Pakistan is continuously on the rise when it comes to its real estate industry. There are quite some major residential projects and cities that act as the hub of real estate deals throughout Pakistan. Major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi’s twin cities are beautiful to investors, known to buy and sell the property. Renowned projects like Bahria Town and DHA societies are also conveniently spread through the major cities, offering hopeful investors an opportunity.

The real estate business is an excellent opportunity to look into people who want to invest their earnings to get profits. Every year many well-established organizations are investing in real estate to pioneer the development of their future projects.

Real Estate and the Major Cities:


Karachi is better known as the city of lights. Karachi holds a critical position for Pakistan as it is a driving economic engine of the country. This significance is not lost when discussing the real estate sector of Karachi. Karachi houses many society projects that range from a variety of prices and calibers for varying investors to look into.

Given its administration’s responsible actions, the city of Karachi has now been marked as a safer residence for the locals. Karachi is the host of a few new projects that the investors have great hopes for. These recent developments hold high rise apartment-style buildings. However, one can also locate many lone standing properties according to their preference.

Several communities are flourishing, such as DHA, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, and Scheme 33 in Karachi; those are the prime areas of investment in Real Estate. These are discussed as the following:

DHA, Defence, Karachi

Defence Housing Authority in Karachi is maintaining its position on the market given its ideal location. It is placed at Karachi’s heart, making it accessible to the different parts of this enormous city. Being Placed near essential areas like the sea view of Karachi and Clifton, many investors believe it to be a priority.

Consisting of several phases, DHA also provides the amenities of schools, religious centers, commercial markets, parks, hospitals, and other recreational facilities. Since the steps are interconnected, the facilities spread throughout the phases are also at the neighboring stages.

Given the careful laws that are placed to avoid encroachment activities on property and expansion of properties, DHA Karachi maintains its position as one of the best housing societies for investment in Karachi. That is why property sales and buying are always on the rise in Defence Housing Authority Karachi.

Scheme 33:

Scheme 33 Karachi holds the position as one of the most famous societies for investment in Karachi. It was proposed back in 1971 as a well-regulated housing program. Scheme 33 has been expected to erect about 137 housing schemes, of which a few are already populated and a real estate hotspot.

Affordability is the prime factor of the popularity of investment in scheme 33. The community planning is also done exceptionally well for the city, further increasing its charm as an investment opportunity.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

Gulistan e Jauhar has also maintained itself as an investment hotspot in Karachi. Just like scheme 33, Gulistan-e Jauhar also exhibits affordability in its pricings opening up the gates of investment for a larger community. The infrastructure alongside the facilities that Gulistan-e-Jauhar provides gives the essence of a desirable lifestyle for many.

Alongside providing an abundant supply of water, gas, and electricity for its residents’ housing, this society also houses educational institutions and relative amenities of parks, sporting arenas, and commercial markets, giving a boost to its popularity.


Being highly populated and decorated with greenery, Islamabad is naturally a great place to desire real estate property. Hosting several international embassies and being home to diplomats, a lot of investment gravitates towards Islamabad. Furthermore, having numerous successful projects like DHA, Green Oaks, Gulberg, Khanial Homes, Blue World City, and more, Islamabad, as the country’s capital, is a flourishing real estate hub.

Safety of residence and investment is also a key selling point for property in Islamabad. Islamabad as capital has been marked much safer than the world’s major cities when criminal activity is viewed upon. Following is a look at Gulberg, DHA, and Bahria town as some of the hotspots of real estate investment in Islamabad:

DHA Defence, Islamabad

Defence housing authority needs no introduction when it comes to the solidarity of its infrastructure and amenities. DHA has provided a blend of class and amenities that capture status and luxury. Being a symbol of quality makes it a real estate investment hub.

Another chief call for the popularity of DHA is the accessibility, given its ideal location and the security it provides to its residents. Having both essential lifestyle facilities like international schools and hospitals and pleasures of open and green parks, playgrounds for children, and a beautifully carpeted road system makes DHA be a top-tier competitor for real estate investments.

Bahria Town, Islamabad

Just like in Karachi, Bahria Town is also spread in different sectors across the capital. This housing society is shared between the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Bahri town is masterfully planned and includes all the necessities for a luxurious living experience that is a dream for many to achieve. Needless to say, such a well-planned project has one of the highest demands when it comes to Islamabad’s real estate market.

Bahria Town is quite famous as a top-notch housing society amongst individuals that are looking for real estate property. Bahria town highlights an excellent approach to its security and surveillance system, educational and hospital facility, and the contemporary architectural aesthetic its buildings and housing provides.

Gulberg, Islamabad

Being affordable for the locals and providing the facilitation that matches international standards makes Gulberg Islamabad a very desirable destination for the property market. Gulberg is situated alongside the Islamabad Expressway, making its location quite desirable for buyers of property and investors.

Gulberg provides ease of commute with its comprehensive, well-built network of roads, which are green; yet clean, further enhance its beauty and value on the market. Like other highly sought after housing projects, Gulberg’s development doesn’t fall short of providing all the amenities required for an ideal life.


Given the policies that shaped post elections in the past year, Lahore has seen a slight rise in its real estate prices. Many aforementioned renowned companies also have webbed out the reach of their and provided class and finesse when it comes to housing schemes.

Namely, a few highlighted names are Johar Town, Gulberg Islamabad, Model Town, and Defence Housing Authority. Lahore is at the heart of many Pakistanis, having its roots related to cultural and historical importance, making it a desirable location for estate investment. Some companies have even relocated their head offices to Lahore, which speaks for the commercial demand on its own.

Lahore encompasses versatility and variety when it comes to its real estate offerings, ranging from still empty lots of land to well established lone standing houses as well as carefully planned communities.


Raiwind Road of Lahore enjoys its position as a hub of real estate investment in Lahore, the main reason of it being located at a distance from the city’s heart, away from all the rush. Moreover, Raiwind is desirable to investors for being relatively affordable to locals. The affordability of Raiwind’s housing schemes does not compromise on the state of the art facilitation either.

DHA Defence, Lahore

Like the capital city and the city of lights, the city of gardens (Lahore) also enjoys the availability of the well-reputed DHA.

Being an extensively planned area, the developers have given attention to detail regarding amenities that the individuals residing in DHA can avail of; all the essential and recreational abilities are readily available to the residents.

Bahria Town, Lahore

Similar to DHA, Bahria town is quite popular in Lahore as well. As previously discussed, Bahria town comprises all the modern facilitation of luxurious life and provides the lifestyle of dreams, making it a desirable place to invest. All the amenities are distributed throughout, given the masterful planning of this beautiful gated community that Lahore residents can enjoy.

Housing schemes that are developed by Bahria town have always topped the charts when it comes to investment.


Pakistan’s real estate industry is no stranger to providing a business opportunity and investment into the home of your dreams. Given all the renowned successful housing projects and the scenic and cultural diversity of the country, Pakistan’s property market has something for everyone to look into.

Whether one is looking to invest in Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, all the hotspots mentioned above of real estate provide top-notch facilitation and desirable locations for one to enjoy upon buying the property; moreover, for the investors, the increasing demand will always be in favor of growing their businesses.