Real estate dealings take over quite a few steps in the making. From finding the correct property from a long list of available properties being put up to sale to getting in touch with the property owners, finalizing on a deal, doing the paperwork and transfer; and in case of single time buyers; moving into the property.

Surely moving isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about real estate Pakistan however it can be quite tedious to do if you don’t have an idea of what you are doing. Moving to a new house or apartment means packing up your belongings from A-Z to transportation process and then unpacking and rearranging your belongings in your new residence. This process is often quite terrifying and daunting for multiple reasons. The sheer scale of this task and the amount of work required to achieve it are both to be considered here.

The question is often asked that why is it that a person feels the need to move their residence. There can be quite many reasons. Consider a person who over the years has gotten promotions at their jobs and has been looking to upgrade their lifestyle. Such individuals or families will move to a place that is much better suited to their needs and improved financial status. Similarly if someone is getting married or planning to have children in the near future; it is always a consideration to upscale the house to fit in the incoming members. People might need a new occupation to get some office space or just move out of a rental to their permanent residence. All these conditions can be very valid reasons to consider moving houses.

Plan about the move:

There are many facets of moving your houses on the real estate market. Ranging from thinking about moving in the first place to laying out an extensive plan on how will you be moving as in means fo transportation, do you have family or friends helping you with the move, how will you schedule packing up your belongings etc… it is especially important for single time buyers/investors to understand the importance of planning in real estate world. You want to ideally work as efficiently and smartly as possible to keep the costs of moving within your set budget and make the process go along as smooth as possible.

Packing up your belongings:

This aspect of the move is the most obvious, time consuming and tiring for anyone. That is why it is better to be smart amount how you pack up your stuff before the day of the move. First step generally is to start by de cluttering your belongings around the house. By this we mean take out all the stuff hidden in the back of the closet, under the bed frames, unused furniture and things jam packed together which will make you remember a lot of the things that you have even forgotten about that you had in the first place. This step is important as it will make a person realize what amount of packing needs to be done. De cluttering will make you realize what kind of things you need to keep and what stuff to dispose off or sell in a small yard sale, or to family and friends. Furthermore de cluttering your house can help a person to categorize their belongings which is a great step towards packing up your belongings. De cluttering also takes burden off of the budget of move as there is ultimately less cost of moving, the lesser the items and lesser the hassle to pack and then unpack.

After getting the rough sketch of what you will be moving; the next step is to pack the stuff. You can use the help of your family, friends or even hire someone to help and pack your belongings. It is generally a great idea to pack the stuff as well as label it alongside. Try to make a list to keep track of all the things which are packed or not yet packed. An inventory list can also help you to categorize and then prioritize what to and when to pack before the day of the move.

It is important to start packing up early. It is not a task to leave to the last day. Little by little take the time off from your leisurely routine or even a few days off from work (depending upon the amount of packing that needs to be done) and pack up your belongings. Most popular item for packing is cardboard boxes otherwise you can use your existing cupboards, drawers and even cloth bags to pack up your belongings to reach their new destination. It is quite important to use materials that are of quality for packing. Your mover vehicle is almost always going to hit bumps and speed breakers; pay special attention to your packing material and protection like bubble wrap or foamy materials for your fragile items.

For items of frequent use; especially cloth materials like carpets, sheets and rugs need to be washed clean before you move. The best way to move these items is to roll them up and wrap them in protective covering to keep them safe from dirt and damage during the move. Clothes can be packed in suite cases for extra protection during the move. Try to label your fragile items and guide the movers to place these boxes in a secure spot without other heavier items pressing down on them. furniture including bed frames, sofas and tables should be dismantled (if they can be put back together) to save space during the move.

The best way to start packing up your belongings is to start from packing up the least used rooms. For example if you live by yourself and have a dining room or a guest specified room; try to get the stuff in these rooms packed first; as the space clears up; you can assign these spots in particular to store the packed cartons. As the day of the move comes closer; try to keep your packing schedule and progress in check. Try not to lag behind on packing as it can make the final few days needlessly more stressful for you.

Checking how will you be moving:

For the means of transportation; most popular way is to hire a moving company or a renowned mover with a bigger vehicle like a moving truck and a staff to help load and de-load the belongings with care. Especially if moving out of city or moving your bigger belongings like cup boards, tables, chairs, air conditioning units this recommendation is even more necessary. In smaller moves or for smaller items; you can use your own cars or a friends help to move a few cartons about but it is extremely tedious and unlikely that you will be able to carry much stuff like this.

Try to keep a friend or person from your family that you trust to keep in contact or accompany the movers to keep the wellbeing of your belongings in check. Moreover you should stay in touch with the movers to check whether your belongings have reached their destination or not. Moreover to further ensure the safety of your expensive or important possessions like jewelry, laptops and more; try to keep these items in your handbag or alongside with you in your move.

Time to unpack!

Moving into a new property that is completely blank lined with packed cartons will probably give you the blues. It is a devastating sight at first to see a barren and empty property; especially if a person has memories attached to their old residency. The only thing that can make it better is to make this house feel like a home. The step one is surely to start unpacking.

Try to unpack the most important things first. For example items like beds, mattresses, essential kitchen utensils, chairs should be unpacked first to give the resemblance of a living space. Try to contact family or have old friends over for visit to help you unpack, clean and help suggest the new arrangement and layout of décor around the house.


Moving houses whether you are moving to an upscale area or moving to a property that simply provides you ore convenience is more or less a process everyone trying to progress goes through. it is important to get things done in a calm and organized manner to avoid any addition stress or anxiety that usually accompanies the thought of moving.

Once again we will stress that in real estate Pakistan; moving houses might not be the first thing that comes to mind; however for the person buying new property or renting a new space to move into; this process can be extremely intimidating to think about. We hope that the tips and step wise processes presented in this article will help you to process the moving with a much more stress free approach.