Bahria Town Islamabad is a real estate venture known to provide a high-class living standard and somewhat affordable rates. Each and every project is well equipped and has all the facilities one might ask for. Many people these days are considering moving to Bahria Town Islamabad. If you are one of them, you might be considering the amenities and facilities space has to offer. This article will discuss all the things that might interest you as a home buyer or only as an investor. Our goal is loud and clear, to help you make an informed decision. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the conversation.


A Brief Intro about Bahria Town Islamabad Locality

For starters, let me tell you that Phases 7, 8, and 9 of Bahria Town Islamabad are located on the opposite side of the grand trunk road. It is without a doubt the best residential society in the twin cities. It was founded in the early 1990s and has slowly and gradually expanded to over 9 phases. Bahria Town Islamabad is divided into two main compounds, which are found on either side of the grand truck road. Now that you have this piece of information about the location let’s look at some of the facilities.


Facilities/Amenities Offered By Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town is known for offering premium living standards all across Pakistan. A huge part of it is the location, but the primary reason for the popularity is the facilities offered at affordable prices. A few common perks include:

  • Safe and secured surroundings that give you peace of mind
  • Properly planning infrastructure that is unmatchable
  • Bahria town produces its own electricity, therefore the continuous supply of electricity
  • It is loaded with opportunities for social interactions
  • Countless modes of entertainment available within the gated community.
  • One of the best healthcare facilities located within the gated community
  • High-quality education at the doorstep
  • Entertainment, shopping, and commercial hubs

This was a brief overview of what this miraculous real estate facility has to offer. Let’s dive deep further and discuss each of the points in detail.


Safe and Secure Surroundings

Safety is the top priority of any home buyer. We all want security for ourselves as well as our families. Bahria Town Islamabad gives you a sense of peace. It allows you to raise your family with comfort and security alongside offering a relaxed lifestyle. The community is gated, and all the entry and exit points are monitored constantly by security staff with the help of wireless cameras. Moreover, all the nonresidents have to provide Identity proof before entering society. The security is not only limited to cameras and checkpoints. The well-trained team of security officers patrols the area regularly to ensure the safety of the community residents, giving you complete peace of mind.


Proper Planning of Infrastructure

Unfortunately, in most of Pakistan’s housing societies, there is an extreme lack of planning infrastructure. What happens as a result of it? There is no symmetry whatsoever. One house will be four stories high, and the other will look like a tiny cottage. This aspect not only gives off an unappealing look but also creates unnecessary negativity in society. I personally strongly oppose it. This is not the case with Bahria Town Islamabad.

If you have ever gotten a chance to visit Bahria Town Islamabad, you will see identical houses which are well planned. This is what makes it so spectacular and beautiful. Bahria Town has set certain rules which everyone in the society has to follow while constructing a house. The residential and commercial areas are completely separate from each other. It also features pothole-free roads, stunningly landscaped roadside areas, and beautifully designed roundabouts.

It makes Bahria Town Islamabad an ideal place to live, which is constantly surrounded by luxury and beauty. If this isn’t what attracts you, what does? It is built as per international standards, and it shows through because no other community even comes close to the beauty that is Bahria Town Islamabad.


Electricity Supply that is Free from Power Outages

We all know the unfortunate situation of electricity in Pakistan. We are one of the very few nations that have failed to produce enough electricity that covers our needs. Whether it’s the dark winter days or hot summer mornings, electricity is essential. The lack of electricity forces us to spend money on UPS, generators, fuel, etc.

Lucky for all of us. Bahria Town produces its own electricity. Yes, you heard me right. The community has taken the matter into their own hands, built their own grid stations, and now offers uninterrupted electricity supply all day, every day. What does this mean? Well, it means no load shedding. It sounds like a dream to most of us, but it isn’t. Bahria Town has actually made it possible.


Endless Opportunities for Social Interactions

Bahria town offers numerous opportunities for interaction with other people. We are, after all, social beings who need to interact with other human beings. From mosques to parks to clubs, you will find plenty of options for every age group.

Jamia Masjid in Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 8

Jamia Masjid is one of the most beautiful mosques located in the twin cities. Another beautiful mosque is Safari Villas Mosque. Both of these mosques are the epitome of beauty and peace. It keeps you connected with the one and gives you the opportunity to connect with other fellow Muslims who share your interest as well.


A Multitude of Entertainment Facilities

Unlike many other communities, the facilities for entertainment are endless in Bahria Town. There is something for everyone, whether you are an adult, a kid, or an elderly. Bahria town offers dedicated parks and playgrounds for every sector. Apart from that, there is a zoo, cinema, and shopping centers. There are plenty of opportunities for kids as well, such as basketball courts, parks, and playgrounds.

There are a lot of restaurant options as well. Some of the most common food chains include Subway, Domino’s Pizza, and KFC, Chicago Grill Steak, Chaaye Khaana, Funky Bake, and Rahat Bakers. It also has a huge cinema in phase 4 called The Arena. The residents can enjoy plenty of 2D and 3D movies with their family and friends. Bahria town also has gaming zones and cafes on the site.

All in all, there is something in store for everyone. Whether you are a kid, adult, or elderly, you will find something for your entertainment in Bahria Town Islamabad.


Premium Quality Healthcare Services

There is a reason why Bahria Town is termed as the well-planned community in Pakistan. It covers all the facilities in every single phase. One of the major facilities that one absolutely needs when buying a home is a hospital which is well equipped and located nearby. Bahria Town Hospital has the best staff and is equipped to deal with any and every kind of emergency. Some of the prime names are Maryam Memorial Hospital and Mumtaz Medical Centre. Alongside that, there are plenty of health and fitness clubs as well as gyms one can join.


High-Quality Schools and Education at Your Doorstep

Since Bahria Town Offers high-class living standards, schools in the area are no different. All the schools located in Bahria Town offer premium standards of education which is the basis of growth for all young minds. Some of the prominent names include ACE International Academy, Roots Millennium School, City School, and Bahria Group of Colleges. Apart from that, there is an entire hub of schools, colleges, universities which can be reached within half an hour if you are living in Bahria Town.


Numerous Retail Therapy Destinations Nearby

Bahria Town Islamabad has allocated different spaces for residential and commercial areas. The commercial parts of Bahria town in each phase are loaded with grocery stores, malls, markets, and food stalls. Shopping is a breeze for all the residents of Bahria Town. Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket, Civic Centre Bahria Town, Punjab Cash, and Carry, Shoe Planet, Miniso, J., Alkaram are some of the prominent names that you will find in Bahria Town Islamabad.

Nearby shopping facilities are plenty of food courts and restaurants, which are the key to a successful shopping day. We all need a break to eat and rest. Right? It is a very important part of retail therapy.

This was a list of some of the most sought-after amenities of Bahria Town. Owing to these amenities, Bahria Town has become an attraction for the people of Pakistan. With unmatchable, highest living standards and safety, who would want to move anywhere else?

What are your thoughts after reading this article? I am sure you will think that nothing matches Bahria Town, and you are absolutely right. Lucky for you, we have a ton of plots and homes available for sale in Bahria Town Islamabad. If you are interested, simply ping us, and our real estate agent will be happy to show you around.