1 Kanal Corner Plot for Sale in P Block Bahria Town Rawalpindi
For Sale Rs17,500,000 - Residential Plot
500 Sq Yds 1 Kanal

Bahria Town is unique in a way that it captures the mood of both the cities; the modernity of Islamabad and the historical spirit of the Trade Route city of Rawalpindi. With residential solutions for diverse lifestyles, metro grade facilities, educational, medical, entertainment and recreation opportunities; it has been the trend setter in real estate development across the country.

S & S Consultancy is offering 1 Kanal Plot with extra land for sale.

It’s a Residential Plot near DHA Phase 3 Rawalpindi

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Pakistan’s real estate industry is growing by the day. There are many real estate investors as well as enthusiastic businessmen that invest into property market to make a profitable living. In a country where property translates to power, there is a lot of demand and supply of property too.

The demand is ever growing from the rising population and international investments, whereas the supply is provided by the developmental work in the country, especially in the form of renowned residential projects being set in place. Projects like Defence housing authority (DHA) as well as Bahria own are popular for their standard and class countrywide.

Our topic of interest today is Bahria town. Bahria town has spread its network throughout the major cities of Pakistan. Being located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore and Nawabshah further speaks for its popularity.

Bahria town projects have mastered their planning to provide a top notch living experience to their residents. It doesn’t only allow opulent living space for people to invest into, but it also allows people to avail the state of the art amenities for the investors to relish in. Bahria town provides an ideal location alongside all the facilitation needed to make your dream life come to a reality.

Bahria town as a leading residential project:

Thought the center of our article is to discuss Bahria town phase 8 and its importance as a prime investment opportunity, we cannot discuss phase 8’s grandeur on the real estate market without having a thorough look at Bahria town projects themselves.

Bahria Town was started in 1996 and has been sculpting the landscapes to provide the best through its master planning. Bahria town as a residential project aims to set a standard of innovation, quality and integrity on international standards that adds on the quality of lives to its residents. Bahria Town projects envision providing the best with latest technology, new ideas as well as remarkable skills of their 35,000+ employees. This project aims to provide a marriage of economic needs alongside the social aspect of living to encompass such a worthwhile living experience for the people.

Malik Riaz Hussain is the man behind the renowned Bahria town projects. Malik Riaz, being one of Pakistan’s most successful business tycoons considers Bahria town as his passion and not just a business development opportunity. He himself states that the Bahria Town team strives to provide the international standard of quality in their work.

Bahria town furthermore exclusively features the world’s 3rd Largest Masjid and Pakistan’s Largest Masjid in placed in Karachi. Pakistan’s Tallest Building as the Bahria Town Icon is also it’s a spectacle of this project. Pakistan’s Most Advanced Cricket Stadium is in Bahria Town Karachi. Pakistan’s First International Standard Theme Park, first 36 Hole PGA Standard Night Golfing facility, Pakistan’s First Hyatt Branded Hotels. Moreover it is first and only real estate developer to provide world-class facilities for total health care, quality education, shopping malls, hospitality services, cinemas, sports facilities (as enlisted above) and more.

Bahria town is Asia’s largest private real estate developer as well as being Pakistan’s only multinational real estate developer. The claims of providing the best hold their proof as Bahria Town has won 10 prestigious awards under its belt to further solidify its claims.

Bahria Town Phase 8:

Bahria town is spread over a total of 8 phases in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The spread of these phases stitches an interlinked web for access to the city’s most important parts. Bahria Town phase 8 alongside its extension is the latest installment of the Bahria town projects in the twin cities.

Much like all the other projects of Bahria Town, Phase 8 does not fall short of being a masterpiece itself. Bahria Phase 8’s proficient planning connects the main roads with GT road with proximity of just 5 minutes. Bahria Phase 8 also has a very speedy access to downtown Rawalpindi. Parks and waterways alongside golf courses of high standards are also availed to the residents to further beautify their lives.

Bahria town, like its other phases in the twin cities, has made amazing use of the natural topography. Combining the beautiful hilly views spread throughout Islamabad, Bahria town phase 8 further makes use of spacious roads lined with green belts to enhance the living experience of its residents. Despite being a new development for Bahria town projects, there is no shortage of features and facilities that are true to the standard of Bahria town’s renowned brand.

Facilities of Bahria Town Phase 8:

Extensive plantations and horticulture works in green belts which further beautify the living experience. Gardens, greenery, play areas placed for each block are also present. Commercial areas are also extensively planned on international standards with ample parking facility.

Independent storm water drainage system keeps the flow of rain water going at the relive of people. Dr A Q Khan School and College as well as Roots Millennium School are present as educational institutions of class.

Overall the entirely of Bahria town phase 8 alongside its extension embodies the same class and luxury that Bahria Town is well known for, having the best location alongside all the facilitation of a life makes it a great hotspot for real estate investment.


Laying out its network over the desired locations of twin cities, Bahria Town phase 8 and its extension are both excellent investment opportunity for real estate investment. Like the long list of phases as well as neighboring projects being provided by Bahria Town developers, phase 8 also carries the same trademark features that make life luxurious and desirable.

By investing into phase 8 of Bahria town and its extension; not only will you be enjoying the best locations in town that come with a picturesque view of the twin cities as well as provide you close proximity to commercially important areas. The subsectors of F2, F3 and G are particularly of importance when trying to invest into real estate; as they have both affordable prices alongside the rising demand for people wanting to associate their residence within the bounds of Bahria Town projects.

Bahria Town phase 8 can surely provide you a great return of investment and given the great reputation and regulation of Bahria Town’s properties; your investment will be relatively safe as well.



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