Every Pakistani wishes to own property in the present day. This is for good reason too as property has long been translated as a symbol of status and power in our society. With the current state of development of Pakistan’s real estate sector, there is no shortage of amazing real estate projects like Bahria Enclave, that provide some of the best possible places for investment.

Bahria town and DHA have practically become household names whenever property investment is discussed in our country. Today we will narrow down our focus on one such sub-development of Bahria town that is the talk of the town when it comes to rising real estate trends. As you may have guessed by the title; it’s Bahria enclave! Without wasting any time, let us get a quick overview of the cherished development of Bahria town at large and then discuss why Bahria enclave is of particularly interesting spot for you!

Bahria Town Islamabad was the starting point of a real estate empire that has grown to take over the entire real estate industry of Pakistan. This project is owned by none other than Malik Riaz Hussain. This society is particularly well known for its marvel in modern architecture. The prime location of being in the twin cities makes it all the more desirable for investment as these two cities are economically important and have all the necessary amenities needed to make one’s dream life a reality.

Bahria town at large has been on top of the charts and has always been in the public’s interest for real estate investment due to the standard which they have delivered up till this point. In the current scape, any project by the development of Bahria town is going to be highly sought after by seasoned and newer investors alike. This is all due to the thousands of settled families that have proved the establishment of an environment that makes ideal and peaceful living possible.

What is Bahria Enclave?

As the name suggests this is a sub-sector of development of Bahria town range of projects located in Islamabad. If we are to compare to the grand scale of development projects of Bahria town, we find this project to be rather small in its area. However, this doesn’t mean that it compromises the standards Bahria town’s projects are known to deliver.

This project is of great interest to overseas Pakistanis who are going to invest and live during their retirement years in Islamabad. Bahria enclave has the best balance of architecture and provision of world-class amenities that makes it very desirable to live in with some of its amenities being unmatched by any other development in Islamabad.

This project is divided into 2 main phases with a total area of 836 Kanal for phase 1. Phase 2 is developed in the area of 1180 Kanals. This project has gotten its NOC approval back in the year 2012. The permissions needed for the infrastructural work on both of its A and B blocks have also been approved whereas the c sector has recently gotten its permission for development, the other blocks are aviating their approval which will most likely be granted soon.

There are up to 600 residential plots located in phase 1, and 4000 residential plots are situated in phase 2 of Bahria enclave Islamabad. It has a total of 15 sectors divided further into subsectors. The naming scheme of this project starts from sectors A to P with the division being based on the sizes of plots. Furthermore, there is also the availability of villas and apartments amongst the commercial and residential properties available for investment.

Location of Bahria Enclave:

Whenever we discuss a real estate project on S and S consultancy we look at its location to explain why this project is going to be successful. We have explained time and time again that location holds great importance in making or breaking a real estate deal. With location, we are given the ability to access the surroundings, the access to nearby amenities, and the general vibe and atmosphere that the location will bring. The location of a property cannot physically be altered so we have to look at it as one of the most important markers of a project’s success.

Coming from the successful line of Bahria town projects within the capital one can already predict that the Bahria enclave has an amazing location that perfectly complements its charm for investors. This project is conveniently placed near the Zone IV of Jinnah Avenue Islamabad. This will put it at a direct link to park road as well as Kuri road, two important roadways of the capital. The highway is going to be at arm’s reach for anyone on their vehicle through these two routes. Phase 1 of this development is located near the Mouza Molat whereas phase 2 of the Bahria enclave is near Mouza Phulgraan.

Facilities of Bahria Enclave:

One can easily expect the grandeur of this development to provide us with a wide variety and abundance of facilities that make luxury living possible for its residents. We will go over a brief overview of the amazing facilities this development has up for offer:

In this development, you will be able to find multiple commercial areas for all your shopping needs. From daily groceries to shopping from branded outlets for recreational purposes; all will be available under the development of Bahria Enclave. There is a renowned educational institution in Beacon House located within the Bahria enclave, world class hospitals are also present to provide aid and support during routine checkups or an emergency.

There is a music-themed park alongside a children’s park in every sector of the development. This development also features some unique experiences as it hosts Pakistan’s biggest aviary with unique birds and a zoo with animals from around the world. For cinema lovers, there is great news as Cinegold Cinema is opening soon in this development. Moreover, Trafalgar square, spacious greenbelts, and 24/7 security protocol are present to add charm to daily living. All of these amenities make it highly desirable to spend one’s life in Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

A Dive into each Sector and the Properties They Have To Offer:

We will go over the sub-divisions and sectors of this project to get you a clear idea of what scope are you investing into:

Sector A:

This sector is highly valued because it is mostly developed. This phase comprises the main commercial and well as civic facilities that are up and running in this project making it ideal to live in as high-end amenities are only a short walk away. This sector is located at the main entrance of the Bahria enclave + the fact that possession to over 95% of the plot owners has been handed over makes this one of the most sought-after spaces in the development.

Properties here up for grabs are 10 Marlas and 1 Kanal.

Sector B:

Sector b is different from sector and in the position that it also offers 5 to 8 Marla plots for investment. This sector of the Bahria enclave faces a village and a big part of this land is lower than the ground level. The location for the 5 Marla plots here is also much better which means that they will cost more for investment.

Sector C:

This is divided further into C1, C-2, and C-3. This sector features some of the most expensive plots in the Bahria enclave development but their standard and class attract buyers and investors all across the market.

Sector E:

The location and dynamics of this development are comparable to that of sector B, however, this phase only offers 1 Kanal plot. Despite being placed near the entrance of the society, closer to sector a, this sector has failed to gain the interest of as many buyers as the aforementioned.

Sector F and F-1:

Sector f is placed on top of a hill connecting the Bahria enclave’s sector C with the civic center. Since this location is neighboring that village and a jungle-like setting it are not the most popular amongst investors, it is also placed a bit spaced away from the heart of commercial facilities in the Bahria enclave which is another reason investors are staying away from this spot. This sector allows investment in both 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in sector F whereas sector f 1 has properties of 5 Marla, 8 Marla and 10 Marla for sale. 

Sector G:

This sector enjoys a good location without any depth issues in the development. This sector is also allowing commercial property for investment which can help an investor diversify their portfolio. This sector is offering plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla for purchase.

Sector H:

This sector is featuring plots of only 5 Marla for sale.

Sector I:

This sector is featuring mostly 5 Marla plots with options available for both 8 Marla and 10 Marla plots.

Sector J:

This sector has an advantageous location as it is placed right next to the civic center which increases the demand for property. This sector is offering 8 Marla and 10 Marla properties for investment.

Moreover, Sector K and sector L offer 1 Kanal properties, sector M has properties of 10 Marla and 1 kanal for offer whereas sector N has 5, 8, and 10 Marla properties. Sector O is offering both 5 Marla and 8 Marla properties for offer.