The real estate business is always bustling with activities of many types, whether it is buying, selling, or renting property. Today we will focus on the sale of the property.

Many homeowners find it a daunting task to sell off their property to the best buyer for the best deal on the horizon of the real estate market. Especially since nowadays the real estate market is growing by the day and the scope of availability of properties is increasing. Homeowners who aim to sell off their property often wonder how they can highlight their listing in a sea of hopeful sellers? That is what we are here to teach! Following are the tips and tricks people can apply to increase the chances of their property being sold off:

Photography for Marketing:

Most of the search for houses in the digital age starts online, and the portal of viewing the property is through photos. Try to get good quality images that will enhance the features of your house. Try to cut out any neighboring houses and sidewalks and make your house a star of this shoot. The exterior shots should include the front image of the house as a whole as well as any pool, garden, porch, fencing, gates, and so on to give the full view of the house exterior.

Try to post multiple photos of the inside of your house as well to make people have a good idea of what the interior looks like so that interested buyers have a clearer context before contacting you. Take pictures of the bedrooms, lounge, and kitchen. Try to have a well-lit room before taking the images. Try to make good use of the natural lighting by opening the curtains and windows. Try to clean up beforehand so that any trash strewn about the house may not be a bad impression for the interested buyers.

Videos for a virtual tour:

One size doesn’t fit all; where one set of buyers will be more motivated by seeing the photography, others might be left wanting more. Arranging a virtual tour of the house, you are putting up for sale in the form of a video; going by room to room with some suitable background music or a description of the area in view to get a better idea of the property across to the interested buyer.

Taking to online listings:

This one is quite a trend rising in the marketing of house sales, and it is also a conveniently free tool to utilize. There are many authentic online listing websites where you can list your proper for sale up. The visitors of the website, if interested in a particular area (where your house is located), can come across your sorted listing alongside its features.

On a less popular note, some people have started online groupings on social media to appeal to a broader scale of audiences. Property websites are only visited when needed, but if put up on frequently visited social media; moreover, guided as something entertaining; they can bring quite the attention to your property for sale.

Moreover, digitization in your marketing can include sending emails to family and friends to inform them that you will be selling off your house. Word can spread quickly from there, and the chances of your house getting in the spotlight will increase by a lot.

Printed Advertisements:

On the one hand, we dealt with how online and digital resources can be utilized to maximize the potential of the house you are putting up for sale; on the other hand; physical forms of advertisement may appeal better to another audience. Truth be told, not everyone in this day and age is tech-savvy. Many individuals like to read newspapers or are aware of printed advertisements around them.

So for selling your house, if you can’t find any luck in digital marketing, try to go for printed media for advertisement. Try to look for news outlets that advertise house listings and go for it! Newspapers are still read as a hobby every day. Moreover, you can try to put up banners or print out pamphlets to distribute to appeal to a bigger audience and increase your chances of getting your house sold.

Many advanced projects also utilize printed forms of media and put up billboards for advertising their properties. For example, DHA may put up an ad for plots o houses for sales in DHA Islamabad or Houses and plots for sale in Bahria own Lahore.

Similar to digital marketing, emails can be manually writing and put across the mailboxes of your neighborhood or relatives. Choosing appropriate and eye-catching mail covers can be a strategic choice to get others to notice your mails.

Put the “Up for Sale” Sign:

A tried and tested method to get your house up for sale on the real estate market is to put up a ‘for sale sign. This can help the word to spread; if any real estate agent or investor is on a tour of an area, such a sign may also appeal to them. Your neighbors can go a long way to spread the word.

If your house is lone standing, try to put up multiple signs if possible to highlight your property further. Using simple tricks like bold or contrasting colors can really help your sale sign stand out from the crowd. Try to ask around if someone you are on good terms with will help you put up an alternative for sale board pointing towards your property so that the visibility of the property to passerby can be enhanced. Furthermore, try to redirect the interested home buyers to a number of an agent (if you are using one to ease the process) if you don’t want to cater house visits every so often.

Use your surroundings:

Sometimes alone standing house may not paint the full picture to interest and attract home buyers. From general observation, we can all come to realize that how particular location and the facilitation provided for daily life in an area can be of such great importance for home selection in an area, so try to utilize those factors in your sale marketing, for example when trying to look for houses for sale in DHA Islamabad you may find a person specify the location of the house as well as enlist the proximity to lifestyle facilities like grocery stores as well as other commercial and recreational sports to give the listing reader or observer a better vision of what their life will be like. Is your home surrounded by a beautiful park nearby? Mention it! Is your home near a big mall, spa, a gym or a sporting club? Put that up in the advertisement!

Utilizing these small and subtle references can really help flesh out your advertisement and make the appropriate buyers contact you as soon as possible.

Open house tours:

Though a generally displeasing and time-consuming process for selling off homes, conducting open house tours can pay off well, this can be aided by the help of a real estate agent who can conduct property visits in the open house. Open houses often do come with rearranging or de cluttering a house, and your presence in the property during visit hours may also prove to be an inconvenience. However, if it is comfortable for you, conducting an open house tour can be great exposure for your house for sale.


Hiring a real estate agent:

In case you are too caught up in other matters of life and cannot invest the time needed to market the house for a sale, then opting for a professional real estate agent can be life-changing for you. Real estate agents are equipped with all the skills to find the best buyer as well as negotiate the best deal for your property.

Your work will be cut out for you; however, why hiring a real estate agent is not the only way to go if the fee and commissions that they will take will add up the cost of selling out your property. Moreover, there are many fraudulent real estate agents on the property market as well are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people, so you have to watch out for such scammers.


Selling of property may seem like an intimidating procedure; however, if you are smart and strategic in the approach of selling off your house, the process can be very easy. Utilizing everyday digital resources of online listings, getting creative with photography, or making a house tour video to taking up traditional forms of advertising in printed media are all seemingly at an arm’s reach for people.

For those caught up in their lives, drafting a simple email or hiring a reputable real estate agent can go a long way to expose their houses for sale to a big market of real estate investors.

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