The real estate market has quickly been saturated by looking for places that are worth investing into. Ranging from popular names like DHA, Bahria town and Gulberg which have spanned over several cities in Pakistan are topping the charts with consistency for over a few years now! These are not the only highlight on the market. Other project developers are always looking to deliver the next marvel of living standards and architecture to attract real estate investors.

This supply of better and better developments is backed by the ever increasing demands of properties and upgrading of lifestyles. Particularly for the investors of twin cities where there is an abundance of higher class individuals; luxury living spaces are especially well regarded. There are tons of luxury developments in the twin cities; one of them is particularly interesting. As you have read I the title; the topic of discussion today is going to be Rawalpindi’s River courtyard!

As we said above twin cities have an abundance of luxury residencies; however in comparison between the two cities; Islamabad has garnered more attention. River courtyard adds class and luxury to Rawalpindi’s highly desirable location. Even by a glance at its appearance of an architectural marvel one knows the high standards it is going to uphold.

Developers of river courtyard:

Whenever real estate investors have to predict the worth of a real estate project; looking back at the history of its developers seems to be a surefire way of getting to know how the project is going to turn out Premier Choice are the renowned developers behind this project and they claim to make this project into a vision of the next benchmark for luxury living within the twin cities. Their past projects have also delivered well and on time. Furthermore the developers’ commitment to their projects will also help alleviate any concerns about the security of investment in this project. With the hotel based apartments being managed by other renowned management companies; you can expect a smooth flow of operations here.

Location of river courtyard:

Location of any property project plays a major role in its popularity. A subpar location of a luxurious development may not attract as much attention in comparison to a neighboring society which has a great location even though the development might not be classified as luxurious. Real estate developers of the day are well aware of this factor and choose ideal location for their projects. Similarly river courtyard is given an ideal location to turn heads on the investment market.

Primarily; the location is in Bahria spring north; this is ideal as it gives close access to areas of great importance in the nearby vicinity. Sadder is a popular commercial hub in Rawalpindi; and the residents of river courtyard will just be a 12 minute drive away from it. Similarly main GT road is a important connecting hub between the twin cities only a 3 minute drive away. Fast food points like burger king, green valley, hardees are only a minute’s drive away alongside the interconnected hub of DHA Phases. This location is seemingly quite ideal; on one hand the residents of river courtyard are able to access commercially important sectors and on the other it are placed alongside the boundaries of luxury real estate projects.

The importance of the location is quite evident however the visual aesthetic and view of this project is equally impressive. Showcasing the apartment building layout as a pyramid cubic shape is a sight to behold. Not to mention the beautiful riverside view in front of this development. This is further surrounding by the lush greenery of the twin cities further brightening up its surrounding landscape.


The importance and value of a real estate investment cannot be judged without discussing its facilities. Just like a prime location the facilitation of health, education and security alongside many other conveniences are quite important in making or breaking the development. Just like the carefully picked location; the facilities that are provided here are sure to uphold its standards as a luxury investment opportunity!

There is good news for the sporty and athletic individuals who want to live in river courtyard. There are swimming pools, gymnasium, jogging track, skating court, basketball court as well as a tennis court in this development. Furthermore for the foodies there are dining and coffee ships, a barbeque station. Other important facilities include visitors’ lounge, exclusive theatre room, banquet hall facilitation, laundry service a kids play area as well as the maintenance and service desk working round the clock. To really put together the sense of ideal community living; Rohtas Thermal Club has been designated to bring the feel of a community, the previously discussed sport facilities are found within this club.

For ease in flow of life a medical centre is also placed here as well as an ATM machine.

Properties offered at river courtyard:

Luxury projects are extensively planned. Keeping in mind the high demand of property and the constant urge to upgrade lifestyles according to people’s own tastes; River courtyard has versatility to offer when it comes to the properties which can be invested into!

Firstly we should take a glance at the serviced apartments being offered here. Here you can enjoy the luxurious layout that exudes opulence from every faced. All of these apartments come with a posh balcony which overlooks the breath taking landscape this development is placed alongside by. Not to forget the high-class facilitation present here is matching those of 5 star hotel!

On the other hand river courtyard also offers to those who want to make this location their new residency. Permanent residencies are in the forms of 1 to 4 bedroom studio apartments. There is a wide range of amenities and facilities for the permanent residents to avail; as discussed before. Permanent residency apartments are designed to give a homey and warm feeling to the residents; all the while being modern. This is a very eye catching appeal in the modern and state of the art real estate projects.

The method of payment to invest in these apartments is made easy. The upfront payment of 10% is discounted for full payment; whereas 5% on half payments. Both serviced and permanent properties here re availed at 30% down payment alongside having flexibility in payment plans spread out over 2 years.

Why choose a luxury residence over traditional developments?

You may still have the question that why is luxury real estate so attractive for people and what advantages if any, are there to investing in such properties? While it is true that property has long been translated to power and a status symbol in our society; luxury investments do hold their own benefits for investment.

Firstly it should be obvious that a real estate project that provides luxury properties is going to be more secure. With luxury being its tag; the security facilitation both for investment and residence is going to be much more enhanced. The issues of scammers lurking around or dealing in the market of these areas is usually less as the property surveillance is strict, crime rates are also low to non-existent in luxury neighborhoods. The issue of property and sale fraud is also much less prevalent.  This is why real estate investors find value in putting money towards luxury real estate.

Moreover the physical asset is quite valuable and immovable in case of real estate. When the property is defined as luxury; it might initially cost more but its chances of depreciation are less. As the developers have carefully laid out the facilities to market the said property as a luxury opportunity; it will not rubble away into nothingness as compared to traditional neighborhoods. The market trends have always shown that luxury real estate is on an upward trek to increase in its value. This removes the hassle and budget of trying to improve the property while property flipping. Luxury property investors have to care much less about the resale value of property.

Keeping in mind covid-19  pandemic that has affected the real estate market worldwide; traditional real estate market rates stumbled quite a lot as the economic situation of the world was shaken up! However for those who are wealthy enough to invest in or move into a luxury real estate property were relatively less affected and the market for luxury real estate did not crash. This increases trust of investors into luxury real estate over traditional neighborhoods.


In the saturated market of twin cities; river courtyard has been turning heads on the investment market. It has quickly amasses a lot of attention towards investment and that is for good reason too! It’s marvelous and impressive architectural layout, variety in the apartments it provides, suites, facilities for leisure and luxury of life; the ideal location and a stunning view is all what makes river courtyard so special. Both people looking for new residencies and investment opportunities have gathered around this new hotspot for real estate investment.

We hope this article was informative for you!