The preference for families to move into apartment-style properties has increased quite a lot recently. With the real estate industry aimed at providing for the needs, there have been a lot of projects on the rise Bahria Town Apartments, which are providing apartment-style properties for sale. Investors have also taken note of this trend and hopped on to invest heavily in apartment-style properties.

In this article, we will focus our spotlight on explaining why is the recent trend of apartment properties on the rise and then take you over some projects in Bahria Town’s twin cities’ development for the apartments they have to offer. Without further ado let us get started!

Apartment-Style Properties

Real estate is subject to change into different trends based on the preference of a buyer or seller. Nowadays the market is increasingly moving in favor of investment in apartments rather than lone-standing luxurious properties and that is for good reason too.

Property has been a symbol of power and status in our society for a long time. Even today’s generation dreams of owning their property but the vision of what type of property is best has changed over the years. Once spacious and tall standing buildings of houses were considered to be the sole preference for everyone however the changing world has made people change the way they look at a property.

People want to maximize the use of space, have more convenience than the generations before them when it comes to their housing, and want to be more cost-effective in their spending. All the needs of a modern-day property buyer are favored by the features found in an apartment-style property.

Apartment-style properties are smaller in size and hence are easier to maintain (clean, repair, renovate). They are usually found buildings stacked atop each other which brings a sense of community living that lone-standing houses may not provide. Apartment buildings of the modern era are also equipped with inbuilt facilities that are going to provide ease and a sense of luxury in lifestyle. Apartments by their size and nature of construction will cost lesser than a lone-standing house which makes them all the more affordable for young investors in the market and single-time property buyers alike.

Bahria town’s Importance:

We have discussed Bahria town projects on our blogs in great detail already. It is important to understand the high standards that Bahria town upholds on overall development if we are to explain why Bahria town apartments are also an ideal spot for your real estate investment.

This society is located near Grand Trunk Road. This location puts it at a great advantage as it becomes closer to the most important sites of the twin cities through this channel. Comprised of a total of 9 phases it is a huge development webbed out over the map of twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad). Where the first six phases of this project are located in between the interconnecting arteries of twin cities, phases 7 and 8 are placed near another big contender in DHA which further adds charm to its appeal.

Difference between a Flat and an Apartment?

Just another small thing we need to discuss before we get into the main discussion point of this article. One might wonder what is the difference between a flat and an apartment or if there is any. In our country, these two terms may be used interchangeably as the flat is a British term whereas an apartment is an American term for identical property types. More differences may be observed in the finding that a flat could refer to something of a lower-class residence whereas the word apartment is conserved for more luxurious investments.

Since Bahria town is the premier luxury real estate project of the twin cities; it feels fitting to use the term apartments to refer to such a property type.

Bahria Town Apartments:

The demand for family apartments has increased drastically over a few years in Pakistan. With Bahria town being the beacon of opportunities for real estate investment, offering all types of property with a luxury finish; its apartments are going to be top tier on the real estate market of twin cities. By investing in the apartments found in this project you will find yourself amongst beautiful landscapes and amazingly put-together infrastructure that brings about the best in living experience.

Following are some of the projects in Bahria town Rawalpindi which need to be considered when looking for luxury apartments:

Lake Vista Heights:

Located in Bahria town Rawalpindi phase 8, this project consists of majestic-looking towers that stand amongst the rich landscape in its surroundings. The building is featuring eight-story mixed-use style apartment properties that are ideal for modern-day investors’ needs. It offers office spaces and luxurious studio spaces alongside 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments.

The units available here may be considered furnished or unfurnished, which implies that there is room for either family that wants to move into apartments or people who travel from place to place.

The Colosseum:

Another amazing project that boasts a modern look paired with exquisite interiors. The properties for the offer in this project are also mixed-use apartments of 2-bedroom space. This project comprises a tall 7-story building located in phase 7 of Bahria town Rawalpindi. Commercial units and spacious penthouses are also available here. This project exudes an unmatched sense of luxury from its looks to the quality of life it delivers making it a highly sought-after space to buy apartments in Bahria town.

Furthermore, investors will be rejoiced to know that the properties are available at a 1.5-year installment plan.

Grand Millennium:

This project is redefining the scope of community living. Located in the Bahria Business District in Phase 8; it is composed of 2 residential towers that have 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments for investment.

Furthermore, we find that it also holds hotel-style apartments. Its striking architecture is a defining feature that adds to the charm of its delivery making the project highly popular amongst investors. It is not only known for its aesthetic but also delivers world-class facilities needed to fulfill anyone’s vision of a dream life. Properties are available at affordable payment plans of up to 40 months.

River Hills 4:

Another state-of-the-art project offering apartment-style properties is known as the work of Premier Choice Real Estate Developers & Consultants. It is also located in phase 7 of Bahria town making it one of the most sought-after projects that offer family-style apartments in the vicinity. This project offers modern 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments alongside commercial outlets. The wide range of modern-day facilities available here makes daily living hassle-free.

The properties are available on easy installment plans (36-month payment). Moreover, the surrounding featuring many good restaurants and shops adds to the convenience of living here.

River Loft:

Another project that adds to the skyline of the twin cities is the river loft. which comes with the promise of a quality lifestyle for its investors. it is a venture of Premier Choice Real Estate Developers & Consultants.

Being placed in the location of Bahria intellectual village in phase 7, it is designed to provide the best experience to every investor. This project comes with the surrounding of a lush green and serene landscape that creates a feeling of exclusivity for its residents. Its state-of-the-art facilities are also going to add to its charm when considering apartments for sale in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

You are going to find offers for single-bedroom and double-bedroom apartments for sale here. moreover, there are also 3 bedroom vertical penthouses which set it apart from other competitors.

Awami Villa Apartments Rawalpindi:

A project of the Bahria town lineup in twin cities; Awami villa apartments have to be one of the best spots for investing in apartments in Rawalpindi. This project consists of double-story buildings with each floor being its separate apartment. The properties here are divided into 2 types premier and general in nature.

The majority of its properties are placed in the premier category which implies that they are of a higher standard and give an unmatched feeling of luxury as their finishing is unique and state-of-the-art architectural design is implemented. General apartments of this category will lack the exquisite tile work that is featured in premier apartments which brings a feeling of exclusive luxury to the latter.

It is one of the best places to buy apartments in the twin cities’ vicinity. As with the usual trends in the prices of apartments is that the ground floors are the ones to have the highest value whereas the upper floors are of lower value in this comparison. The normal prices start from around 16 lacs and go up to 40 lacs depending on varying factors like their specific location, floor, and development status surrounding that apartment.

There is great news for those that find this project interesting as Awami Villas 2 is an extension which is located right next to Awami villas 1. Most of this project is already complete except for a few apartments which means that it will be another top site for investing in apartments. Awami Villas 3 is located next to the n block of Bahria town phase 8 Islamabad this block is rather large consisting of about 1000 apartments from which more than 100 structures are ready with further construction on the go.

Awami villas 4 is in Bahria Garden City placed near zone 4 of Knowledge Village, similarly, Awami villas 5 and 6 are conveniently placed on the ring road of Bahria town next to block E-1 of Bahria phase 8. Once again we will reinstate that since these projects are coming under the Bahria town development one can expect a high standard and luxurious lifestyle to be their destination upon deciding to move in here. It is also great news for investors who are looking to make profitable gains from investing in apartments.


The trend of apartments is here to stay. Bahria town is one of the best projects in twin cities and has a lot to offer for those looking for apartments within this area. Whether it is Awami Villas, Lake Vista Heights, The Colosseum, Grand Millennium, River Hills 4, or River Loft you are sure to find luxurious apartments with state-of-the-art facilities that await your dream life.

We hope that this article has been informative for you! For more articles and guides on real estate read more from our blog on S & S consultancy.