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DHA Islamabad is a one-step solution for luxury living with affordability. It is a perfect option for those looking for comfort living with all the amenities available within the gates community.

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Defence housing authority, abbreviated as DHA is amongst the top class residential projects of Pakistan. In a very short span of time during the developmental stages of the state; it has made great progress in real estate sector. The real estate projects most well known are namely Bahria Town and DHA. Both these projects are spread across the cities of Pakistan. The success of project of DHA can be contributed to the masterful planning of this phase that accompanies luxury living experience with all the facilities of a modern lifestyle.

Since the DHA projects webbed across Pakistan are quite complex and numerous, we will be focusing on describing he traits and qualities of DHA phase 1 to our readers. Phase 1 of DHA marks the start of a soon to become grand project that was aimed at providing state of the art living experience for retired armed forces staff. The reason that this housing society was initially built for such highly respected individuals of the nation shows how much care went in to its establishment. However this smaller establishment, keeping I n view its grandeur and amenities quickly sprouted into one of Pakistan’s top real estate projects that investors all around the state desire to get their hands on.

An Overview of DHA Islamabad:

The residential project of DHA branched out towards the capitol city of Islamabad in the year 2000. DHA Islamabad alongside the aesthetic architectural design and splendid planning provides a focus on environment conscious designs with its parks and recreational facilities. The location of DHA is also quite ideal being placed near Bahria Town and GT road, two important regions of the big city.

DHA Islamabad provides many recreational spots for residents to enjoy such as high-class restaurants, parks whereas dynamic educational institutions are also available to facilitate quality living. As previously touched upon; DHA Islamabad encompasses phases 1 to 4; alongside the phase 5 being marked as DHA Valley.

Investors interested in DHA Islamabad have a variety of plots (in the areas of relatively newer development and expansion) as well as furnished houses as well as commercial properties from the commercial sector available for investment. For such a highly reputable area; its sales and values are not going down anytime soon; which makes it ideal spot for any real estate investor.

DHA Phase 1 Location:

Location, location, location! Is a mantra that is used in the real estate business to emphasize the importance of this aspect when it comes to real estate investment. Islamabad being the capitol city gains a lot of attention due to its privileged position for the country. However DHA phase 1 is meticulously placed on Soan river that gives it stretches it close to GT Road which is an area of importance for the capitol. Similarly to phase 1 all phases of DHA share this similarity w

DHA Phase-1 was launched for development in May of 1992 under the supervision of Defence Housing Authority. This is spread over an area of approximately 1100 kanal, Phase 1 is situated in Soan River which has close proximity to GT Road.

DHA Phase 1 is divided into 6 sectors which are all fully fleshed out encompassing all the facilities for one’s necessity or leisurely needs.

Health Facilities of DHA Phase 1:

When it comes to living a safe and sound life; the security of health is the upmost priority. Especially with emergency cases or accidents not having any warning signs before they come; medical aid is equally as necessary. Moreover people that have co morbidities also need routine medical checkups and assistance. DHA phase 1 provides medical services in the form of Avicenna medical centre.

The activities held in Avicenna Medical centre include lectures and/or awareness programs are planned to impart awareness and education on issues of health concerns.

Avicenna medical centre has an MI room that is located in Defence park. It was inaugurated on 13th March of 2007. Amongst the services this medical centre provides are emergency, surgical alongside medical first aid provision. Avicenna Medical centre works around the clock to provide these services. It also has medical equipment as well as important emergency medicines and ambulances that are available on the spot 24/7. It also provides family planning services, Immunization programs for the children, outdoor consultations from children to older adult group ages as well as anti natal care.

Security of DHA Phase 1:

Similar to location, security of a particular area is also a great determinant in real estate activity. DHA phase 1 provides ample sources and infrastructure for security to ensure quality of life for its residents.

As a basis of primary security DHA phase 1 has employed guards that patrol the premises of dha round the clock to ensure protection and eradicate any suspicious activities. These guards are armed with weaponry for protection of the residents life and warding off criminals. Similarly 24/7 CCTV captured footage Is another form of surveillance that residents of DHA phase 1 can avail to ensure their own security.

As all gated communities do; DHA phase 1 is equipped with a perimeter fence around its boundaries to further ensure safety and exclusivity of DHA from blocking any un monitored entrance. Similarly DHA phase  is processing to build a safety bund around Soan River s that it can be a protective measure against flooding.

Facilities of DHA phase 1:

Alongside the location and security; the amenities add a lot to the living experience of an area. DHA being as popular as it is has no lack of state of the art facilitation to provide. This is really a driving factor for the amount of investment DHA phase 1 sees.

DHA provides the modern facilitation of underground electrification in 95%of its systems. this further polishes the security aspect as it eliminates the opportunity of any accidents happened in stormy weather and hanging live wires. This is a facility that not only enhances the safety but the scenic beauty of the phase as well as it is not webbed out with electric lines.

Shopping is a facility that Pakistanis of any financial class love. And if this shopping comes with the recreational facilities of food court and much more are a luxurious experience. DHA mall provides these facilities under one roof. Moreover DHA mall also houses DHA Islamabad/Rawalpindi’s main office has been constructed into Defence Mall,  HR Directorate, Security Directorate, IT Directorate, Customer Information & Support Centre, Supply Chain Management , Admin Directorate, DHA Telemann Office, DHA Sales & Marketing Office are present within Defence mall. Moreover the cafeteria, TK mart as well as Askari Bank are located on ground floor for visitors to avail.

Whereas defence mall is more focused on authority offices; DHA Avenue Mall is a treat for residents of phase I . The Avenue Mall is the spearhead as commercial hub of phase I. This seven story mall houses many shopping from branded shops, to high end office spaces as well as luxury apartments to expand on the living space of this area. It provides its valuable customers with most reliable and secure place to grocery shop. All kind of edibles, bakery items, daily grocery items, kitchen accessories are available here.

Defence park is another marvelous facility for the residents of dha phase 1 to avail. Defence park has a 130 ft shooter with a 65 ft high waterfall is unique. These features in a park are a first, not only in the twin cities but for Pakistan. It also features a unique restaurant facility to enhance the opulent experience.

Similar to these facilities, telecommunication services in the form of PTCL has been provided and event the modern technology of Optical Fiber Access Network (OFAN) is being introduced here. filtration plants that provide clean drinking water are available through purification plants in sector D and sector E. important facilities of firefighting teams are also present round the clock in case of any arising emergency or fire hazards. For sporty and health conscious residents jogging tracks are also made in dha phase 1. In addition to this; in attempts to keep this phase neat and clean; the services under DHA also provide routinely garbage collection and disposal away from the residential region.

Educational Institutions of DHA Phase 1:

Quality educational institutions are as important as the leisurely facilities of life. Most families have school going children and already living in a space as luxurious as DHA, they want their children to be admitted to schools of a matching class. DHA phase 1 provides well in this regard too with Roots School as well as DHAI APS (Army Public School) are present

The luxury of living that comes with the prime location, facilitation and security in DHA Phase 1 is a testament to why this project is so popular amongst investors.



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