Pakistan has rapidly grown its real estate industry in a very short span of time. This is seen in the form of many high end housing societies that are changing the living standards of Pakistanis nationwide. Many nationally renowned societies have been developed in commercially and culturally important parts of the country. The real estate industry has also provided job opportunities for people to take great advantage of their professional skills.

Amongst the many windows of opportunities this growing market has created, one of the most highly respected jobs is that of a real estate agent. Although contractors, firms and agencies on the overall are integral to proper functioning of the real estate industry; the opinion of a real estate agent is highly valued.

What is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who has the job description of arranging real estate deals between two parties. In other words a real estate agent acts as the bridge of negotiation between the buyer and seller of property matters. In other forms of their work; real estate agents might also take up the management works for a rental property and help to make rental transactions and take the workload of rental management off of the landlord.

Real estate agents make money either in monthly payment through the firms that hire them for services or completely in the form of agreed commission for the deals that the agent finalizes.

Why should one hire a real estate agent?

Real estate agents who are rightfully qualified have the best set of knowledge and skills that are required to carry out real estate deals. people will generally hire a real estate agent to assist them in carrying out the best possible negotiation landing them the best possible deals on the property they close on. However in other cases; experienced real estate dealers or landlords might hire real estate agent; not only for their vast knowledge and negotiation skills; but to manage their workload and ensure smooth flow of their business. Hiring a real estate agent as your manager can greatly help ease oneself in making time for their own leisure or for their families and add quality to their social life; especially since businesses when concerned with real estate can be quite draining.

Beware of fake or unqualified real estate agents:

As the real estate industry has expanded quite rapidly; quite some scammers and fraudsters have crept into the scene to take advantage of unsuspecting new investors. many times a scammer would stage themselves and put the front of an experienced and well rounded real estate agent on the market; signing this person up means nothing but trouble for this unsuspecting investor. Not only will they give you subpar or completely useless or detrimental advice on property; they might also get a bigger cut on the commission as standard of the market.

Infect the reason we are writing this article is for identification of a seemingly professional agent from their skill sets. It is important to not fall victim to such scammers on the market both for the short and long term financial detriments signing up such people might bring.

Top qualities of a real estate agent:

On the contrast of such scammers; the real deal professionals will net you a lot of great deals on the real estate market. These deals will be great because they will be most convenient midpoint between the two parties and the deal will not be closed until both parties come to a conclusion. That is why hiring a real estate agent can help a person deal with many aspects of real estate dealings with such ease.

Honesty and Integrity:

Amongst the most important and highly revered qualities of a professional real estate agent is their honesty and integrity. A man who lacks this trait in their professional dealings can never be trusted. The issue is objectively more critical when you are in the real estate market and dealing in much bigger numbers.

The last thing anyone would want is a dishonest person managing their properties and hiding the actual facts from the property owner. So whether you are looking to manage a rental or sign your next real estate deal for a house or business investment; honesty is the topmost quality to look for in a real estate agent.

The value of ethical importance can never be overlooked in a real estate professional.

Top class negotiator:

The primary success of a real estate agent comes from their problem solver mindset and being able to make both parties agree. An ideal real estate agent will try to keep both parties close when it comes to getting advantages and benefits from a deal. Without skills of negotiation and being unsuccessful as communicating ideas and messages through to the clientele a real estate agent cannot be successful.

A great real estate agent has to deal with the aspects of haggling with the listed pricings on the market, the selling prices of a property as well as their own commission. It would not be a good deal if any of the parties is left unsatisfied; in almost any of such cases the deal is not closed. To be a successful real estate agent and to find one on the market; looking for the trait of problem solver mindset in an agent is a great place to start at.

Networking skill:

The real estate market is people oriented. One can imagine it as an interconnected web of buyers, sellers and the professionals that fall in between. Therefore dealing with other people and knowing how to get around to a common point of interest is the crux of success in real estate deals. a good real estate agent is always part of a network that might include other professionals, people who are looking to sell their properties individually or other companies that the agent themselves can learn from.

The real estate market is subject to constant change. Prices can increase or drop down within the matter of a very few days. This means that the real estate agent always has to keep connected to keep themselves updated on the market knowledge. One of the best ways to attain such knowledge is through being part of the huge networks that the real estate industry is made up of. With the rapid growth of the real estate Pakistan being all time high with upclass developments; the importance of networking is also increasing.

Hiring a real estate agent that is part of a huge network can help you land better referrals, better opinions and ultimately a wider exposure to the real estate market which means you can ultimately find the best possible deal that is tailored to your needs.

Interest in house and architecture:

However having an interest in the aesthetic and design of housing is not a must for a working real estate agent, however having such an interest can go a long way towards success for a real estate agent. Having know how and an aesthetic sense can help you understand your clients ‘demands much better. Not only can you find a more modern and attractive investment property but the clients who are satisfied by your work might give you referrals.

Knowledge is power:

As we said above that the real estate industry is constantly changing by the matter of days; it should be easily understood that having knowledge of market changes is critical to keep oneself successful. A qualified real estate agent always keeps up with the changes and new developments on the scene of real estate market. Without knowledge of how the market trends are changing and what kind of developments will take place in an existing area in addition to newer developments; a real estate agent cannot make great deals for their clientele.

Only a professional with updated knowledge of the real estate market can make great deals and assumptions about the market’s future and serve their clients much better than someone who has little to no information on the current situation.


Hiring a real estate agent can be a great convenience and help for many in the vast world of real estate. Real estate agents can help manage the workload or completely take over the matters of property dealings. It is extremely important to find a real estate agent who is qualified and registered.

Make sure that you find a reputable estate dealer who has the qualities of honesty, integrity, knowledge of real estate industry, negotiation skills, networking skills as well as great knowledge of the real estate market. All these qualities are not only proof of one’s work ethic but will help provide the best for you upon hiring this agent.