Real estate Pakistan has made quite some amazing developments in a very small period of time. This development has provided tons of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the country to buy their own property. What was initially looked upon as a need to keep up to the housing demand has now turned now stepping up to reimagine the living standards amongst Pakistanis.

As property has increased in its availability; so has its affordability. Every Pakistani wants to have their own property. Moreover young entrepreneurs are now also recognizing this field to be quite profitable. Amongst all the development across the board; a few cities take the cake when it comes to status and facility. Namely these are Lahore, Karachi and the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. These cities have gotten special attention when it comes to real estate development in Pakistan.

Islamabad holds some of the most coveted real estate developments in Pakistan. To name a few; state of the art projects like DHA, Bahria Town and Gulberg are highly revered across the people of Pakistan. Even though one might think that secured gated communities with lone standing properties are all the heat when it comes to property sector of Pakistan, apartment projects and high rise buildings are also becoming an increasingly popular choice for property buyers.

In this article we will focus on some projects that are placed alongside Islamabad expressway which are quite ideal for property investment. So without further ado let us get started:

Importance of Islamabad Expressway:

Islamabad is one of the biggest economic hubs. Being the capital of the state connectivity of Islamabad with its surroundings is quite important. Islamabad highway holds great importance in this regard. Islamabad expressway is connecting to many important access points in the twin cities which levels up its importance.

It being located within the infrastructure of the capitol city itself gives it a high status and makes it something desirable to invest into. Islamabad expressway itself is an extensively planned project. The master plan has carefully managed to bring together the most important parts of Islamabad which makes the capitol city feel connected. Whether it be your top residential projects like DHA, Bahria Town or Gulberg or be it top commercial projects such as the Giga Mall as now all closer and more accessible to residents spread throughout this large city.

Areas on the Islamabad expressway for investment:

Location, location, location is one of the most common yet important statements used in the world of real estate. The location of any project can play a vital role in making or breaking its potential for investment. A subpar investment location can lower the importance of an otherwise amazing property whereas a dull property can be convincing for investment considering where it is located. With Islamabad expressway being an important as it is in the master plan of the capitol; it is surely to be an ideal opportunity for investment.

Following are some property projects including a purely commercial, mixed use and a gated residential investment opportunity; all found on Islamabad expressway which are sure to give excellent returns on investment.

Emaar Canyon Views Islamabad:

Emaar canyon views is one of the developments of world’s leading property developers. This is a gated community which brings all the luxury and comfort that comes with such developments. Based on the modernistic approach of infrastructure and providing the best amenities for residents makes this property development something worth investing in. with over 350 acres of land and provision of 3000 residential units; there is plenty to imagine a peaceful community life if you are investing to find your dream house.

Emaar canyon views is at an amazing location of being close to heart of DHA Phase 2, this means that this development is also interconnected to the chain of DHA phases in Islamabad. Emaar Canyon view is promising as it also provides green parks, greenbelts and other open spaces alongside the availability of neighboring amenities available through the Islamabad expressway.

RJs Lifestyle Residencies:

This is another project that is focused on the modernized living standards. This project provides investors with sophisticated yet luxurious apartments which has been the talk of the town. Just like other projects on this list; the payment plans and installments are also quite feasible for investors. This can be an amazing opportunity for a new home to those who prefer apartment living. Alongside stellar apartments this project backs up its high standards with facilities that match the high expectations.

Some of the most highlighted features of this project include that the property built is earthquake resistant, they are centrally managed, it is at a prime location within bahria, a residential club for investors to join. Apart from the best feature of being located on the Islamabad expressway, it is one of the tallest buildings there!

The location also gives it close proximity to DHA, bahria town, koral chowk and t chowk alongside Rawalpindi. Furthermore it being at a close distance from soan garden, gulberg greens is another plus point to convince investors on its important.

Amongst the array of facilities that this project provides are the aforementioned residential club, 24/7 security surveillance, elevator services, car parking areas, maintenance staff that is available in house, rooftop luxury of a pool, sauna and a health club. Moreover the kids play area, mosques, private cinemas, stellar internet connection and solar as well as backup generators are the perks of investing and living within this development.

The affordability, reputation of developers, being approved by CDA as well as being registered under FBR Amnesty scheme are mo0re reasons to convince why should one invest into this amazing project.


To wrap it up we will like to restate that Islamabad expressway on its own is an important area to invest into due to its connectivity with the twin cities and close access to important parts of the city. With there being many state of the art real estate projects spread throughout it is going to be an excellent opportunity for an experienced or a young investor to put their money towards. With the traffic and public attention Islamabad expressway seeks and the perks of all above mentioned projects are going to give you profitable return on investment.