Pakistan’s economy is on the rise due to the flourishing real estate industry over the past few decades. With multiple startups of society and development projects to meet the demand for housing and accommodation, Pakistan has quickly built up a great deal of activity in the estate market. Moreover, the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, enjoys a special privilege in this regard.

Obviously, being the federal capital Islamabad gets a special share of development attention in its infrastructure. This developmental priority brought in a number of well-reputed projects to be set up as well. Namely, Defence Housing Authority, as well as Gulberg and the renowned Bahria Town, have branched into the capitol, increasing the potency of its real estate market. Not to mention the well-planned extensive sectors of Islamabad, particularly some well-known sectors like E-9, E-11, and G-13, are important hotspots in the real estate scene of Islamabad.

Importance of Islamabad’s Real Estate:

In this article, we will take you over some of the factors due to which Islamabad holds such great potential on the real estate landscape of the country, as well as some popular areas amongst investors of real estate Islamabad

Islamabad attracts a lot of investment:

As touched upon previously, Islamabad is on top of the priority list of receiving investment and development due to its status as the capital of our country. This makes it not only a residentially and commercially privileged hub but also makes it the central region of national and international significance for Pakistan.

For example, the recent developmental breakthroughs made via the CPEC project have further increased the importance of Islamabad, further boosting its position to get more investment. CPEC increases the strategic and political status of Islamabad, turning it into a vantage point for further manufacturing and real estate sectors.

The beauty of Islamabad:

When it comes to residence and tourism, the natural landscape and scenic beauty of an area are quite important for it to flourish. Many individuals dream of having their ideal homes in an area that is naturally aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Islamabad is quite blessed in this regard.

Not only does the majority of Islamabad coexist in the beautiful view of Margalla hills, the development and infrastructural work has also placed neatly lined green belts alongside residential areas. Islamabad also provides the residents and tourists with public parks that are filled with masterful works of gardening pleasing the eye of their visitors.

Moreover, for individuals who adore tourism, hiking, or mountaineering, Islamabad is an ideal location for them to live in. Islamabad also enjoys the ideal location for having nearby access to northern tourist spots. For example, many residents of Islamabad take to a tour of Murree Hills to beat the summer heat.


A lot of individuals move from rural areas to urban regions in search of better job opportunities or to improve the quality of their lives. Islamabad is on the top of the list for areas to move to. Being the capital and one of the most planned out cities in the country, Islamabad is no short of opportunities and amenities for one’s life. Every day new shops, spas, gyms, medical centers, schools, and other facilities are opening up to meet the demand of Islamabad’s growing population that opens up a gateway to many opportunities from people coming from various backgrounds.

This demand for facilitation has a positive effect on the population as more people move towards Islamabad to accommodate themselves to these roles.

Many individuals who move towards Islamabad will look to settle in apartments, rentals, houses, and so on, further boosting the real estate activity in Islamabad. This is why Islamabad is an ideal location to invest into as the market is always busy with investors and buyers of property.

Safety of Property:

Since Islamabad is one of the most well-planned cities of Pakistan, the administration is in top form year-round. The chances of your property going into the hands of a fraudster or any other relating misuse or abuse of your property are relatively low in Islamabad. This is another factor that makes real estate investment in Islamabad a lot more potent.

Better ROIs:

For a city that holds all of the advantages given above and is always very active on the investment scene, the return on investment rates are also higher. One of the main objectives of real estate investors is to get profitable feedback from what they have put into a property. Since Islamabad is such an ideal spot for people across the country, the return on investment rates is promising in most cases.

 Areas to invest in Islamabad’s real estate:

As discussed before, Islamabad has a long list of areas to invest in, be it renowned residential projects equipped with all the essential amenities for a luxurious lifelike; Bahria Town, DHA, Gulberg, as well as numerous sectors laid out masterfully in Islamabad’s planning. There is certainly no shortage of areas to invest in; of course, some are better than others; however, Islamabad is already a prized location for many to settle into.

For simplicity’s sake, we will discuss some of the top-notch societies that attract the most investment in real estate in Islamabad.

DHA Defence, Islamabad

The defense housing authority is one of the most successful real estate projects in Islamabad. Presenting a marriage of luxury and facilitation in the experience of life it has to offer makes DHA one of the most desired locations to invest in real estate Islamabad.

DHA also wins over the hearts of many individuals in the aspect that it has a very convenient location that makes it easily accessible to the important commercial hubs of the city. Needless to say, for such an ideal location for residency, DHA is a great investment opportunity for any real estate investor.

 Bahria Town, Islamabad

Another one of the most extensively planned residential projects in Pakistan proves to be the busiest real estate hub in the capital. Bahria Town projects are webbed throughout the country’s major cities like Lahore and Karachi. Especially Islamabad is further being backed by its political and geographical importance makes Bahria town even more attractive for investors across the country.

Gulberg, Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad holds the key location of being situated by Islamabad Expressway, increasing the commercially important areas that are accessible to its residents. Gulberg Islamabad, at the same time, being affordable, is not short of essential amenities of life either. Gulberg, as a housing society, is also masterfully planned to give a high-end aesthetic and experience to its residents. Both location and amenities are very strong factors to determine demand and value, and Gulberg Islamabad has both of them in check, making it an ideal place for real estate development.

Sector E 11:

Real Estate Islamabad has a wide array of sectors to offer residence in. However, E-11 is amongst the most polished and well-put-together sectors, which increase its value on real estate charts. Similar to other successful societies and residential projects, E11 mimics the high standards by providing adequate security and infrastructural development.  The facilitation of well-developed educational institutions, commercial hubs as well as access to public transport increases its worth.

E-11 also enjoys the position of being near important tourist attractions like Faisal Mosque and Centaurus Mall.

Ghauri Town:

Ghauri Town attracts a lot of investment due to its key location, near Benazir International Airport. Moreover, having an appropriate commercial region on Ghauri Town Main road and being spread over different phases, Ghauri Town has a supply of residence as well as facilitation to ensure a smooth flow of living.


Another one of the most attractive spots for real estate investment is G-13. Due to having close proximity to Kashmir Highway as well as nesting National University of Science and Technology, G13 is a priority for its prime location. Not only in terms of location, but G-13 also holds importance on the commercial scale as it can provide its residents with quality services of restaurants and fixtures to avail, further highlighting it for home buyers.


Some of the best factors that determine real estate investment rates in an area are the location, facilitation, and luxury of life; Islamabad’s real estate landscape checks all the requirements effortlessly. Moreover, the investment rates in splendid planning of Islamabad further increase due to the geopolitical importance it holds for Pakistan. Both being a hub that connects the country within itself (To tourist attractions within and nearby Islamabad) as well as being the location for International Meetings and conferences, Islamabad is sure to stay one of the best areas to invest in real estate.

When it comes to moving to a new area for the opportunity to improve one’s life or improve one’s safety in Investment, Islamabad is without a doubt the option to avail. Almost all areas of Islamabad hold some significance and attraction for property investors, and the profitable return on investment rates are also expected. Islamabad, as a real estate sector, holds an amazing future for its investors.