Pakistan is home to many luxurious projects within the field of real estate. The industry first started to be able to provide for the increasing need for housing in the state. In its present condition, not only is the housing demand being met at a speedy pace, the concept of luxury living is being redefined as the state of the art projects rise on the field.

Bahria town’s development within the twin cities is one such example of great success in the world of real estate. Each phase and its sub-sectors will give you a complete set of amenities that not only make the living experience hassle-free but also help to add quality of life experiences that is exclusive to these developments. One of the most prominent features of Bahria town in twin cities has to be its nature-focused design. Keeping in view the hilly setting of twin cities, Bahria town’s master planning has made the most of this feature. Without further ado let us get started with a brief background of Bahria town and discuss Bahria town phase 8.

Background of Bahria Town:

Bahria town is one of the most highly revered property development companies across the country. It would not be far off to say that whenever real estate or property matters are discussed even on a household level, Bahria town is looked upon as a high-end project that is a dream destination for investment or living for people of all financial backgrounds.

Bahria town’s empire was not built in a day. The developers of Bahria town projects have laid out an intricate web of projects all across the major cities of Pakistan. Whether it be Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, or Karachi Bahria town has consistently delivered high standards of living which makes it highly desirable.

The developers of Bahria town projects are Bahria Town Private Limited which is an Islamabad-based and privately owned real estate development company. Although initially this project was developed for elite class individuals of Pakistan. However, at the present state of its development and popularity the projects becoming increasingly more accessible for investment to middle-class families.

The first project of Bahria town was initiated in the city of Islamabad, which was followed by a gated community setup in Lahore. In the year 2015, Bahria town extended a branch to the city of Karachi, which marked the largest of its gated communities. These are not just small community setups but have the feeling of being a small town or city within the big city given the excellence of their infrastructure. The combined housing power of these projects equates to about a million.

Bahria Town Phase 8:

Bahria town phase 8 is coming from a succession of highly successful projects within Islamabad. This project will be spread out over sectors A to P located within the city of Rawalpindi. The residential plots of Bahria town were launched in September of the year 2003. The residential properties are now available on market for sale. In this development, the first three sectors of A, B, and C are well developed. Many of the housing units are constructed here with people settled in. Moreover, many plots are available for investment in this phase.

This is targeted as a low priced investment option for investors all across the real estate market. The residential properties up for offer are 5 Marla, 8 Marla as well as 10 Marla properties. The most attractive feature of this project has to be the construction of its main boulevard which is constructed on the pattern of the Champs- Elysees. This boulevard is featuring numerous multi-storied buildings which are going to become a big commercial hub in Rawalpindi.

Bahria town projects have a long history of incorporating amazing sights to enhance the quality of life for the residents of this project. Bahria phase 8 follows through with multiple eye-catching water channels as well as lush green parks which will enrich the living experience of its residents.

In the current state of its development, many of the residents have moved into their new dream homes however the development work is still carrying on.

The total area of this development spans over 761.20 Kanal.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension:

This project was launched in the year 2010 and was targeted to be a low-priced investment project for the real estate market. The plots being offered here are on a 4-year installment plan. This project is located near the Awami Villa Sector 3. This location of being placed next to the N block of phase 8 gives it proximity to neighboring Bahria town phases as well as Adyala Rawat Roads.

This division of phase 8 is divided into a total of 6 sectors. In the plan of development, the Rawalpindi ring road will attach to the phase 8 extension, making commuting much easier for its residents.

Just like its previous developments, the Bahria town phase 8 extension also includes all the necessary amenities needed to make luxurious living possible within this project. Whether it be parked, golf courses, wide roads, or world-class hospitals; this development will exude luxury from every facet.


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