Property translates to power in the modern world. Many dream to own the land upon which they can establish their own residency or establish the basis of their business. Today in developing states; the options are many and can confuse an individual’s choice. There are numerous society projects located in the capital state of Islamabad. We are here to give you an outlook on one of the well-developed projects of DHA.

DHA is the one area to invest in, whether you are a seasoned investor, a beginner in the real estate business, or an individual looking to buy a property. If you are looking to invest in property, we believe DHA is the place to do so. And here’s why!


What is DHA Islamabad?

Let us get the facts stated; DHA is an abbreviation for Defense Housing Authority.

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Project is built in the image of the most extraordinary cities when it comes to its design and infrastructural planning. DHA project offers both residential and commercially developed communities that are decorated with all the amenities to fulfill one’s dream lifestyle.

DHA projects have been valued upon as a stable hub of investment for those who invest in real estate and are looking to grow their businesses. DHA projects aim to serve customer satisfaction and credibility for their communities.

Phases of DHA:

Defence Housing Authority Islamabad project is spread of acres of land, divided between different phases in different locations.

DHA Phase I Islamabad

Providing a landscape of a semi-mountainous area that has a remarkably beautiful view; phase one of DHA is extensively planned and designed to elite standards. This provides a serene and modern lifestyle to the residents.

DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

Spread over an area of above 15,000 Kanal; phase two is located between Islamabad Highway and Grand Turk Road. Dha phase 2 Islamabad is urbanized as it homes numerous families; exhibiting harmony, luxury, peace, and security to its residents.

Dha Phase 3 Islamabad

DHA Phase III captures elegance in its planning, all the while containing modern commercial and residential areas. It consists of a golf course, a lake, and a theme park all that can provide quality entertainment to its residents. Though it is still in development and on the rise of popularity amongst developing sectors; it has already established properties on about 1000 kanals of the area with above 3000 more kanals in the earthworks for further development.

DHA Phase 4 Islamabad

Developed over 4000 Kanals, Phase IV is located adjacent to Phase I along Soan River. This phase provides a marriage of greenery, recreational areas, and lavish facilities that cannot be overlooked. It is embedded in a semi hilly region providing a wondrous natural landscape to relish in. The focus on natural geography is highly respected during the development of viable residential plots. The residencies developed here are not compromised from the services of municipal services either.

DHA Phase 5 Islamabad

This area was also known as Commoner’s town back in 2006. Spread over 7000 kanals; DHA Phase V had sectors of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Phase V also embodies the natural scenic beauty in its scape; all the while it has dual access through DHA Expressway and L.A.K Boulevard.

DHA Phase 6 Islamabad

This is an extension of DHA Phase II which is spread over 55,000 kanals. This phase of DHA is still in the development process. The master plan of this phase is designed by OJRM, a world-famous Town planning company. This development is sure to be up to par with modern infrastructure and design that promises a luxurious lifestyle.

DHA Valley

Another extension of phase II was launched in August 2008, called DHA Valley. This project has had great success in the market as it gathered interest from the public. As it is under development, it needs the equipment to transform the landscapes into a world-class society. The work done under this project will be linking Islamabad Highway and DHA Valley. The residents of DHA Valley will enjoy top-notch facilities and luxuries that are sure to add to the quality of their life.

Sectors of DHA Valley

DHA Homes was targeted at local as well as foreign individuals to invest in. The plots of 8 marlas in this sector are being offered with a quarterly installment payment plan. That is why this sector provides an amazing opportunity for locals to invest in.

DHA Commercial Avenue is aimed towards investors that are looking to buy commercial property.

Whereas DHA Homes targets mainly locals, DHA Overseas block is for alluring investment from overseas Pakistanis. The payment is made in dollars by overseas Pakistanis that have booked their plots. This provides a great pillar for the country’s economy at the same time it brings foreign investment in Pakistani real estate.

Facilities of DHA:

One of the main luxuries of DHA Islamabad is the promise of a great atmosphere for residents. Following is an outline of the main facilities that the residents are provided:

Jacaranda Family Club:

Extending its services to restaurants, guest rooms, gym, pools, spa, Cineplex; JFC is spread over 20 acres of land. The serenity of a lavish lifestyle is secured within their services. This facility alone is a solid pillar to attract investors.

Educational Institutions:

The educational institutions that DHA provides secure a bright future for children. These institutions focus on personal development, grooming, and polishing of one’s talents to make a child a beam of light for society.

Moreover, APS (Army Public School) institution is also established within the DHA phase 1. Under the wing of DHA, APS strives hard to provide quality education to its students.

Sports Facilities:

DHA Islamabad provides sporting and physical activity in the form of a sports complex in sector E as well as a Phase II playground for people of all ages to utilize and entertain themselves. The telecommunication services provided by this company are internet, HD transmission, and telephone.

Medical Health Services:

DHA Islamabad provides medical care for its residents through Avicenna Medical Centre that is located in Phase 1. Emergency First Aid is provided 24/7 to employees and locals in case of unexpected accidents. Services for providing medical equipment, emergency medications, and furniture for need are also available. In addition to the aforementioned, Avicenna Medical Centre also provides lectures for awareness when needed, sanitation rounds spread across the numerous sectors, family planning advice, Vaccination plans for immunization of children as well as outdoor consultation on varying health issues. Their ambulance services are also availed round the clock.

Why Should I invest?

Primarily we believe these two reasons encompass the spectrum of reasons why one should invest in DHA Islamabad:

The lifestyle of our dreams:

When it comes to the landscape that the various sectors of DHA Islamabad provide as well as the entertainment and security facilities, no other society can match their level. A lifestyle of quality that provides all the luxury and beauty that one could wish for.

DHA Islamabad checks all the boxes for one’s needs when trying to buy or establish their own residential property. With the uniform satisfaction of residents living throughout its phases, the chances of regret upon investments are quite negligible.

Growing your business:

DHA has the highest market demands when it comes to residential or commercial plots. It is a rising hub of business for real estate investors. Whether you are an experienced or beginner when it comes to doing business with the land; DHA is sure to provide you with a great return on investments.

DHA Islamabad provides you with a range of options to invest in. You can invest in buying open land, plots for resale purposes, constructed houses, buildings for rent, or commercial buildings. This variety opens doors to investors of all kinds, depending upon what you want to invest in for a versatile investor who aims to grow their business by investing in different kinds of property; DHA is a one-stop-shop for them.


Stretching across acres of land; DHA Islamabad provides value and versatility in its services to residents and investors. Whether one is a beginner or seasoned investor that aims to establish themselves in the real estate business DHA Islamabad is the prime area to invest into. For individuals that are looking for their dream house, an office, or want to purchase land for building their property on it; DHA Islamabad is sure to satisfy their needs.

If you have any questions regarding DHA Islamabad, property investments or how to invest in the right way in 2021, simply contact us or leave a comment down below and our team members will get back to you. We believe in only the best for you. Your satisfaction is our success!