People of Pakistan love the color and leisure in life! Whether it is celebrating traditional or religious festivities or dressing up for an occasion, people love to indulge with passion. This demands the amenities to be provided which can range from basic facilities to maintain a quality living standard up to recreational facilities built to cater to people’s needs.

With the real estate industry expanding at an exponential rate in Pakistan the demand for facilities is a dire need to be fulfilled to keep up to the competition. With the advances in architecture and technology; the master planning of communities now also includes a variety of useful facilities to enhance the living experience of residents in this area. following are the highly revered amenities in a residential real estate project:

Grocery stores:

This is one of the most commonly needed facilities in any residential sector. Living in your home, whether alone or with your family demands maintenance and work. Most importantly this work is carried out in the kitchen, cleaning supplies, food grocery, snacks are all an important part of making up daily life. Trends show that in regions where the real estate projects do not have an ample supply of grocery stores to meet the resident’s demands; the property values are lower as the region itself becomes undesirable for investment or living.

People do not want to drive out for basic groceries or take long walks to a store; it is best that the residents have grocery stores at an arm’s reach for the sake of their own convenience. Sure most families do monthly rationed groceries; but people don’t realize how many times you miss out one item or urgently need another in your household; without easy access to grocery items; life can become quite tedious.

Pharmacies and health facilities:

Security of health and life is a must to ensure life possible in any real estate sector. Security of health in cases of accidents and unforeseen circumstances is provided by hospitals and emergency medical intervention processes. Many posh and upscale communities have a reasonably sized health facility or a hospital located within or extremely nearby the facility to reduce the impact of such accidents on human life. In cases such as unforeseen car accidents, cardiac arrests or strokes; the need of medical intervention is sensitive by the minute, if such facilities are not nearby the residential areas; people will find the area undesirable to live in.

In other cases acute illnesses like fever or GIT issues which have over the counter medication also make up an important part of maintenance of health. Similar to health care facilities; upscale societies aim to have a pharmacy that stocks such medication to aid the lives of residents. Especially for residents who are in the older stages of their life will find it much more tedious to drive themselves out for routinely checkups or for an over the counter medication; having these facilities nearby will make an area much more desirable to live in.

Gyms, Sport facility:

Another one of the most desired facilities in a community are for those who have a passion for their fitness. Physical exercise is recognized is as important for maintaining health as is proper nutrition. With the demand of such facilities and health consciousness due to rising rates of chronic diseases increasing; gyms and relative sport institutions is an all time high. Most modern developments will have a gym or more facilities including a jogging track, a swimming pool, biking track or other methods of performing physical activity made easy in their community. Such facilities not only benefit the residents but also help health related businesses to thrive in the commercial sector.

Having a gymnasium or a spot complex nearby can be quite a convenience for residents of all ages. Whether you are recommended a daily walk by your doctor or want to indulge in your passion for any sport; having the training facility nearby is always a plus point.

Educational Institutions:

Education builds the foundation of society. Education I Pakistan is held at a very high regard and without facilities providing education; social life wouldn’t seem possible. A good community always has an ample amount of educational institutions within it or nearby in its surroundings.

Every other house down the street has children who are school going, moreover the teenagers and adults also continue their studies. One would not want to imagine a life where they have to take an hour long ride from their house to their school or university every weekday… it simply seems too exhausting to be of any convenience. Having educational institutions nearby the community not only saves time and costs for travel but it also makes families feel safe knowing their children and loved ones are nearby.

Recreational shopping:

Pakistanis by nature are shopaholics, recreational shopping is a big attraction for us. In the recent few years there are quite some amazing public attractions in the name of commercial mall and giga mall within the twin cities. Looking at the popularity of these two malls; it surely explains why recreational shopping is a smart idea for property developers to include within their community plans to bring more traffic and turn heads interest towards their development.

Recreational shopping is provided in forms of malls; which can either be completely commercial or mixed use buildings with residential flats on separate floors. The shopping facility to get branded formal or informal clothes, shoes, accessories and much more offers a great deal of variety for shoppers to choose from. Other shops that are dedicated to home décor or furniture might also be found within such dedicated shopping areas or malls. Furthermore areas like cutlery and bedding might be availed to shop from; expanding the list that such malls can provide. Many popular malls are equipped with fast food points to enhance a shoppers experience in the mall as well as a kids play area for those visiting with families.


When we think of planned communities providing facilities our first thought usually goes to the brick and mortar commercial areas however the nature focused facilities are also quite important in making community living. Alongside the aesthetic community planning to include greenbelts alongside the roads or making the most use of natural topography add a lot to an areas value and are an attraction for people bored from the dull and grays of architecture.

Most modern and advanced planned communities will include a park or two to really highlight the beauty of nature. These parks can include flower beds with all kinds of different and eye pleasing flowers and plants two create a marvelous nature focused design. Parks might also have the facilities of rides for children; parks can also include walking or jogging tracks with benches to sit under the shade of trees.

On the overall parks are sure to provide freedom and space from the hustle and bustle of daily life for residents making them a much needed facility in today’s fast paced world.

Security, an important facility to have!

Similar to how natures based needs are not the first thought on our mind; security is an important, yet often forgotten aspect of real estate; which can also count in as a facility to be provided. Unfortunate reality is that the modern world is filled with devious tricks, scams and crimes which can cost someone their hard earned money, belongings and even become a threat to their lives. While physical security on real estate developments including armed guards and camera surveillance aims to provide a sturdy barrier against crimes and fraudsters from entering the premises; it is not the jack of all trades.

Health security also needs to be assured. Take the cases of endemic diseases like malaria or dengue which surge up every now and then; similarly the sewerage system mixing with pure water provision or sewage overflowing can prove disastrous results. If the rabies virus starts spreading in the local animal population and left unchecked; a lot of people can be exposed to life threatening disease. Therefore providing measures to ensure the control and elimination of such diseases including is also an important part of security in real estate.


The facilities that are present on a real estate development play a massive role in determining its value and worth on the market. A subpar development with provision of excellent facilities is worth much more that a luxurious development that does not provide much focus on facilities nearby. Valuable facilities include shopping of basic groceries, malls for recreational shopping, sport facilities like jogging tracks and gymnasiums, health facilities including pharmacies and hospitals, educational institutions, nature focused parks, theatres, restaurants and much more. The provision of security is also an important part of facilities that is quite essential to improving quality of life.