The real estate sector of Pakistan has been growing by the day. What this means for investors and sellers of property is that the competition is continuously on the rise. For exceptional cases you can sell property (where demand is unusually high) but that does not count out the efforts you have to make in the first place to sell this property.

Buyers and sellers of property have consistently been trying to come up with more effective and efficient ways to make their property sell better. By selling property better we mean to sell the property faster with a desirable offer from a potential buyer. Being efficient in this field means you will have to work within your budget and the margin of mistakes or taking risks to be kept a minimum.

In the real estate market there are a lot of individuals who are fortunate to stage homes in their full glory; however there are many for whom this would not be possible. Either they have already sold their furniture before moving or they don’t find their existing furniture to be worthy of décor while staging the property and attracting more buyers. One might initially think that staging in this case should not be done; but that concept can prove to have disastrous results. You can stage a home very well and attract customers even if you don’t have furniture to go alongside it.

Following we will introduce you to some tips and tricks on how to stage a home without furniture but first we would like to explain briefly on why staging is so important in today’s seller’s market:

Importance of staging:

The initial purpose of staging a property is to present it in a manner that a potential buyer can imagine their dream life in it. In other words home staging is to convince the buyer to see how this brick and mortar structure can give impression of a warm and comfortable life.

As we stated above that the competition in the market is getting stronger and stronger by the day. In today’s market staging a property before selling has become an essential part of property selling strategy. This is evident by the many many success stories out there that include the property seller playing special attention to staging their home before selling. Property visits are more common than ever.

Gone are the days the seller will be so credulous to pay advances o0f any kind before giving the property a thorough visit. Home sellers in attempt to raise the perceived value of their property are putting their budget towards staging. Your job of trying to sell a house for good value will be seemingly incomplete without its staging.

A few tips for staging the house without furniture:

We do understand that your budget on selling a property might be low and you cqanno0t afford to place furniture to stage the property within the given time limit. But that doesn’t mean you should or you can’t stage the property. Following are some methods you can apply to get your house staged without the use of placing any furniture.

Make the staging count:

Since your resources might be limited it is best to utilize them well. You should always be strategic to consider where your budget can be put towards. This holds true if you have furniture or not. You have to pay close attention on staging the areas that need it the most.

These areas include the master bedroom, the living area as well as the kitchen. Whenever someone is doing a property visit towards you these are the primary areas of their focus. If you can make your budget work in these areas and pay closer attention to detail; you are most likely to convince the property visitor to make you an offer for sale.

Staging the house doesn’t always have to be thorough and complete in all the nook and crannies. It can be utilized smartly. And for our cases even without furniture you can make a house feel home-y to a visitor if you focus on these 3 places of a house.

Painting the walls:

Part of any good staging is painting the walls. If this property already had furniture in it or has been lived in; the interior walls are subject to peeled off and chipped paint. Due to some potential moisture damage you can also expect the paint to bubble up at some areas.

Especially when we are talking about a property that does not have furniture to fill in the gaps; the details are going to be important. One of the primary things you should put your budget towards is going to be a fresh coat of paint on this property. With the walls covered in fresh layers of paint; the buyer can be further convinced that they wouldn’t need to paint the walls from their own pocket as the job is already done. This little thought can also put their mind towards investing in this property.

Exterior walls of a property are also going to form a very strong impression on the visitor. It is essentially the first glance that they take in from the property. Chose more trendy and appropriate colors to the property type and neighborhood. With the present paint mix technologies you can get a wide variety of amazing finishes available on the market. Further consultations with a designer or choosing an appropriate paint color yourself can also help your property shine.

Curb appeal’s importance:

Same as with the exterior walls form a first impression. You can also take great advantage of the overall curb appeal of property.

A lot of properties do have worn out gates by the time they are selling. Rush, chipping of wooden gates and more issues on the exterior of the home are quite commonly present. A home stager needs to improve upon the house’s exterior to give an attractive appearance to this property. This aspect of house staging further becomes even more important when we are considering the fact that this property is going to be staged without furniture’s presence.

Forming a great impression on the outside of the property can go a long way even if the interior seems dull when compared to other properties on the market.

Stylize with other things:

Although furniture might seem like the backbone of a house’s interior; it isn’t essential for its décor and theme.

You can use a wide array of décor items. Try to put up matching curtains, put up paintings, wall hangings, floral arrangement and much more to bring out a home-y vibe without any furniture being present there.

The key is not to overdo it. Try to stick to a theme while decorating your house so that it is easy to absorb for any visitor and convince them that they should invest in this very property. Once again; hiring a designer to give you consultations on how to décor the interior without furniture can go a long way if your budget allows it.

Rendering and use of software:

Online listings for properties are quite common. There are many real estate market investors who are always on the outlook for online listings before they visit the property in person. You can use free online design tools and give renderings of what each room can potentially look like for a future buyer.

In the case you do not have actual furniture to stage your property with this is a life saver technique. This might be able to convince the right buyer! However do this if you have time and the inclination of accessing such technological tools at the time of selling property.

Work on the details:

If you do not have the furniture to décor your house; working on more manageable and finer details can be your shot at convincing buyers. Keeping the property deeply and thoroughly clean as the visitors come by, filling in the property with fresh and attractive aromas as well as taking care of small repairs that stick out like a sore thumb for visitors are going to be quite important for you.


Even in today’s market; home staging is often overlooked by a seller. In such cases if the buyer doesn’t have the major tools and budget to get furniture for staging; they might want to skip it overall. Staging is quite essential for selling your property efficiently.

If you do not have furniture to stage your property you can use curb appeal by replacing and painting the exterior walls and giving the garden/lawn a makeover, painting the interior walls, fixing the smaller repairs and using decorations or digital renderings to get your job can be quite impactful for a potential buyer.

We hope this article was informative for you!

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