Roshan Digital Bank Account: Providing solutions to your banking activities, we have come across surprisingly big news for all our overseas mates.

Let’s welcome a new Era of Banking

For the convenience of overseas Pakistanis, PM has inaugurated the Roshan Digital Bank Account. Truly, the launch of this digital banking service is another much-admired step. Moreover, it is an online banking service especially for overseas people who want to open bank account in Pakistan. Facilitating such people, for the very first time in Pakistan, remote banking is available. To ensure their financial security, the bank can be opened through any commercial banking system. Besides, it can be fully operated remotely. With the launch of Roshan Digital Account, a big issue of overseas Pakistanis or anyother non-resident has been resolved. However, it’s been operational since September 10, 2020. Since, it has been operational for just a month, however, acclaim a high worth. Verily, Roshan Digital Account is an incredible initiative taken by the State Bank of Pakistan.

What is the opening procedure?

Despite its incredible services and features, the process is quite easy. First of all, you need to opt for any commercial bank in Pakistan. Then go to the official website of that bank to fill the form. After filling the form, choose the currency you want to have in your account. Also, you need to upload scanned copies of CNIC or NICOP/ POC, passport (Pakistani or foreign) with proof of non-resident status. Additionally, a digital photo is also required for the application. Then, submit your application. You will get confirmation of the account and be operational within 48 hours.

How does Roshan Digital Bank Account for work?

The State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with all existing commercial banks in Pakistan is ascribed for this major initiative. Further, all the accounts working via the Roshan Digital Account system are fully secure. Also, these accounts are already facilitated by all banking services including any payment or investment activities. Therefore, these digital banking accounts are serving millions of Non-Resident Pakistanis. Notably, the accounts are entirely digital and been processed online. There is no need to visit the bank for the opening of the account. Not even a single visit to the bank branch is mandatory. All the process of opening an account is done online. And it takes just 48 hours to be operational.

What are its key features?

Roshan Digital Bank Account has gained a profuse amount of fame over a short period of one month. All the fame and applause is due to its exclusive features.

  • Firstly, it offers digital access to all traditional banking services. For instance, funds transfer, bills, and fee payments, and e-commerce, etc. Now, there is no more need to visit banks for small work. Roshan digital Bank Account has made it easy.
  • With no condition of minimum balance demand, the account can be operated singularly or mutually.
  • In addition to this, the Roshan Digital Bank Account offers you to invest in Pakistan’s stock market. Notably, it is one of the greatest perks of it.
  • With all these exceptional services and additional perks, accounts are also available in both foreign and Pakistani currency.
  • Also, the funds in the accounts can easily be remitted back from Pakistan. However, approval from the State Bank of Pakistan is not required. 
  • Last but not least is that the accounts also enable you to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs). Besides, it is expected to be operational in the real estate sector as well. Therefore, you can also invest in the Pakistani property market shortly, including both commercial and residential real estate.

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