Real estate sector of Pakistan has blossomed into a busy economic hub. Investments are made and new investment opportunities open up to meet the supply because of the ever increasing demand. Real estate is regarded more than a business or investment opportunity; Infect in Pakistan; real estate ownership is looked upon as a symbol of status and power. This is why not only smart business investors are putting their money towards this industry; but young entrepreneurs or people simply looking to update their lifestyles have also found it quite worthy.

Real estate investments are a multi faceted deal. An investor has to weigh and balance a number of variables that real property and its value is tied to. Most importantly these factors can be allotted to location, services, facilities and security. Today our discussion will be on the importance of security.

On the first glance; security might not be on everyone’s tongue when thinking about valuable assets of real estate; but on a deeper look; security is actually quite important and demanded in hindsight. Surely amazing architecture, landscape and facilitation can do a lot but security of the area is what provides stability and makes the thought of a safe and healthy life possible. There are multiple aspects to security so let us go over by them one by one to thoroughly explain the importance of security In real estate.

Safety of residents:

The top priority of anyone has to be the security of their own life. This of course is not specific to a real estate investment. In any given situation; the basic instinct of human is to assure safety of their own life. This makes a lot of sense to why is security at such a high demand. Life and health are aspects that cannot be compromised upon.

A lot of posh housing societies make sure to include a medical care center or a reasonably sized hospital in their master plan to assure safety in case of any accidents. Accidents and natural disasters that might affect an area can be greatly devastating for the people of this locality. Many times the situation and relevant medical attention in time becomes the balance between a person’s life and death. Consider the many cases ranging from small cuts and burns, to someone getting hurt with more serious physical injuries such as car accidents. All of these are unfortunately a possibility even in the most secure of households and communities and these need to be accounted for as soon as possible. Including first aid help, to hospitals which can hold the affected individuals in case of such health hazards are extremely important part f community living; the basis of them is to provide security of life and health.

Security is not limited to events that are classified as accidents. Crime is a great social evil that seems to penetrate deep into areas where it is left unmonitored. Residents will once again have it on their priority list to ensure their new house is going to be free of crime. The last thing any person wants is to walk down a road only to be mugged by robbers at gunpoint. Especially in today’s world; losing your identity card, wallet and phones in case of such robberies can be a major financial and emotional setback; certainly one of the least desirable things one can think of. This is the reason most modern planned communities are now equipped with a security staff including guards around the corner of every street, staff of security is also trained and equipped with proper firearms to secure the safety of residents by warding off any criminal minded individuals from lurking in the area. Similarly with the use of advanced technology; cctv cameras are easily place able around every corner; which too are monitored round the clock.

Another type of health security can be related to sanitation standards. There are many old, rundown neighborhoods where one would observe open gutters and overflowing drainage around the corner. These not only create an extremely displeasing environment to imagine peaceful living in; but are also a major health hazards. Over the past few years due to the malaria endemics rising across the state it has become common knowledge how common potholes and open water can give rise to diseases such as dengue and malaria. Moreover where sanitation and garbage systems are not promptly monitored; it can also produce illnesses such as typhoid and other gut diseases. All these are quite undesirable and a risk to resident’s health. No one would want to live in such areas; the demand of security also covers these needs. Many posh neighborhoods have a special attention paid in their management towards sanitation and garbage disposals. There would be no sights of open plots being dumped with garbage, cleaning staff works round the clock whereas the drainage and water sanitation systems are also closely monitored to prevent health hazards. It is obvious which communities will be of a higher demand here; once again showing why security is extremely important part of real estate.

Similar to providing for all the relevant security needs; upscale communities and state of the art real estate developments will feature a complaints office for the resident’s feedback on their maintenance and security systems to further improve the facility to the community’s desire

Safety of property:

Above all was the safety that concerned the health of an individual; now let us expand our focus a bit and come to the security of properties and why it is important. First of all similar to the crimes that are on the street; theft from homes also is a major threat to security. Although most cases of house robbery; the thief will try to carry the process secretly but if caught; it can become a major threat for the occupants of said property too. This type of security is provided by installing security checks, alarms and other systems to avoid people from entering the property as well as by manual methods of increasing surveillance and guard duties at night time (where mostly such crimes will take place).

Crimes with property are not only limited to robbery of a house’s items; but even when a person has just invested into a property. Land grabbing is unfortunately becoming one of the bigger issues with Pakistan’s real estate sector which has made a lot of people lose their trust in the industry’s security overall. Land grabbing is where some criminal mafia or a group of organized criminals will encroach upon a property that does not belong to them. Surely building a physical boundary alongside the property and proper research before investing into a property can avoid legal dispute over it; the government has played a big role in controlling the issue of land grabbing in Pakistan. there have been strict punishments laid out for the offenders including fines and 10 years in jail. Furthermore government has greatly helped in bridging the gap between local complaints regarding land grabbing and legal action. Speed dial emergency help lines have also arisen as an intervention to make speedy justice possible in cases of land grabbing.

All this is being done to assure the security of investment in a property. No investor wants to put their hard earned money towards a property project only to then realize that this project was part of a property dispute or have one of their plots be overtaken by mafia. Government interventions have greatly reduced the issue of land mafias to terrorize people, which has regained trust of investors and buyers market in the real estate industry. Without provision of such security real estate would not hold up to such value.

Real estate scams:

Moreover on property crimes; real estate frauds are a major setback to investment. This is particularly dangerous for the new investors in the field of real estate as scammers are often on the outlook for unsuspecting individuals. Most of the property scams including title fraud, a fake real estate agent, false listings can be avoided by simply being aware of the red flags. In other forms of security; if the property project takes accountability of the authenticity of its dealers and the listings are verified; the scams are greatly reduced. If there was no defense against such frauds and scams running rampant; people will surely lose interest in real estate.


Whether it is the individual being affected, a property or the state of real estate market; security needs to be assured in every step of the way to make the promise of quality life possible. Security is an aspect of real estate that has been paid special attention to keeping in mind the concerns investors have about losing their money. For the individual security of health and life is always the priority, security naturally is a must for a community and a real estate project.