Pakistan is full of opportunities for a real estate investor. Every city and town even the rural areas have real estate for investment. The most well celebrated areas when it comes to real estate investment include the big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Today we are going to discuss the real estate investment opportunities in the twin cities particularly ring road Rawalpindi.

What is Rawalpindi Ring road?

Rawalpindi ring road at its core is a multibillion dollar infrastructural project that is estimated to have a major impact on the connectivity of twin cities. Since this infrastructural project is being held at such a high regard; it is evident that the project is playing a key role in appreciating the surrounding project’s value especially when it comes to real estate development.

This 38.3 kilometer long Rawalpindi road was a much needed infrastructural project for residents and economic value of Rawalpindi.  This road project has managed to divert the influx of traffic and has made the city transport much smoother. It has provided a direct uplift to economic activities by improving the access to Islamabad International Airport. Moreover due to its placement on the map of the twin cities this project has been termed as the newest economic game changer in Rawalpindi.

This project is going to start at the radio Pakistan building placed on the National Highway 5. From here it will merge with Margalla Road on the Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. Taking the route through M-1 Motorway it is going to lead to Islamabad International Airport. From here this project will loop around China Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative. This shows how ring road project in Rawalpindi is going to be a big part of connecting the city and making transport flow much smoother and convenient for residents of the city.

This project is supposed to have total of 8 interchanges. These are planned to be constructed in radio Pakistan, Khasala Khurd, Fateh Jang Road, Chakri, Hakla as well as Sangjani.

This status of the project has made it a golden opportunity for investors.

Societies for investment in Rawalpindi ring road:

The crux of real estate investment is going to revolve around buying low and selling high. The following are projects through which you can aim for higher returns on investments. All the below mentioned projects are also RDA approved which means that the investments are safer.

DHA Phase 3 Islamabad:

Renowned throughout Pakistan; DHA also holds its development near Rawalpindi ring road. If the project on its own is not promising enough for investment; with the added status of being placed in the nearby vicinity of Rawalpindi Ring Road is going to further up its importance on the market.

DHA is well known as one of best when it comes to planned gated communities. The society exudes opulence and luxury in its facilities and infrastructural planning making it one of the most desirable areas for property investment in the twin cities. It is not only under the highlight of local investors; but people from all over Pakistan as well as overseas investors are looking to get their hands on properties located in DHA.

DHA Phase 3 is hiking in its price ever since it was released with Rawalpindi ring road being by its side; it is sure to give investors great returns on investments. DHA provides luxury of living experience through its wide interconnected roads that are a testament to its amazing urban planning. Moreover dedicated commercial sectors are always available for the residents. You will find many mosques, green belts, parks, proper waste management system, and modern day security facility if you invest in DHA phase 3.

Like all other housing societies mentioned on this list; DHA is going to stay in the spotlight for investors all over Pakistan especially when we see it neighboring Rawalpindi ring road. This is the place to invest if you are looking for profitable returns.

Bahria Town Phase 8:

Rawalpindi ring road project is quite decorated on its own; however you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Bahria town’s phase are also included as one of its neighbors. This is an unbelievably good investment opportunity as Bahria town much like DHA has become one of Pakistan’s most desirable planned communities in the real estate market. Bahria town has its branches spread throughout the major cities of Pakistan. Talk about Karachi and Lahore both host state of the art developments under Bahria Town’s title much like the twin cities.

Bahria town phase 8 becomes an excellent investment opportunity due to its amenities, ideal location and overall reputation on the market. This residential scheme is located on the Adiala Road Rawat Road Link. Moreover other well decorated societies like Awami Villas’ sector 3 is also neighboring Bahria Town phase 8 further polishing its status on the market. Just like other projects on the list Bahria Town phase 8 has also experienced a significant price hike in its properties after the approval of Rawalpindi ring road project.

Bahria Town phase 8 will provide property investors with a sub division of six sectors. It is going to feature residential plots of 5 marla, 8 marla as well as 1 kanal for investment offering. Much like its sister phases in the twin cities; it is sure to provide the high end ameneties one would expect from a Bahria town project. You are sure to live a life of luxury with high standard educational institutions, healthcare institutions, recreational parks and sports complex as well as a golf course facility!

An excellent project at an excellent location; it couldn’t be better if you are looking for investments near Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Capital Smart City:

Last but certainly not the least; we will discuss Capital Smart city being placed near Rawalpindi ring road. This project, however not as decorated and well known as the previous two, is claiming to be Asia’s first Smart City!

Capital Smart City is also placed near Islamabad International Airport, this is a self-sustainable and eco-friendly project which you wouldn’t find many of in a heavily industrialized city like Islamabad. This planned community is aiming to provide the first ever smart, yet modernistic take on achieving a more secure lifestyle to its buyers. With the world moving forward and the importance of being eco-friendly becoming ever so prominent; many real estate investors are looking to invest in this project. This means that it is going to be great for the business market. Moreover for those who want to look for sustainable and environment friendly housing projects; this is a golden opportunity; being buffed up by its amazing location on Rawalpindi Ring Road.

This housing society will provide with world class residential and commercial investment opportunities. The facilities being provided here are also going to be up to par with the biggest societies on the twin cities’ real estate market. Featuring modern drainage and sewerage systems as well as the convenience of an uninterrupted power supply all the while promising top class security facility with surveillance through cameras and staff; there is plenty to imagine a peaceful and serene life if you buy property here.


Twin cities are as desirable as can be when it comes to real estate investment in Pakistan,. However the relative value in between the property developments found within the vicinity are determined by the location and connectivity to surroundings. Projects like Rawalpindi Ring Road are responsible for appreciating he properties placed nearby quite noticeably. Most commonly Bahria Town’s phase 8, DHA phase 3 as well as Capital Smart City are to look out for when thinking of investing nearby Rawalpindi Ring Road. The amazing connectivity of these projects combined with the facilitation and modernistic infrastructure is what makes them ideal for your next property investment.

We hope this article was informative for you!