The property market in Pakistan is on a steady rise. This success comes from the numerous state-of-the-art projects that are not only providing more space for real estate investments in Pakistan but are also helping people reimagining the concept of luxury living in the city of Islamabad.

Amongst the big giants of successful projects, Bahria town is so popular that it has almost become a household name whenever luxury living is discussed within the country. Today we will narrow down our focus on phase 8 of Bahria town as well as have a brief outlook on the phase 8 extension to give you a full idea of why you should make this project the destination of your next investment. So without further ado let us get started!

Phase 8 Bahria Town, An Overview!

Being one of Asia’s largest real estate developers is quite a reputation to live up to and Bahria town throughout its past has delivered exactly what was expected! Bahria Town Phase 8 is a project led by one of the most esteemed developers- Bahria Town Private Limited

Its expressway is quite a salient feature that helps this society be connected to the grand trunk road, an important interconnecting artery of the twin cities. This connectivity allows the residents to have ease of access to Rawalpindi.

This phase is divided into different sectors and blocks. These blocks are ranging from block A to block P.

The Safari Valley of Bahria town phase 8 includes (blocks E and F are further subdivided):

  • Abu Bakar block
  • Usman Block
  • Rafi Block
  • Umer Block
  • Ali Block
  • Khalid block
  • Awais Block
  • Lake View Block
  • Safari Homes
  • Awami Villas 1-6

The center boulevard of this project is inspired by the Champs Elysees. It will feature many towering buildings that will shape the area into a busy commercial hub of the city. It should be noted that almost 1/3rd of the project’s land is reserved for residential whereas the other 2/3rd is being used for commercial purposes.

Properties in Bahria Town Phase 8:

Coming from a succession of such well-established housing projects, Bahria town phase 8 is going to provide excellent opportunities for property investment. The infrastructure of this project has been laid out by experts and matches international standards. To describe the overall properties located one could say that this property project is an ideal space for buying or renting the property at affordable pricing.

The properties developed within this project implement modern architecture to attract more buyers for both its houses and apartments. Housing units up for offer include the sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla as well as 1 Kanal properties. The types of property up for grabs are single and multi-story houses, apartment-style properties as well as luxuriously built villas. The variety in terms of what kind of property one has to choose from also attracts a larger number of buyers to this project. Properties up for rent are also going to provide the residents of Bahria phase 8 with a luxurious lifestyle.

A short overview of property trends in Bahria town phase 8 is as following:

  • 2 Kanal houses are ranging between 8 crores to 10 crores in value, plots are of 4 crores to 6 crores in value
  • 1 Kanal houses are ranging between 5 crores to 7 crores in value. Plots are ranging from 2 crores to 3.5 crores in value.
  • 10 marla properties are ranging from 2.5 crores to 4 crores in value. Plots are between 1 crore to 2.4 crores in value.
  • 5 marla properties are ranging from 1.5 crores to 1.9 crores in value.

7 marla houses, 5 Kanal, and 7 Kanal plots are also available for investment.

Why Invest in Bahria Town Rawalpindi?

Just as with all the most successful real estate projects on the market, they come with a variety of facilities that increase the value and demand of property in that area. A property project might want to focus more on the commercial services they are providing or they might excel in residential real estate provision. For a project such as Bahria town phase 8, you are going to find ample space for commercial as well as residential real estate. Following are some of the biggest reasons why you should invest in Bahria town phase 8:

Unmatched Amenities:

Bahria town has consistently topped the charts when it comes to the provision of high standard facilities which anyone would find desirable. Just like its neighboring phases in the twin cities, Bahria town phase 8 exceeds expectations when it comes to its facilities.

This phase is going to provide its residents with all the necessary basic facilities such as gas, water, and electricity supply. More importantly, this phase is equipped with round-the-clock security services for the aid of investors and residents alike.

Amongst its facilities, you will find many features that are unique to the way of life in Bahria town. It houses its hospitals namely, Modern Clinic Complex, Murtaza Medical Complex, Emman Mediclinic, Pasha Clinic Bahria International Hospital, Nazeer Begum Memorial Hospital, Spring North Hospital, True care Clinic, and Laser Pain Clinic.

Educational establishments are also present within Bahria Town’s vicinity. These are: Roots Millennium School, Sarwar educational institute, Youth Educational Academy Bahria Town, Labty Ream School of Excellence, Leads School of Excellence, Iqra Holistic Education System, Allied School System, The Foundation University, Smart School System, green parks, recreational services as well as mosques. The flow of life is going to be smooth keeping in view the maintenance services that are set in place. You will also have access to all the commercial facilities that you will need at an arm’s reach making life in Bahria town phase 8 extremely desirable.

The commercial amenities of this development are going to include sports facilities in the form of gymnasiums and related fitness centers, shopping areas for shopaholics, markets that provide fresh produce, banks, restaurants, and much more. The presence of a safari club, community centers, theaters, and a golf course further increases the quality of life in Bahria Town phase 8.

The beautifully paved wide networks of roads as well as the green belts surrounding them will make moving in and out of the project’s vicinity easier.

Bahria town phase 8 also delivers on the expectations with its transportation service called Bahria transport service. The residents of this society can avail of this service with ease. Moreover, society does allow entry of online cab calling services making transportation hassle-free.

All of these highly revered amenities are a big reason why its real estate investment is so profitable.


For such a highly regarded housing society one would think that the property rates will be far beyond a middle-class investor’s reach however this is not the case for Bahria town phase 8 in particular. Both Bahria town phase 8, as well as Bahria town phase 8 extension, are partially developed projects at this point. This means that the property rates have not yet peaked.

Investors from all over the market find such opportunities and flock towards investment in projects that have had high rates of success from developers in the past. Being part of the Bahria town private limited’s projects, Bahria town phase 8 is not going to be an exception to the reign of their success.

The property rates in phase 8 are comparatively cheaper as compared to the rest of the project. This affordability of property is a huge reason why one should pick Bahria town phase 8 for their next real estate deal.

Bottom Line:

Keeping in view the history of Bahria town’s successes in the world of real estate, investors all across the market are very much inspired to get their hands on the properties located within Bahria town phase 8 and phase 8 extension. Bahria town phase 8 is going to provide people with the best amenities that will redefine the concept of high living standards amongst Pakistanis. Moreover, this project in its current phase of development is quite affordable in its pricings. So as an investor one can easily go towards long-term investment as property appreciation is quite likely.

We hope this article was informative for you!

Bahria Town’s development is here to stay on top of the charts of the real estate industry given all of its perks for a property project. For more articles and guides on the real estate industry of Pakistan, you can read our blog on S and S consultancy. For more guides on Bahria Town in particular you can refer to the following articles by us:

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