Pakistan has seen immense growth of its real estate sector withjthe past few decades. a system of supply from the increasing demand of property has quickly grown into the biggest business hub for the country. The projects that are being provided by this industry are all state if the art developments that are raising the bar of living standards in the cities they are developed in.

In the entire stat there are certain real estate projects that have amassed so much attention from the public that at this point they have become household names. The standard and class they have set is a new standard on which the newer developments are competing upon. Even when we are at the point that there are many developed projects that have state of the art features. DHA and Bahria town are still topping the charts on the real estate scene of Pakistan.

In this article we will bring the perks of both these housing projects to light and explain exactly why they are so popular amongst real estate investors.

Concept of gated community:

In the plenty of ways that these two housing societies will differ from others on the market; one of them has to be that they are both gated communities.

In the modern day property market; the investors are slightly shifting in the favor of smarter living and choosing to opt for smaller living spaces; thus increasing investment in flats and apartment style properties. This trend is opposed by the vast amount of investment that is in gated communities. Almost all the aspects that come with a housing project being defined as a gated community are perks that will set it apart from al other projects on the market.

Why they are loved by many?

The concept of living in a gated community has long been translated to high standards and luxurious living in big cities. Gated communities have unmatched amenities and most of all security which makes them stand above all other types of development in the market. Gated communities have been a way to offer an exclusive living environment to its residents which cannot be recreated.

One can imagine themselves living in a peaceful and serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Both of the developments of Bahria town and DHA focus on the greenery and landscaping aspect to further enhance the living experience of its residents. Bahria town takes great inspiration from the setting of Margalla hills to enhance its resident’s experience as all of its properties come under the stunning views of Margalla hills, making this project all the more desirable.

Ideal locations:

Location, location, location is one of the most important mantras of the real estate industry and it is for good reason too. Whenever we discuss any housing society and its importance; location is the first thing that we will discuss here. This property is extremely important to the property as the location of any asset can never be modified and areas relative to this specific location determine how the life will be.

Taking the example of DHA and Bahria town projects within the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi we can enlist multiple examples of how their location is important. Not only will we find that both of these housing projects have important locations on their own their surroundings are also quite ideal for living creating an interconnected feeling with neighboring communities. This is paired by the connectivity to Islamabad expressway which is one of the city’s most important interconnecting arteries, making commute throughout the twin cities easy for their residents.

The importance of neighboring property projects is also quite high. This opens up the opportunity for the amenities being shared. For example, you can travel a short driving distance to the neighboring society to avail a cinema, park or a gym. This is another feature of how ideal location is further making these two projects stand out on Pakistan’s property market.

Security standards:

Security is a facility that no one can agree to compromise on when it comes to their lifestyle. A place where there is lack of security (prevalent crime rate, frauds and scams on the market) which is going to harm one’s belonging and safety of life is extremely undesirable. There is great deal of demand for every new real estate development that the security standards of the area are up to expectations and everything is kept in check to ensure smooth flow of life.

DHA and Bahria town both being the concepts of gated communities have a great deal of attention paid to their security. The community being closed in and having monitored entry points and exits is something naturally incorporated into the idea of a gated community. In addition both of these housing projects are equipped with 24/7 cctv footage cameras and have hired trained security staff that is surveying the premises round the clock.

All the residents of these two projects live under a peaceful and trustworthy living environment. Thanks to the security facilitation of these two projects. Being a gated community at first and then having hired security staff gains the confidence of many investors. It is true for business investments as it lowers the chances of scams. The frauds such as illegal takeover of property. This makes these two projects ideal for investment.


Facilities are what make or break the living experience wherever their property is located. A subpar development with ideal facilities can make the project extremely desirable for investment. In case of both DHA and Bahria town. We observe that not only are they delivering the best living standards with the ambiance they provide; the facilities are also top notch making it one up all the rivaling projects on the market.

Facilities can range from daily groceries to the essential needs such as hospitals, schools and mosques. Both Bahria town and DHA have their dedicated commercial actors built within the projects. Grand scheme of development to aid the daily living of their residents. Both of these projects will cover the basic necessity facilities. Such as having grocery stores for their residents, to small pharmacies, meat shops, dairy shops, barber shops and much more.

Facilitation is Unmatched

The facilities of education and healthcare are also quite essential when it comes to maintaining the smooth flow of life. No one wants a situation where they or their loved ones get into an accident. Because then they have to travel to a reasonably long distance to avail the essential healthcare facilitation. Similarly, no one wants for themselves or their children take daily long rides to their educational institutions. It can be quite tiring to do on the daily basis. Having nearby access to these facilities has become the expectance of the modern day property investors. Both Bahria town and DHA deliver to the highest standard when it comes to all of these facilities. The schools and hospitals are not based directly within the gated communities. There are enough nearby facilities which don’t take long and tiring commute.

Having mosques within the community is another major need for Pakistani real estate projects given its majority Muslim population. We are sure to see many mosques laid throughout the developments of Bahria town and DHA wherever they are located. These mosques are the perfect place for residents to perform their religious obligations. They are stunning in their construction further enhancing the appeal of this project.

An amazing business opportunity:

Many investors are looking for their dream home; for which both these projects are quite ideal for. There is an ever increasing number of people who are investing into this field for its business potential. Bahria town and DHA are perfect for both of these.

Whether you are just entering into the field of real estate or are an experienced business professional; there is no denying that Bahria town and DHA have the best possible deals for you. Not only are they providing the best when it comes to living standards; they are in going to give you unmatched returns on investment.


Both Bahria town and DHA are the projects that have provided an ideal blueprint for new developments to work on. All the aforementioned aspects of this housing project. Be it the security, location, facilities or excellent infrastructure. Bahria town and DHA have set a high standard that is most desirable for investment.

A person can invest into the project knowing that they will have the best time of their life living. Business investors also hold a great deal of confidence. As these developments given their trustworthy development and security aspect further solidifies the chances of success of investment.

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