Privacy is something that can add a lot to the living experience of a person so do give such curtains a try.

We suggest that you choose a theme and stick to it. Picking a color or texture to match while decorating can go a long way. Moreover you can pick to contrasting colors or harmonious colors or whichever way you prefer. Having a theme or specific style that fits your aesthetic is going to bring out the comfort we are hoping to achieve.

Once again these improvement ideas are easy enough to do on your own and there is plenty of budget friendly material and furniture that one can opt for while decorating so you wouldn’t be needing a hefty budget for this project.

Focus on the walls:

Same as within the rooms of an apartment; the walls can add a lot to the balcony. You can improve in quite a simple way by applying a fresh coat of paint to the balcony’s walls. This is a paint that is consistent with other rooms of the apartment or makes the balcony stand out. Since the balcony is more exposed to weather, direct sunlight and dust; it is going to be a great option to go for special paints that are resistant to weather damage and the ones which can be cleaned easily from gathering dust.

Wall décor is a big opportunity to tap into if you are looking to add flavor top this balcony. You can put up paintings like acrylic pours or some other simply style you can do on your own, some knitting ornaments, some other décor you found lying around or previously mentioned indoor plants. The décor is going to be speaking for whatever you want.

Of course once again we will recommend that you have a theme to follow however there really is no strict rule to follow when it comes to décor. Since the project is DIY; you can focus on what you like. However be aware that if you plan to sell this apartment in a few years, changing the wall color to something that is generally unpopular to drilling nails into the walls for hanging décor is something you will have to patch up later during the sale renovation.

Enhance lighting in your balcony:

Another way to add value and aesthetic to your balcony is to enhance the light that is coming in. try not to choose pants that wi9ll creep towards sunlight and block it out over time. Moreover you should choose curtains that can be retracted back easily to fully let the light in.

Adding mirrors to the balcony is another area to make it feel lightened up. The light that reflects off of mirrors can help to brighten up the balcony without running up electricity bills.

Ion the other hand if you do have the budget to spare install brighter light bulbs or even tinted light bulbs; whichever suits the décor theme or your style best. You will be quite surprised by how just adding in lighting elements adds onto the feel of a balcony.


There are many easy ways in which you can add value and warmth top your apartment balcony. Being the important source of fresh air and sunlight that it is; it is going to be quite a charm of your property once decorated up to its potential. Whether it is as simple as adding a new light bulb or installing mirrors in attempt to brighten up the balcony or taking a bit of effort in adding curtains, repainting the walls, putting up décor and furniture; a balcony can be improved rather easily.