Whether you are looking to buy your first home in Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi Phase 8 or buying property for investment purposes, you cannot do it on your own. Choosing the right real estate agent is absolutely essential if you don’t want to regret your real estate purchases and investments. A great agent can navigate you through the buying process without undergoing extreme stress. The ultimate goal is to find an agent who is good with communication, understands your budget, goals (whether you are purchasing a home to live long term, looking for investments, etc.), and delivers accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that you can use to find a fabulous agent. However, there are certain steps that you can take to land on the right agent. Without further ado, let’s get started with the tips and tricks.


What are the qualities to look for in a real estate agent?

Every successful real estate agent needs a skill set that is essential to succeed and navigate through the real estate world. The specific skill set which will float your boat highly depends on your real estate goals (Whether you are buying a plot for investment or purchasing a house in Bahria town Islamabad/Rawalpindi phase 8) as mentioned above. However, there are general qualities every real estate agent must-have.  Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it


Impeccable Communication Skills

Successful purchasing and selling of real estate are highly dependent on the communication between two parties. Other factors such as house inspections, legal matters also do matter but communication is the key to make a good deal. When you are looking for a real estate agent, make sure to choose one who can communicate with you flawlessly, understands your concerns, needs, and requirements, and can truly assist you with the home buying or investment process. If the agent is unable to communicate with you properly, chances are that he/she will not be able to get you a great deal.


Experience Matters

In the current day and age, a lot of people are turning towards the real estate industry to achieve a thriving career. While this is great for the industry, often time’s people working there do not have the adequate experience one requires to make a great deal. It is a no brainer that you need to ask real estate agents about their experience. Do not hesitate to dig a little deeper into their experience. For instance, if they have been selling houses, how long it has been? In which area they mainly work. If you are looking to buy a house in DHA Islamabad, and they only have experience selling houses in Bahria town Islamabad/Rawalpindi phase 8, it is a wise decision to go for another agent. Also find out about their average list-price-to-sale-price ratio, the average time they take to crack a deal, and a proven track record. Only, if you are 100 percent satisfied that the experience of a real estate agent matches your requirements, then proceed further.

Knowledge of the Market

Every market in real estate is different. A person sitting in Lahore or Karachi won’t exactly be able to navigate the market of Islamabad. Even within cities, there are a gazillion different markets. Every area has its real estate agents. A real estate agent who deals in Bahria town Islamabad/Rawalpindi phase 8 won’t be able to crack the right deal in G-11 and vice versa. Hence, you need to find an agent who deals with the specific locality. Once you have done this, you can test their knowledge by asking them about the average sale prices and newly listed houses or plots and how much time they have been working in a particular space, and similar questions. A local agent will crack you a better deal than someone who is not into space.


Reviews Matter for a Reason

We all know that time when we wanted to purchase a product, no matter how big or small, we always looked at reviews first. When you are searching for reviews before buying a TV or a bike, why not look for reviews when you are going to make the biggest investment of your life. I understand that you can easily find reviews of products online but you rarely find a review of a real estate agent online. You’ll have to do some deep digging by asking around people, going through the list of references, maybe connect with people they have worked for in the past and you certainly won’t regret going the extra mile. That is a promise.


Personal Rapport

Last but not the least, personal rapport matters. You are going to and will choose a real estate agent who you find comfortable to work with. Most likely, you will be spending quite a lot of time together until you finally land on a property. You need someone who is easy to get around with and makes you feel secure. Intuition plays a big role in this case. Once you have verified everything and researched thoroughly, let your instinct play the part and I promise, you will not regret it.


How to find the Real Estate Agent?

Now, that you are fully aware of the qualities you need to look for in a real estate agent, let’s dive into how and where to look for a realtor.

The first and foremost way is to look around your circle. Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they have worked with a particular real estate agent. What were their views? What was the experience like? Get the local agent referrals and then arrange a meeting with the agent. Getting hands-on with a real estate agent through previous buyers is one of the best ways to choose the right agent. If some people in your circle had a great experience, chances are you will also. Once you land on the agent, do not hesitate to judge them on your own as per the qualities mentioned above.

What should I do if I don’t have any referrals in my circle? Don’t worry. This is more common than you think. In this case, the internet is your best friend. You can look for local listings, see the ratings of particular agents. In the modern-day and age, there are a lot of sights that are dedicated to providing information on real estate agents. If you don’t trust the review sights, you can always use the power of social media. Post a poll, ask around and you will find a handful of agents you can choose from. Keep digging until you land on the right one. Do not skip this step as it is the basis of making a good deal.


When is the right time to start looking for an agent?

Well, now that you understand the basics of finding a real estate agent. The next question would be when should I start looking for one?

Timing is everything. This is no different for the real estate world. Some factors which affect the familiarity are; comfort with the process of purchasing a home, plot, or any other property for living or investment purposes, your unique needs, your commitments, your responsibility as well as the kind of time you are ready to invest into the buying process.

However, the thing that affects it the most is the time frame in which you need to make a purchase. Ideally, I would recommend choosing an agent at least months before you wish to purchase a particular property. The reason you need this time frame is that it is wise to explore all your options In order to get the best possible deal. For instance, if you wish to purchase a house for your family, chances are that you will be living in it for quite a while, in most cases for your entire life. You don’t want to settle into something that you regret later. The same is the case with investments. If you are spending your hard-earned money investing in something, you might as well do it wisely and by taking your sweet little time.

Some people make the mistake of not involving a real estate agent and I certainly do not recommend it. While hiring a real estate agent might seem like an additional cost, it can save you from a lot of scams, legal issues, and much more. I never recommend people going forward with this process. I tiny sum of money when invested right can save you big time while also giving you peace of mind.


I sincerely hope that you found this article insightful and helpful. I tried to keep it very simple and easy to understand because I know a lot of you guys are beginners in this world of real estate. If you have any queries, leave them down in the comments section below and I will get back to you shortly.