A beautifully planned city Islamabad, located at the heart of Margalla Hills is one of the most popular locations for people to live in. More and more people these days are looking to invest in houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad. However, one must keep in mind that purchasing a house is one of the most important decisions one makes in their lives. And, it surely will ripe a hole in your pocket. If you are struggling to find a house that will fit your budget and will not be amongst the list of purchases you regret, this article is perfect for you.

We have listed the most popular societies of Islamabad people are investing their money in. That says something about it, doesn’t it? Over the last few years, the population of Islamabad has taken a rise. People from the surrounding cities have moved to Islamabad to achieve better living standards and more opportunities when it comes to education and jobs. This rise in demand has resulted in many new housing schemes. If you are confused about where to buy houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad, we will assist you. For starters, Islamabad houses usually include 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal options (the sizes can vary depending on the locality). I am listing down top areas for buying houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad.

Most Popular Areas to Buy Houses in Islamabad


It is certainly retained its position over the years for being the top housing society in Islamabad/Rawalpindi facility. DHA defence comes with the benefits of great location, shops, markets, mosques, schools, educational institutes, parks, sports facilities, healthcare, restaurants and many others. Giga Mall, cities largest mall is located at the heart of DHA. Prominent schooling lines such as army public school, roots millennium and DHAI Army School are all found within the community. Since, the year 2019, a new police force has been employed which ensures the security of the residents within the community.

All these facilities combined with security are extremely hard to find elsewhere. Even if you don’t wish to buy a house for sale in Pakistan Islamabad for living purposes, it is a great investment opportunity as well. That is the reason it tops our list of the most popular places to buy a house.


Bahria Town makes it on the second number on the list of most popular areas to buy houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad. It is, without a doubt, the biggest gated community in the federal capital. Bahria Town is a household name due to its premium housing services with affordability. They typically offer 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal housing space. Bahria town has certainly redefined the beauty of twin cities. It captures the modernity of Islamabad and spirits of Rawalpindi. It not only presents affordable residential solutions for diverse lifestyles but also presents residents with educational, entertainment, medical and recreational opportunities. Whether you wish to live in an apartment or want to settle in your own house, there is something in store for everyone.


This will certainly come as a surprise to most of you out there. When people were still confused about whether it is a part of Islamabad or Rawalpindi, Ghauri Town slowly climbed its way up and traded place with Sector G-13 in the popularity list. It has become the third most popular place when it comes to houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad.

The prices of Ghauri town vary greatly from one phase to another. Phases which are closer to the expressway are expensive. However, before you go ahead, it is important to know that while being a fully functional facility, it comes with its issues. There is constant chaos about the community being registered. With this chaos, come the issues of gas and water. With that being said, a lot of houses still have these facilities. Choose smartly and you will not regret your purchase. It is an extremely affordable option when compared to the rest of the communities on the list.


We cannot complete the list of most popular areas for houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad without listing G-13. The most popular areas within the sector are G-13/1, G-13/2 and G-13/4. The sector gives of 4 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal house options. G-13 is located in CDA zone 1, right between Kashmir Highway and Nizam-ud-din Road. This sector is planned beautifully. The G-13 Markaz is filled with every need you can think of from grocery shops to clothing, restaurants and much more. The sector also has plenty of schools and is nearby top-class institutes of Pakistan which makes it an ideal space for educational as well as employment opportunities. It is one of the best places to have your home whether it is for investment or living purposes. Moreover, the price range is relatively affordable when you compare it with the rest of the sectors.


If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful and well-planned neighbourhood, Sector E-11 is sure the one you don’t want to miss. The sector mostly offers 10 Marla and 1 Kanal option. It faces Margalla hills and is equipped with every necessity including gas, water, power and wide roads. It also includes commercial areas, hospitals, educational institutions, and parks which makes it an ideal place. The best part is that it is 10 to 15 minutes away from metro stations, making it perfect for working professionals, and students especially women.

Some Tips before Purchasing a House

Now that you are fully aware of the most popular areas for houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad, it is time to look at some tips before making the final purchase.


This is perhaps the first thing that you need to consider before purchasing a house. Does the location suit your day to day needs? Can you easily commute to/from work, school etc.? Does the location hold a great resale value? All these factors must be kept in mind before making a final purchase.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Keep in mind the number of bedrooms a house or an apartment has. Is it enough to accommodate your entire family comfortable? Is there room for guests (if you have a lot of guests coming in)? Make sure the number of bedrooms is enough to cater to all your needs. While we are on the subject of bedrooms, figure out the number of bathrooms as you do. Ideally, each bedroom should have a separate bathroom of its own.

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is an integral part of any home. Each family has different preferences for what they do and do not want in a kitchen. Make sure the size and layout of the kitchen are apt as per your family’s needs. Make sure, it includes the cabinets so you can put your stuff away. It should have an apt amount of space for your appliances; fridge, microwave, cooking range etc. Also, figure out the water and geyser system in kitchen.

Age of the House

If you are purchasing a pre-built house, it is important to realize the importance of age. If your house is too old, you’ll spend your entire life fixing it. Moreover, it is important to know how sturdy a house is whether it is earthquake-proof or not. Make sure to get an inspection done from a professional before settling on one.

Maintenance Mode

Figure out the maintenance mode of society before making a purchase. Figure out whether you need to do the maintenance or your society will manage it. If society manages monthly maintenance, how much do they charge? You don’t want to end up stuck somewhere where you’ll be ripping off your pocket every single month.


This is perhaps the most important factor to consider before buying a house. Firstly, you need to figure out the basics; gas, water, electricity etc. Then figure out schools within the areas, transportation in and around the society, security measures taken by the society, shopping options as well as entertainment. When you buy a house, you will most likely live in it for quite a few years if not all your life. Hence, make sure to figure out these factors before making the final call.

Now, that you are fully aware of the most popular places for houses for sale in Pakistan Islamabad and have learned some tips for investing in a house, it’s time to narrow down your options. If you are still confused about which societies to choose and which to let go, you can always give us a call or leave a comment down below. Our team of talented real estate agents will help you land your dream home. Because we treat you like family and believe in providing only the best for your family! All the best for your home shopping venture!