Property investment in Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing businesses. Every day a large number of investors are entering this field due to promising rates of success. Amidst all this investment, one needs to assure that their money is being put in the right place. As fast as this industry is growing, alas! Numerous scams or frauds are arising on the scene as well which cannot be ignored.

More than ever people have become vigilant with their property investment. As the number of buyers and sellers increases, the measures of security also increase to fish out any fraudsters in the field. However, people are still quite paranoid about where their hard-earned money goes to. A great solution to this problem is being provided in the form of digital land records for properties located in Punjab.

Benefits of Digitization of Land Records under Punjab Land Record Authority:

Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) has been set up under the administrative control of the Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab. The initiative of digitization of land records has been brought forward by this authority which holds many benefits for property dealers within the vicinity of Punjab!

A Verified Record:

Traditionally many of the property dealings had to be done by word of mouth, of course, property papers were involved and were a key part of property dealing but the fear of them being faked was always lingering for the buyer.

Scams such as title fraud, where a single property is sold to multiple buyers which end up becoming a property dispute as the scammer escapes with the money have been present in Pakistan’s property market. Furthermore scams, where a person acts as the owner of a property in the absence of the actual owner (who might be overseas), will rent out the property or sell it to flee with the profits have also been an issue for property dealers. Properties that are in land disputes are also often sold as a scam to people oblivious about them, they can also mean trouble so having a reliable source of information becomes necessary.

With the PLRA providing digital records for each property a buyer can search for registered properties alongside their history to check if the person they’re dealing with is being truthful or not. It adds a layer of transparency that was previously not provided to many property dealers, making the process much easier.

Ease of Access:

Before measures were brought forward by PLRA, many property dealers had to visit physical offices which came with the package of spending extra time and money that would be drained by commuting to said location and waiting in lines to get information on a property. Digitization has removed all hurdles as information on a property can be only a click away. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can get all the necessary information on a property that is registered in Punjab.

How to Check Digital Land Record in Punjab:

Step 1: Go to the Website!

To check properties with land records in Punjab, you need to go to:

Step 2: Go to Property Registration:

On top of the home page, alongside the logo of PLRA, you will find several options to browse. Namely, these are the about the info of this website, the property registration section, laws, and rules, procurements, ease of doing business as well as information on the PULSE project.

From this bar, for purpose of checking land records, you can go to the property registration section. If you are having trouble locating this section; simply go to:

Step 3: Search!

On this webpage, you will be provided with a green colored search bar. From here you can select the different districts in Punjab, then select the Service Centre, and the search type, and then provide information on the search type. The search type on the property can be based on CNIC, Bahi number, Name, or registration number. Once you have entered information in these fields simply click on the search button.

You will be provided with a complete record of the property that has been registered. This increases transparency for a buyer about a property and lets them access authentic information from a regulated source. This initiative is sure to remove the fear of investing in properties located in Punjab.


To have access to a service that lets you have a land record Punjab online check is going to provide great ease as it offers a reliable source of information on property ownership. All of Punjab’s real estate transactions can be made easier as the chances of falling for a title fraud or disputed property are lowered. If you have any queries of your own regarding some property in Punjab go to PLRA’s website to get your questions answered.

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