Real estate is a vast market. When we think about it there are multiple different types of investment. Investment in plots of land, fully built properties, properties that are in the process of construction and then the variation in sizes and shapes of the property available for investment. You will find lone sanding properties of different sizes, flats and apartment style properties, modern day villas and bungalows, farmhouses are all part of the list of properties you can invest in. in this article we will tackle the topic with two perspectives

  • Why real estate investment is profitable
  • Why investment in real estate plots is better than constructed properties

The modern day business market is filled with opportunities of all kinds. Where stocks and gold investment are certainly viable options for investment; nothing beats investment of land. Real estate is a method of investment that has stood the test of time. Especially in Pakistan where the real estate market seems to be ever-growing with all the luxurious projects that come to the surface by the day; land investment is sure to be profitable when done right. You can invest in an empty plot as well as fully constructed properties on the market.

Opportunity to generate passive income:

The opportunity to earn passively through any investment is surely a promising thing for investors to have. You cannot have as lucrative of an opportunity when you invest in stocks and gold. With the trend of rental properties increasing in popularity over time; now is the best time to buy out property and put it up for rent.

Rental property sure does demand its upkeep in the form of maintenance and keeping up with the demands of the tenants but it does not require active work in the field. This is quite a promising opportunity for many investors to have and one exclusive to real estate investment.

Long term investment:

We have all heard about how stock market has crashed and the investment sinks for many people. For real estate the trends are quite less susceptible to sudden crashes and even when property does momentarily depreciate; it is likely to surge back up in value within the matter of months.

Infact there are many investors that take advantage of the buyer’s market and seller’s market situation that occurs within real estate. Investors will go ahead and buy property at lower rates and then wait for a surge in property values as market trend changes; to sell it for marked profits.

Variety in forms of investments and investment strategies:

Real estate is not centered around a single type of property investment either. There are multiple types of investments that someone looking to enter into real estate industry can make. As aforementioned; there are many types of properties available for the investor to look forward to. You can buy a fully furnished house, a flat, a property that is amidst of construction or an empty land plot.

Moreover the real estate market will also provide an investor with diversity in the form of diversity of investment strategies one can opt for. Many investors are successful in working with a buy and hold strategy, property flipping as well as rental forms of property. All of these investments have their own perks and can lead to success of investment.

There is only a limited amount of land available!

It is a fact of the real estate industry that we are not going to have more land available as we progress further on with technology. What makes land such a valuable asset is its limit. In the past few years; real estate market has seen the biggest surge in growth where existing land is quickly being taken up for development and more than ever investors are interested to invest. With passing time; less and less land will be developed making the existing land lots even more valuable.

Now is the chance t get your hands on this limited asset which is sure to appreciate eventually. The natural diversity in landscapes of land all around the globe is what makes the setting of land you buy more interesting. A particular example can be taken from Islamabad’s land developments where we can expect some of its properties to have beautiful view of the Margalla hills when property is being lived in. this enhances the living experience and makes land appreciable for investors.

While investment in fully constructed properties is definitely profitable for the right investor; here is how investment in empty land lots is going to benefit you!

Plots are quite affordable:

For starters investing your money towards vacant land is one of the most affordable forms of property investment to make. You don’t have to pay for the costs of construction upfront. Moreover when you buy out a constructed property you are expected to ay for its maintenance and upkeep throughout the time you intend to do business with it. By simply investing in lots you leave all of these added costs behind making property investment a step easier. Furthermore you can sit on this property for years making buy and hold strategies much easier to pull off.

Land doesn’t deteriorate over time:

Another one of the biggest advantages of a plot over fully constructed properties is that this property will not be subject to natural wear and tear with passing years. This benefit is similar in a way that you will have to pay for maintenance costs for a fully constructed property.

The fact of the matter is that property does wear out over time. In fully constructed properties where chances of the property being lived in are much higher this process is sped up. A house is no longer the same after years of construction as when it was newly built. From small faults such as the taps turning rusted to a few electrical outlets malfunctioning; other cosmetic defects like the fencing and gates getting worn out, the door hinges and windows becoming creaky to bigger and most noticeable defects such as the house paint flaking or peeling off with time which makes the overall visual aesthetic of the property much downgraded. Small wear and tear around every corner of the property is to be expected.

For you as an investor you will have a much easier time as there is no essential upkeep for an empty land lot as compared to a fully constructed property.

A perfect place to pitch a dream home:

The empty plot of land will win over many buyers. All those who are willing to pay a good price to find the best place and build their dream property over. The market is not short of investors who are willing to pay a hefty price to settle on the perfect property. Say if your plot is in a vicinity or surrounding that a buyer deems to be near perfect for what they wanted; they will make sure to pitch a good offer for it. An empty plot of land provides the best place for an imaginative investor to pitch their perfect house atop of.

Constructed properties might seem convenient for investment for some investors. However it is seldom the case where a buyer searching for property finds their dream vision in such investments. For example, someone who wants to build their dream house. Starting from scratch with just a plot is going to be a great place to start.

A property constructed in 2005 will have an outdated and slightly worn out aesthetic for a buyer in 2022. On the other hand if you are offering a plot, the person is much more likely to take the opportunity. They can plan out their dream property on it. Plots will in such cases provide freedom of imagination for a buyer that a fully furnished property cannot offer.


Property investment is here to stay as one of the most profitable forms of investment on the real estate market. There are a multitude of benefits to investment in this industry. You can buy out a plot of land, constructed property, flats, apartments, villas, farmhouses. Moreover you can opt to go for short term or long term investment. Buy and hold strategies, flipping properties and rental properties are all lucrative.

Plot investment is quite beneficial for an investor as well. Plots are more affordable than fully furnished types of property. The plot of property is also not going to wear and tear over time. Plots will also provide the investors with the perfect opportunity to build their dream homes. All of these investments will provide people with success of investment.

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